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[Neolemmix] Quest From Kieran {v04 - 16/01/2019}
« on: December 23, 2017, 03:18:08 pm »
Welcome to Quest From Kieran, the prequel to Quest From Kieran 2!

This is a 4052 level pack for Neolemmix v12.04.00 or later. It contains levels in the traditional Lemmings style, so only the original 8 skills, no levels taller than the original height, only levels styles from the original game and Oh No, that sort of thing. There are probably a billion backroutes. Difficulty is probably overall mid-to-high with a small number of easy levels at the start, but I have no idea how to really gauge this.

Currently contains just the levels, no extra graphics like rank signs, that will be added later before official release.

The music comes from a remake someone did about a decade ago of the old ZX Spectrum classics Manic Miner and Jet Set Willy. This program has since fallen off the internet but I've still got the music tracks. They are all tracker format so have a low file size. The music was all made by Matthew Simmonds, a famous game musician who was originally part of the demoscene by the name 4mat. I think the music actually came from an official remake that he worked on and the remake I actually took these songs from were extracted from that official game, but who knows? I imagine you will be fine as far as Youtube playthroughs go with these tracks and shouldn't get any copyright claims. I made up names for these songs if you're wondering why some of the names are terrible.

The Ranks

I thought it made no sense why only the original game gets to have a rank that states the levels are fun. I want my levels to be fun too! So I named this rank Fun. Hah! Take that!

Diamond Tower

Also Fun
What, you thought only the first few levels in a level pack are allowed to be fun? Well not this time! These levels are a bit harder, but they're still fun!

Frozen Arches

Hard But Still Fun
Levels don't have to be easy to be fun. Even my hard levels are fun!

Pillars of the Community

Not Fun
Well I guess they can't all be winners.

Offshore Rig

How to Install

Extract the contents of the zip file into Neolemmix's levels folder. Then inside Neolemmix, press F2 to select the level pack you wish to play. If you want the music, extract the files into Neolemmix's music folder.
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Re: [Neolemmix] Quest From Kieran
« Reply #1 on: December 28, 2017, 09:43:59 pm »
Okay, solved 37/40 of them now, my solutions are attached. Mostly backroutes I guess but still pretty enjoyable pack so far!

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Re: [Neolemmix] Quest From Kieran {v02 - 16/03/2018}
« Reply #2 on: March 16, 2018, 12:25:12 am »
Attached to the opening post you will find v2 of this pack.

For various reasons that I won't detail here, I had decided I wasn't going to finish this pack and fix all of the issues. However abandoning a pack after all of the levels have already been built and leaving the pack completely busted was lame, so instead I have decided to do all of the quick backroute fixes I had on my ToDo list and release a version 2.

There are still many levels that are extremely broken. I'm not sure what to do, I'm not willing to spend too much time on this pack any more. Perhaps for those levels I could release the official solutions and if anybody has any good ideas on how to fix those levels I will make those changes? Or just release as-is.

In the meantime, have these small changes:

v02 changelog:
Fun 4 Humiliated By Burgundy - Steel at top of drop.
Fun 7 Grasping at Straws - More traps and less terrain.
Fun 9 Just Dropping In - Lowered sand block in middle of level, and lowered wooden plank above exit.

Also Fun 4 Slow Motion - Fixed flipped hatch
Also Fun 6 The Burrowers - Added steel
Also Fun 7 Health and Safety Gone Mad - Removed terrain in top corner that was supposed to be purely decorative.
Also Fun 8 Humble Bundle - Extended wall spike trap downwards.
Also Fun 9 The Firing Squad - Flattened final pillar and slightly repositioned some others

Hard But Still Fun 1 Uphill Struggle - A bit of steel in the centre of the level.
Hard But Still Fun 2 Lemming BBQ - Steel under the fire pit.
Hard But Still Fun 4 Pillars of the Community - Cut out brick on eastern wall + added steel.
Hard But Still Fun 5 Master Exploder - Raised height of pillars.
Hard But Still Fun 7 How's It Hanging? - Steel just behind bottom trap.
Hard But Still Fun 9 Increasing Productivity - Changed floor under trap, added steel before exit.

Not Fun 3 Brickin' 'eck - Steeled up the entire top of the entrance platform.
Not Fun 5 Joint Construction - Lowered ceiling above in highest area above small water pit.
Not Fun 7 Offshore Rig - The lower of the two planks directly above exit split into two.
Not Fun 9 Rock Climbers - Steel below top hatch

List of still broken levels:
Fun 6 A Bridge To Far?
Fun 10 The Ultimate Quest
Also Fun 10 The Ultimate Quest, Take 2
Hard But Still Fun 10 The Ultimate Quest, Take 3
Not Fun 1 Mined Your Head
Not Fun 2 Organic Lemming
Not Fun 4 Down The Tubes
Not Fun 6 Toil
Not Fun 8 The High Ground
Not Fun 10 The Ultimate Quest, Take 4

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Re: [Neolemmix] Quest From Kieran {v02 - 16/03/2018}
« Reply #3 on: March 24, 2018, 09:13:47 pm »
I've streamed this pack on Twitch (along with two ArtLems levels). It'll be up for 14 days:

I've played the first two ranks and some of the third rank, and I've found a lot of backroutes, specifically in the following levels:
A Bridge Too Far (Fun 6), Grasping At Straws (Fun 7), The Ultimate Quest (Fun 10)
The Tree of Death (Also Fun 2), Most Valuable Lemming (Also Fun 5), The Burrowers (Also Fun 6)

I've also attached my replays. Overall, I had a LOT of fun streaming this pack, and I look forward to streaming it again at some point. Thanks for the pack, Kieran! :laugh:

Have level designer's block right now? Have some of my incomplete levels for LOTS of ideas!

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Re: [Neolemmix] Quest From Kieran {v02 - 16/03/2018}
« Reply #4 on: August 26, 2018, 08:25:55 pm »
Finally revisited this level pack, attached working replays for all the levels in the second version of the pack, QFK_v02. So most of the replays are same that I posted last time, but I also solved now the updated levels as well and three levels that I didn't solve the first time.

Comments on the levels that aren't in the "broken level list" (contain spoilers):

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

I'm really loving this pack, and it's a bit shame that you don't have motivation to work on it anymore, but even if at least some not-that-broken levels will still get possible easy fixes, I'd appreciate it a lot! And if we don't count the recurring The Ultimate Quest level and most of the last rating because of the backroutes, I'd highly recommend this pack for everyone to play. Really people, there's no excuse not to play this pack, have a go at this level pack gem! :thumbsup:

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Re: [Neolemmix] Quest From Kieran {v03 - 12/01/2019}
« Reply #5 on: January 12, 2019, 03:44:24 pm »
Whaaaaaaat!? 10 months later and there's an update? Version 03 has been released and attached to the opening post. I felt bad that Akseli enjoyed the pack so much but I had abandoned it, so I started working on it again.

Most important changes: This pack has 10 new levels! But 6 old ones have been removed (Fun 6 - A Bridge Too Far?, Not Fun 2 - Organic Lemming and all 4 Ultimate Quest levels that were at the end of each rank). So, each rank currently has 11 levels for a total of 44. I plan to make it go back to a more satisfying round number of levels eventually by adding even more levels, but figured it could do with a release in its current state. I do plan to eventually make a replacement for The Ultimate Quest, but that will take a while as it requires redoing from scratch and there's no point in leaving the broken levels around in the meantime.

The addition and removal of levels have made most of the levels change position, so if you care about your previous replays you might want to note which one was for which level if you only have them saved via rank name and number. All mention of rank name and number below are the new positions.

EDIT: Pack now requires Neolemmix v12.04.00 or later, which is the current latest stable version.

Levels that are still broken but I plan to fix:
Hard But Still Fun 3 - Grasping at Straws
Not Fun 1 - Mined Your Head
Not Fun 5 - Down The Tubes
Not Fun 10 - The High Ground

v03 changelog:
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Re: [Neolemmix] Quest From Kieran {v04 - 16/01/2019}
« Reply #6 on: January 16, 2019, 09:31:01 pm »
Another version, mainly adding more levels, plus some tweaks to others, including a rework of all 4 The Ultimate Quest levels, redesigned from scratch to more accurately represent the ideas the original levels were meant to convey, but were too complex and therefore too easily backrouted.

I'm trying to focus on making levels on the easier side because I think this pack overall is very hard and could do with a bit more of a gradual difficulty curve. I still plan to have all levels be interesting puzzles, just try to make them more straightforward.

There are now 13 levels in each rank. I hope to eventually reach 15 levels per rank.

Levels that are still broken but I plan to fix:
Hard But Still Fun 4 - Grasping at Straws
Not Fun 2 - Mined Your Head
Not Fun 6 - Down The Tubes

v04 changelog:
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