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[Lemmings 2] Quest From Kieran 2
« on: January 03, 2018, 07:38:00 PM »
Welcome to my Lemmings 2 : The Tribes level pack, Quest From Kieran 2! This pack replaces all 120 levels in Lemmings 2.

The gimmick of this pack is that each of the tribes has its own set of 8 thematically-appropriate skills, and their levels use only those skills. So each tribe not only looks different, but plays differently too!

Note that this is a "save everyone" pack. Every level has 100% save requirement for gold, except for the Classic Tribe, where the number you are allowed to lose and still get gold is stated in the title for each of their levels.

This pack does not rely on glitches. While every attempt was made to try and prevent glitches from being able to break levels, some may still remain. In particular, the "crawling" glitch is not used anywhere in this pack, so if you solve a level using it, I won't be impressed. Note that using the crawling glitch via the Blocker skill in the Classic tribe was too hard to prevent so it is still possible to break some levels using it.

Thank Yous
This pack would have been significantly worse and were it not for the additional help from a number of people. In alphabetical order:
  • geoo - For the amazing L2Suite development tools that made making this pack significantly more enjoyable, and for his extremely comprehensive testing.
  • GuyPerfect - For the excellent lgl2 level editor that made this pack possible
  • Nepster - Extremely comprehensive testing
  • SimonNaar - Extremely comprehensive testing

Meet the Tribes!

Like, we're totally gonna get you that talisman piece from the clams that stole it dude, but, like, there's this totally sick bunch of waves coming and I'm, like, totally there man! Surf's up dude!

Level 7: Lifeguard to the Rescue

10,000 years ago lemmingkind first roamed the world and survived using primitive tools. Today those lemmings are... clearly dead, I mean come on man, it was 10,000 years ago! However their memory lives on with a bunch of ironic hipsters who forgo modern technology because it's way too mainstream. But the joke's on them, now they have to deliver the talisman and have to travel by foot. Suckers!

Level 8: Dino Might

Roll Up! Roll Up! Come and see the greatest show on Lemming Island! Watch as the incredible SuperLem takes on the trapeze, without a safety net... or a trapeze! Come see our amazing laser display! And watch with amazement as sixty of our finest clowns try to deliver the talisman piece, with hilarious consequences!

Level 4: Teeny-Weeny Houdini

Nobody understands these guys. Everyone else has moved on and developed new tricks, as well as a better social understanding that deaths are often unnecessary, yet this tribe continues to do the same old stuff with the same old tricks over and over again. Legend has it that they've conquered thousands and thousands of landscapes and yet they keep on going, and somehow despite the massive losses there are just so many of them that they never go extinct. Lets hope there's still some of them left by the time they deliver their talisman piece.

Level 5: Overflow

Egyptian lore says that one of the gods buried the talisman piece alongside them, but there are so many gods, I guess we'll just have to check every tomb! The Egyptians love their pots, that's why this tribe bought along a whole bunch of them as their only construction skills! Historians are keen to point out that the magic carpet is actually Arabian, and not Egyptian, but the Arabian tribe don't care, they were made extinct a thousand years ago after one of them got drunk and triggered the armageddon.

Level 3: The Climber's Curse

After correctly predicting the prophecy of the Darkness befalling Lem Island, the Highland Tribe felt a bit upset that they weren't getting quite the level of thanks they'd hoped for. So Jimmy McLemming held an independence referendum for the Highland Tribe to become their own sovereign group. Unfortunately it quickly occurred to them that they were doomed without the other talisman pieces and so the referendum failed. Dejected and defeated, Jimmy McLemming spent the rest of his days drowning his sorrows with cheap bottles of scotch whiskey, so nothing different to usual really.

Level 7: Scaling Lem Nevis

The Medieval Tribe prides itself as defender of the realm. Using the swordsmanship, bowmanship and chivalry passed down from generation to generation, Lemming island is safe from all intruders! So who better to deliver the King's talisman piece safely to the ark than 60 of his finest knights? (Actually don't tell them, but the orbital laser satellites launched years ago by the Space Tribe are significantly more effective at defending the realm).

Level 5: Ye Olde Cavern

At last, a tribe that takes place outdoors, if you ignore Beach, Highland, Medieval, Polar, Shadow and Space! And probably Sports too? Is that inside a stadium or in some nightmarish green hellscape dimension? Anyway, don't let the Outdoor Tribe fool you, they love to talk about how they have conquered the great outdoors and live off the land but in reality they've never ventured further than their back garden.

Level 7: Rocky's Horror Show

Why would anybody live in the bitterly cold, frigid Northern mountain range of Lemming Island? Easy, it's because there is enormous amounts of oil. And in the process of extracting it all, this tribe has become the experts of excavation and building tall structures. Now you'd think that this meant that when it came time to deliver their talisman piece, they'd be over in a flash using some motorised technology, but no, they keep trying to stick to tradition and deliver it by ski-courier, which would be fine, if the terrible skier physics meant they didn't constantly get in accidents and need to be rescued...

Level 5: Living Life on the Edge

The masters of stealth, nobody knows where the Shadow Tribe are at any given moment. Which is quite surprising really, given the bright yellow balloons and loud explosions that follow them wherever they go. Maybe it's because everyone else is asleep when they travel during the dead of night. I guess you'll just have to hope that they deliver the talisman piece in time.

Level 4: Flee the Nest

Bad news. In order to fund their space adventures the Space tribe sold off their talisman piece to the weasels years ago. It looks like there's only one solution: buy it back blast off on a risky adventure to the nearest wormhole and pass through it to an alternate dimension where they still own the talisman piece. What could possibly go wrong?

Level 3: Blast Chamber

The Sports tribe actually already have the talisman piece to hand, but they've offered it up as first prize to a tournament, so now they have to go win it! Sure, you could argue that the current need for the talisman is more important and could just swap the prize out for something else, but seriously, that is not how sports work! Disclaimer: I have no idea how sports work.

Level 5: Uphill Obstacle Course

How to Install
Back up your current Lemmings 2 LEVELS folder, then extract the contents of the zip into there, overwriting the existing files.

How to run Lemmings 2 in DOSBox

A Quick Lemmings 2 Refresher
  • You have to manually save the game from the main menu. There's no autosave!
  • You want to run l2-fix.exe, not l2.exe
  • Useful keyboard shrotcuts:
    • ESC: Quick Restart
    • F1 - F8: Skills
    • P: Pause
    • Spacebar: Fan (Note, you have to unpause by pressing Space if you want the fan ready when unpausing)
    • Enter: Fast Forward

Bonus Downloads!
But wait... you'll find more attached to this post:
  • QFK2_LostTribe: Because 120 levels just wasn't enough, here's another 10 levels for the Egyptian Tribe that do not follow the standard skill theming as the rest of the pack. This was my opportunity to use some level ideas that simply could not work in the rest of the pack due to the strict skill limits I imposed. There is one level in this pack that does not require you to save everyone, which you'll know because like the Classic Tribe it states how many you can lose in the level title. As this overwrites the Egyptian Tribe, you may wish to create a duplicate of your Lemmings 2 game so you can run this and the main pack simultaneously without having to constantly mess around with the files.
  • QFK2_Neoclassic: I have converted the Classic Tribe to Neolemmix in case you want to try the levels without suffering from Lemmings 2's bad UI. It uses the new formats, and to play you extract the folder inside the zip into the levels subfolder of Neolemmix.
  • QFK2_Neoclassic_music: Extract this into your Neolemmix music folder and NeoClassic will play the Classic Tribe's music in each level. Without this, it will play random music tracks from those that come with Neolemmix.
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Re: [Lemmings 2] Quest From Kieran 2
« Reply #1 on: March 09, 2021, 07:48:20 PM »
Out of the 3 QFK packs, this was the one I was looking forward to playing the most - and it certainly didn't disappoint. Not only is it a whole new L2 game, it also has fixed skill sets per tribe...which is how the original game should've been done IMO. Here's a few observations from my trip around the island, in the footsteps of the little novel that came with the original game.

Highland: Difficult to identify any signature skills for Clan McLemming, but thrower+hopper made sense by association from the original game (and they love their bagpipes ofc). Good use of the thrower too, given it was only useful in that 1 level originally. I was hoping for more twister action in later tribes, but I did get to twist through the ceiling(!) in the first of many backroutes.

Circus: Loved the clowns for a number of reasons.  Superlem was woefully under-used, here we get to do a few tricks along with exploring the full range of laser blasters ("argh, it doesn't go high enough").  Slightly surprised to see a giant club, but I guess they nicked it from the strongman. Good theming overall.

Classic: Hard to say much about these guys really, as they never change. One level was very annoying to time correctly (even with savestates) but otherwise a solid set of puzzles. Also noting that they do seem to have mostly moved on from blowing themselves up, preferring instead to simply walk off the edge.

Medieval: This tribe has a bit of a theming issue for me - knights in heavy armour are not very likely to be climbing, shimmying and sliding around (as opposed to say, athletes or ninjas). Plus they don't dangle off the end of builder bridges, making one level extremely hard to time correctly.  On the up side, the roller actually gets used (only 3 times, but that's 3 times more than originally), the puzzles were decent (esp. skill interactions) and I learned a few things along the way. (including how to glitch 2 levels and use a roller to backroute another)

Egyptian: This one appealed quite a bit due to the unusual building methods, along with the near-useless magic carpet. Some of the advanced glue stuff did elude me, but I was really impressed with the catacomb level and the solution, plus the fact that I got it. (also pleased with a mini-backroute involving precision sand-pouring...which I was surprised to discover wasn't the official method)

Outdoor: Surprised to see this lot not hang-gliding around or digging up the garden with their bare hands...preferring instead to torch it and re-use old WW2 bombs they dug up previously with their shovels. Some of the later levels are quite memorable (even though I missed the final advanced bomber trick having gotten the previous ones) and it was great to see them planting quite a bit, being used in multiple ways too.

Beach: The theming here is among the best, although I don't know how they keep those big red stacks upright on sand. Great to see the most useless skill of all (diver) being used in multiple ways, and some of the hang-glider tricks were great to pull off (including one that I was surprised with - how did it fit through there?).  Not a fan of the short 2-skill levels in the 1st half, but a big fan of most levels in the 2nd half. (even if they all involved rescuing trapdoors who could only escape by burning through a tube of Pringles)

Sports: Not quite as sporty as expected. I hoped to be poking walls with a sabre and making bridges out of arrows instead of more builder/basher/miner action, although this did work well with the expected rock climber/shimmier antics. And the successful use of pole vaulting (the hardest skill to set up a level for) deserves commendation. In fact the puzzles here are top drawer, quite fitting for the only tribe to have a level this hard in the original game.

Shadow: No bazooka? The lack of climber/shimmier/slider action (that got misplaced earlier) also doesn't make sense, but in all honesty the skill set really works well together. And the levels themselves are a vast improvement on the original game - instead of just being a load of dark blue blocks with the occasional building, these levels actually look like part of a city. Some clever puzzles too (a couple of them got me though), overall one of my favourite tribes. (it's also the only one that I failed to backroute at some point, probably because they're ninjas)

Cavelem: Not sure how they got the technology to use parachutes, but otherwise the theming is spot-on. Nice to see the potential of icarus wings, and even another use for spears (apart from splat-bridging). Puzzle-wise it was the most satisfying, probably because it's the only tribe I didn't need any help with. (and the final level was a case of getting there bit-by-bit, using progressively less bridges in a certain spot)

Space: Most of my theming predictions were right for this one (esp. after Shadow ditched their signature weapon), and weren't they used well? Especially the forgotten magno-boots, it was great to see them used a lot. Jetpacks less so, although I did use a long-range one for a backroute (hehe). Some of the puzzles took a while to solve (and the rescue one got me despite expecting some magno-laser interaction), but I had a real blast with this tribe. Oh, and extra points for the best attractor in the game. (2301: A Synth Odyssey)

Polar: And so we reach the tribe of snow...sadly there was some highly frustrating moments in the 1st half, with timing and precision very hard to get right (understandable in the case of skiers, though).  Thankfully the 2nd half was good, with a series of complex building+digging puzzles - some of which were quite memorable (esp. the snowman) and others that were a bit too Classic-like for me (and surely there was room for the odd signature skill, even for a generic purpose like speeding or crossing a small gap).  I managed to beat everything in the 2nd half though, and the very last level was noteworthy - after a valiant effort to bash under the exit and stack into it afterwards (1 skill short for getting everyone in), I went back to square 1 and figured out the correct way.

Overall I was really impressed with this pack - from putting useless skills to good use, through the excellent theming to the high quality of the puzzles.  The only real criticism I have (aside from the odd theming hiccup) is with a handful of levels requiring the use of pixel-perfect timing/positioning* (esp. the Medieval level mentioned above and a couple of Polar levels). Perhaps builder/basher/miner were used a little too much outside Classic, but it made good puzzles and it only got silly a couple of times. (and still far better than the lookalike-skill spam that we saw in the original game)

In short...if you liked Lemmings 2 in any way, you need to play this - it's how the game should've been designed in the first place.

*To avoid frustration with this, I would recommend using this version of DOSBox which has's not NL in terms of player-aids, but better than nothing.
(you'll be especially thankful if you play the QFK pack for Lemmings 3, which I'm currently 1/3 of the way through)