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Re: [NeoLemmix] Deceit's Lemmings
« Reply #15 on: August 26, 2019, 10:34:04 am »
Ha, that's cool. Welcome to the forums!
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Re: [NeoLemmix] Deceit's Lemmings
« Reply #16 on: August 26, 2019, 10:34:59 am »
Welcome to the forum, Deceit! :thumbsup:

I really loved the pack when I played through it and it's definitly among my favorites! :thumbsup:

- Mayhem 21, "Enter at own risk" was going to be removed at completed version. I thought this level is too ridiculous and unfair, but finally included to the pack with removing. Because a very difficult level was needed for 'Buy a pizza' bet with ssam1221. (And he finished Mayhem 21 with intended solution.)

This is actually my favorite level out of the pack and I don't think it's ridiculous/unfair at all! It is just very very hard and you 100% need to know the mechanics of the game. It doesn't use any kind of bug, glitch or hidden stuff to deceive the player and all needed tools are there in plain view just before your eyes.

All in all the pack really helped me increasing my solving abilities and I used that gained knowledge as well when creating Lemmings United. Great job on it again! :)

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Re: [NeoLemmix] Deceit's Lemmings
« Reply #17 on: August 26, 2019, 05:40:23 pm »
Hello Deceit and welcome to the forum :)

I recently played your pack and uploaded my solutions to my channel. I must say that it was a pleasure to play your levels - they are full of great ideas and very diverse. Great job :thumbsup: It's almost a shame that I severely backrouted some of them, such as Mayhem 9 "The law of the jungle" or Mayhem 15 ("It's all about the style")

And then -  the day will come when I will be able to solve your final level. Anything I tried didn't work so far - but at least I seem to be in good company here in the forums.

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Re: [NeoLemmix] Deceit's Lemmings
« Reply #18 on: August 26, 2019, 08:43:46 pm »
Hi Deceit! :)

I loved reading about the background information and fun facts about your pack especially that hidden message in Taxing 13 behind the one-way wall... that was quite interesting to say the least heh :P

I also agree with IchoTolot I didn't think Mayhem 21 was unfair in any way. I couldn't solve it for the life of me when I first played it but when I finally saw the solution I thought it was actually amazing! A failed attempt at that level did inspire one of my own levels so I think you'll be happy to know that your pack is truly a classic around here and a pack that is continuing to inspire people to this day ;)

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Re: [NeoLemmix] Deceit's Lemmings
« Reply #19 on: August 26, 2019, 09:10:57 pm »
Welcome Deceit!  Your written English seems fine to me by the way.  So glad you are able to find your way to our forums.  I haven't played your levels (or much of anyone else's for a long while now), but have definitely heard good things about your pack before.

If you do plan to make updates to your pack later and have trouble using the NeoLemmix editor, don't hesitate to ask here for help.  Sounds like even if we don't change any levels now for backroutes, we could still maybe do some small changes, like changing the rating names to what you intended.

Traditionally Western biology/medicine do use "salty" for one of the four human taste receptor types, even though I think nowadays we recognize there are more than four types, and there are of course sensations like spiciness that are maybe not strictly a taste, but nevertheless has major effects on our experience with food.  I actually like "spicy" for rating name, I think it sounds better than "salty" as a replacement for "taxing".

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Re: [NeoLemmix] Deceit's Lemmings
« Reply #20 on: August 27, 2019, 02:59:17 pm »
Welcome, Deceit! :) I didn't know you hadn't been on the forums yet; I thought you were a former Lemmingsforums member who had simply disappeared for a while.

So I guess you're the first person now that joins the forum and already has had a Groupie level dedicated to them :D .

To explain: I created levels inspired by the level-building style of other content creators for the "Groupie" rank of my pack Lemmings World Tour. Apparently several people found it quite funny to try and guess which was their level, and judge how close I had come to imitating their level-building style. You were one of the people I actually dedicated two levels to - one gives this away right away in the title, the other one is a little less obvious. Maybe you find the time to judge it for yourself! :D (The pack is currently still only available in Old Formats, but I'm working on finishing the conversion to New Formats.)

In short: It's good to finally have you here in person! :thumbsup:
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Paralems (Old Formats), a more flavour-driven one, 150 levels
Pit Lems (Old Formats), a more puzzly one, 100 levels - Let's Played by nin10doadict
Lemmicks, a pack for (very old) NeoLemmix 1.43 full of gimmicks, 170 levels

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Re: [NeoLemmix] Deceit's Lemmings
« Reply #21 on: September 02, 2019, 08:24:28 am »
Thanks for your support and attention to my pack!

Before uploading the intended solutions, I've started modifying the existing levels with Neolemmix's new features(new skills, infinite time, vertical scroll, ... etc) by referencing your replays.

Basically they'll be backroute-fixing, In addition some level's skill set will be modified with Neolemmix's new featured skills, and most of unnecessary time limits will be removed.

I planned some extra new levels. Maybe some levels in Mayhem(Bitter) will be moved to Taxing, and new levels will fill the Mayhem.

Each rating's naming will be renamed to "Sweet", "Sour", "Spicy" and "Bitter". I agreed to ccexplore's suggestion that Spicy sounds better than Salty. Thanks to suggestion!