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« on: June 14, 2014, 01:25:15 am »
This topic will be the official topic for cLemmings, a new Lemmings game (or rather set of Lemmings games). Basically, I made 113 levels to replace all of the old levels, with the exception of the first seven "tutorial" levels, because those don't need to be replaced. I'm going to put the website up sometime soon (soon meaning in a week or two, but no promises). The attachment is a zip file that you just need to extract and then you can run it. I'm currently working on an ONML version, but it may take quite a while (at least a month or so, and that's if I basically make and test levels for eight hours every day) for it to be done. cLemmings (the "c" stands for "custom", I couldn't think of any other names) was made with the Lemmix level editor by Eric Langedijk and runs on the LemmixPlayer Lemmings clone, also by Eric Langedijk.

Like I said, this topic will be the official topic for cLemmings, so if you have any comments, questions, or ideas, post them here.

Thanks to Eric Langedijk for creating the LemmixPlayer clones and the Lemmix level editor, without those two programs this wouldn't have been possible.

To go to the cLemmings website, click the following link: <a href="" class="bbc_link" target="_blank"></a>

For newer versions of cLemmings, look through the thread.
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Re: cLemmings - a new Lemmings game
« Reply #1 on: June 14, 2014, 07:11:39 am »
Would you like me to build you a Lemmix Player like the official ones (ie: all the files packed into one EXE, instead of heaps of LVL files and needing to use LookForLVLFiles)? I can do it on either traditional Lemmix (the version you're used to) or NeoLemmix (an updated version, less buggy, supports finer placement of pieces, but levels may need some minor adjustments), just as easy either way. :)

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Re: cLemmings - a new Lemmings game
« Reply #2 on: June 14, 2014, 02:26:39 pm »
Thanks for asking!

It would be fine if you could just make it into one executable file, but if you could give me the tool for packing the executable file, it would help because I'm planning on updating it. And I'm also making an Oh No! More Lemmings version, like I said in the previous post. It will really help.

If you don't want to give me the tool, that's fine, too.

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Re: cLemmings - a new Lemmings game
« Reply #3 on: June 14, 2014, 04:27:50 pm »
It's not so much about whether I'd like to give it to you, but more whether you'd be able to use it. In reality, what I'd be doing is recompiling Lemmix from source code, using your data instead of the official game's data. If you're up to that, you can get the source code right here (use Delphi 7 to compile it). Includes the updates by ccexplore; but doesn't include any of my NeoLemmix updates (I haven't released the NeoLemmix source yet).

There isn't really any "tool" as such, apart from Delphi 7 to compile it (and the Lem Resource Builder tool, which is included - in both source and compiled forms - with the Lemmix source; this just packs the data files into a compressed format that Lemmix uses internally), and a tool to pack the individual LVL files into compressed DAT files (some level editors can do this (LemEdit and Lemmix can; jLevelBuilder can't; NeoLemEdit can't yet but will be able to in future), as can Mindless's Lemmings Tools; I have my own tool for this but it doesn't do anything that these other ones can't, it just automates a lot of the work).

Anyway, I'll send you a PM shortly to sort out some of the finer details.

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Re: cLemmings - a new Lemmings game
« Reply #4 on: June 14, 2014, 05:23:26 pm »
Anyway, on the subject of the levels themself, I've played through Fun so far. (Wow, me actually playing levels instead of just making them... probably helps that this is on Lemmix rather than Lemmini though.)

I found the levels quite interesting, although around the middle of Fun there seemed to be far too much reliance on builders. I also noticed two levels in a row (Lemming Athletics and Huff And Puff) which were extremely similar, I don't know if that was intentional but if not you might want to re-order them a bit. I also don't quite understand why the save requirement is so low on Frantic Lemmings; it's possible (and very easy) to even save 100% there.

"A Towering Problem" was one level that I found to be particularly good, although if I'm not mistaken doesn't one of the official game levels have that name?

I'm also not sure if you're aware, but it's possible to complete Pink Lemming with just two skills. I get the feeling that level was meant to be a bit more complex than that.

Anyway, good designs! I'll probably have a go at Tricky soon (I did already play the first level actually; also quite a good one).

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Re: cLemmings - a new Lemmings game
« Reply #5 on: June 14, 2014, 06:43:25 pm »
If there isn't a tool for compiling you're welcome to compile it. But I was just asking so that you wouldn't have to compile it every time I updated it. But since you're compiling the actual code itself, like I said, you're welcome to compile it, and if you do, thanks in advance.

About Lemming Athletics and Huff and Puff, there are Tricky repeats of those levels which are maybe five levels or so apart, gives or take a few. But for the fact that they're close to each other, that's a bit hard to explain, but let me try.
I made the levels in order from last to first (in order of playing). Why? Because I thought that if I made a bunch of Fun levels first, then went onto the Tricky and Taxing, I would be burn't out by the time I got to Mayhem. Also, I find it easier to make easier versions of a level than making a level harder, which is the way the guys at DMA did it. I think it's fine that they look alike because the solutions are very different (if you did lemming athletics by making them all athletes).

"A Towering Problem" Is the name of Wicked 8 (I think), but it also repeats in Taxing. I made it the name on purpose.[I actually should have said "named it that way on purpose]

That reminds me about something else. In every level rating there's one level that's harder then the rest, in Fun I consider it to be the Lemming Tower, which belongs in Tricky, but it's a building exercise, so it wouldn't be of Tricky level "nature". Why did this come up at A Towering Problem? Because the repeat is the Taxing "harder-than-the-rest" level.

I think in Pink Lemming (know what it's referencing?) you can use the two miners to make a straight fall into the exit. You could also use one miner because there's a hole in the left side. But still, it's a Fun level, so I won't give you two miners because beginners would say:"How on Earth" (cheesy reference to ONML).

You may have also noticed that the Fun levels are getting a bit tricky towards the end (not for you, but they are harder than the fun levels). I did this because I think that the Fun levels and even the first few Tricky levels are a bit too easy.

You may have noticed this in levels like Not so Fast!, as I put two traps in there (there's also a little surprise in case you try to bash through the giant pile of terrain).

I forgot to mention that the small save amount in Frantic Lemmings is due to my forgetting to change it when I copied the level (it has a Tricky repeat which is similar to Cascade).

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Re: cLemmings - a new Lemmings game
« Reply #6 on: June 15, 2014, 06:41:03 am »
I'm saving replays of these, so once I've beaten all of them I'll send you those so you can see how I did it. I'm currently near the end of Tricky, I don't remember off-hand exactly what level number.

EDIT: (Removed at exit's request)
There's the everything-in-one-file Lemmix player for it. :) (Exit mentioned in a PM that he's going to be away for a while, hence why I'm posting it instead of letting him do so.)

EDIT: I've now completed up to (but not including) Taxing 20. The levels are starting to get challenging. :D Taxing 19 was especially good (try to save 100% :P ).

I'll do detailed comments later, but a few things I feel I need to point out now:

> Taxing 11 is a repeat of one of the levels in Tricky (or might've even been Fun); I actually found the Taxing version to be by far the easier of the two. The only thing that's harder about it is the time limit.
> There's a few too many levels that rely mostly or solely on bomber timing for these difficulty; these kind of levels usually aren't looked on too positively from what I can gather. (Indeed, that's the reason I got rid of the countdown in my level packs; because I do like to be able to use the bomber for its unique nature (small area of effect, requires a lemming to be sacrificed) but the timer was just an annoyance that added nothing except an element of trial-and-error and guesswork.)
> Even more so than bomber timing, you're REALLY overusing the "hold the crowd between two blockers (or a blocker and a wall) while one lemming does the work" concept. It's definitely possible for this kind of level to be good, and even for it to be hard; and the formula works very well for Fun/Tricky-type levels, but by mid/late Taxing, I'd personally expect to see this sort of die off a bit.

Now to be fair, these are the kind of things that everyone does at first. My early packs (the Cheapo-based Lemmings Plus packs) were also full of these kinds of flaws (as well as over-reliance on builders); even the more-recent LPDOS exhibits them to a degree. Don't get me wrong - there are also many VERY good levels in here, you definitely have a LOT of potential, and I'm looking forward to the rest of this pack and your next one. :D

I'm saving replays as I go, I'll send them to you when I've completed them all. :P

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Re: cLemmings - a new Lemmings game
« Reply #7 on: June 24, 2014, 09:23:15 pm »
All right, I'm back.

Thanks for the comments. I will definitely keep them in mind.

I have to tell you something about your downloads. When I click on the link, it takes me to mediafire to download it. I download it (the green button), and when it downloads, it says that the file is malicious and the browser blocks it. So if you could just attach the file, I would be able to download it.

-For Taxing 11, yes, it is a repeat of one of the later Tricky levels. The reason the solution is easier is because it is meant to be a repeat level with just a lower time limit to make it harder. I just went through it and saw that I could move the time limit down to two minutes (in the next update), because the building is very minimal. You might notice that some of my levels have extreme amounts, such as a level having way too much time, a level having an excessive amount of a certain skill, etc. This is either to trick the player into thinking of a solution that won't work, or is a product of my testing (you will notice that some levels have nine minutes of time, when you need only a couple of minutes. This is because the level is either not meant to be challenging in the means of time, or because I forgot to lower the time limit after I was testing).

-I can only count 4 (End With a BANG! doesn't really count as a bomber-timing level) levels that actually require you to use bombers in the solution in the Taxing levels up to 20 (5 overall on the taxing rating). So, I don't get what you mean by that. Maybe you solved the levels differently than intended. (I guess though, that four levels is a fifth of 20, and 5 is a sixth of 30, but in my opinion, they aren't that big of a piece).

-I see what you mean, but, like I said in the above section, this is a result of the level focusing on one part. For example, Simultaneous Action has a blocker trap for the lemmings (after you stop the splatting), but the level is focused on the fact that you have to control both lemmings at the same time (hence the name). That doesn't exactly meet the criteria of "lemmings are hemmed in by the blocker and one lemming goes ahead", so I'll give another example. Fire Fun; the lemmings are closed in by the blocker, and one lemming goes ahead to do all of the work. That's because the level focuses on the getting through those thin poles. Also, notice how in the original games, they used that technique in a different way, so I can see what you're coming at because those levels were really easy.

As for "everyone doing that at first", I'm not a level creating beginner, I've just not been part of the community until now. I've created many levels, just not a big project like this yet (I used to end up deleting my levels because I didn't like them, instead of editing them. I don't know why I did that). So, like I said, these are intentional, because I don't want to make the level too hard. You might notice that the repeat of Fire Fun makes the player hold the lemmings differently. Basically, I has the option to make the player not use blockers, but decided against it. I can see why you're complaining though, because you're used to levels being really tricky in every way possible, but still not making it so that it is too hard to both execute and figure out. The Mayhem levels are that way. In fact, 18 of the Mayhem levels don't use the standard blocker trap or at least use a creative way to free the lemmings/blocker, 11 of which don't use a blocker trap at all. So you'll probably find the Mayhem levels more satisfying.

I'm also noticing that you are saying that my levels are too easy. I tried to make it so that the difficulty gradually went up, with slight jumps in between difficulty ratings.

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Re: cLemmings - a new Lemmings game
« Reply #8 on: June 24, 2014, 11:35:25 pm »
cLemmings 1.1 is now OUT!

There are lots of level changes:
Fun 29 - raise save limit
Tricky 10 - drastically raise save limit
Tricky 27 - remake completely new level
Taxing 9 - remove backroute
Taxing 10 - change time limit to three minutes, change builder amount to 15
Taxing 11 - remake completely new level
Taxing 15 - change time limit to 4 minutes
Taxing 26 - change time limit to 2 minutes
Taxing 27 - change time limit to 2 minutes, change builder count to 10, change name to "M.C. Escher's "Relativity"" (an actual drawing by M.C. Escher)
Taxing 30 - remake solution
Mayhem 19/Tricky 30 - remove backroute
Levels have been aesthetically changed

Some levels have been moved, too:
Fun 9 - replace with Fun 14
Fun 20 - move to Fun 18
Tricky 11 - move to Tricky 6
Taxing 9 - move to Taxing 12
Taxing 10 - move to Taxing 11

Note: Tricky 11 is an impossible level. This has been fixed in 1.3.

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Re: cLemmings - a new Lemmings game
« Reply #9 on: June 25, 2014, 12:06:29 am »
Since you're working on an update, I'll give you my replays so far in case I've found any backroutes. I haven't played Mayhem yet though; so this only has the first 3 ranks.

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Re: cLemmings - a new Lemmings game
« Reply #10 on: June 27, 2014, 03:42:19 am »


The cLemmings website is now up!
It also has a lemmings level creation tutorial (for the lemmixPlayer), for those who need a better understanding of level creation.
I will include a thanks to namida when I obtain the newer cLemmings lemmixPlayer.

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Re: cLemmings - a new Lemmings game
« Reply #11 on: June 27, 2014, 06:02:45 am »
Check your PM's re: title screen graphic. Once that's sorted I can give you the player; I already have everything else ready. :)

By the way - a lot of the Mayhem levels seem to have very low save requirements. For example, "Going Through Hell" (i think that was the name; the one that gives you 80 builders - which is also FAR more than you need, I think I used about 12?), the requirement was in the 40's but I quite easily managed to save in the 90s. In fact, with a bit more effort, I could've probably raised that to 98%, although I don't think 100% is possible. Another one is "The Boiler Room"; the requirement is 40% but it's possible without too much hassle to save 100% (by using a similar trick to the one used in the intended solution of PSYCHO 19 from LPDOS). Also, there seems to still be a lot of levels that are almost exclusively "build, build, build", and I still am finding that the majority of levels involve holding lemmings between blockers while a worker solves the rest (which is often the build build build part); I personally feel that by Mayhem-level difficulty ranks, these levels should be not nessecerially absent but definitely not even close to every level... although there are also some very good levels in here too. I remember thinking that (I think it was these two anyway, I'll check once I finish the few I've still got left to go) Mayhem 5 was awful - but then Mayhem 6 more than made up for it and is probably my favorite level of your pack so far.

Once I finish all the levels (I'm close), I'll give more detailed feedback - not nessecerially on every level, but any that I feel are either really bad, really good, or I just in general have something to say about.

One other thing I noticed - you have a lot of levels with 95 lemmings, which is a somewhat unusual number (nothing wrong with this of course, it's just not something I've seen often). Does this number have some significance to you or is it just random?

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Re: cLemmings - a new Lemmings game
« Reply #12 on: June 27, 2014, 08:50:56 am »
Okay, here's my detailed feedback:

General - A few of these levels have names that are identical to those from the original game. "Lemmings Lemmings Everywhere" and "The Boiler Room" are the first to come to mind. Not that I've never been guilty of doing that... xD

Fun 1-7 - I think you should fill these slots in with your own levels, just a thought. Don't have to be training levels, could just be really easy ones.
Fun 8 - A buried exit is a bit of a harsh start, even if it's visible where it is. :P
Fun 14 - The level isn't bad in itself, but I think it should be moved to a later position in the pack.
Fun 15 - Well you know my opinion on bomber-timing in general, but I especially think this is far too early a position for it. Recall that the original game didn't have any bomber timing until mid-Tricky.
Fun 16 - I like the design. It somewhat reminds me of Wimpy 20 / PSYCHO 8 from LPDOS.
Fun 19 - No real comments either way about this level (it's not bad, but it doesn't particularly stand out either), but a small challenge - try to beat it with only 1 builder (other skills staying as-is). :P
Fun 21 - I'm glad to see you moved this, the similarity to "Lemming Athletics" isn't so noticable when they're a few levels apart.
Fun 25 - This is a good level, but I'm not 100% sure about the placement of it - I think it would've been more suited to early Tricky.
Fun 26 - This level is one of the best examples of what I mean about builder-heavy levels. It probably would be a good level if these kind of levels were rarer, but as it stands, it's just one among many builder-overload levels.
Fun 27 - I already mentioned about solving it with just two skills; it's a good level though. :)
Fun 30 - I think this was a good level to finish Fun with. :)

Tricky 1 - ...and a good level to open Tricky with too.
Tricky 2 - Not a bad level, but I feel this repeat is far too close to the original version in the level order.
Tricky 3 - Another example of overreliance on builders.
Tricky 4 - This is quite a good level.
Tricky 5 - This is a very good level too, although as you might notice in my replay, it's easily possible to save far more than required. In fact, I would've probably saved close to 100% (not quite since I used a bomber, but close) if I'd paid more attention to the clock.
Tricky 6 - This was also a very good level, though maybe should've been placed a bit later.
Tricky 8 - Now, this is an example of a level that does use a lot of builders, but is still a good level, because there's plenty more to it than just "block off the crowd, build build build maybe use a basher build build, release crowd".
Tricky 9 - This is another example of one that uses builders but isn't bad - because it's quite short, and the thematic design makes it much less annoying.
Tricky 10 - This level is placed FAR too early in the pack. It is however a very good level.
Tricky 11 - Now this is another example of the kind of builder-heavy level that isn't so great.
Tricky 12 - And this is another example of the kind of builder-heavy level that is good, although this is also another one that's too hard for its position. To be honest, I think this should've been a Mayhem level.
Tricky 14 - This is a pretty fun level.
Tricky 15 - Firstly, this is another excessive-building-to-the-point-it's-tedious level, and secondly, remember how I mentioned originally about "Lemming Athletics" and the level following it? You've got the same two levels' repeats in a row here too, just in the reverse order. I'd say move them a bit further away from each other too.
Tricky 18 - This level, and its repeat, are two of my favorite levels from this pack. :D
Tricky 20 - This was also a pretty good level.
Tricky 22 - This was also a pretty great level, though maybe again a bit hard for the position.
Tricky 23 - This level is an example of one that is annoyingly heavy on builders, but at the same time, the parts of the level outside of the excessive building are actually pretty good.
Tricky 24 - This is FAR too hard for Tricky; but it is a great level.
Tricky 26 - Another mostly-builder level.
Tricky 27 - The new level here is quite good.
Tricky 29 - This is an almost perfect example of the builder-heavy levels.
Tricky 30 - Not a bad level, but it's too easy for its position.

Taxing 1 - This is pretty good!
Taxing 2 - The big gap between the pillar coming from the top and the one with steel doesn't really add anything to the level; that aside it's pretty good.
Taxing 3 - This is a good level! I like the design, too.
Taxing 4 - This is also a good one.
Taxing 5 - Now, here's another example of a level that uses builders a lot without being bad. This was actually the first level that gave me a lot of trouble.
Taxing 6 - This one wasn't so impressive...
Taxing 7 - Bomber timing. Yuck.
Taxing 8 - This one was good!
Taxing 9 - I don't remember this one, is it new? (It's not mentioned as new on your list) At any rate, it's another builder-heavy one with not much else to offer.
Taxing 10 - This isn't a bad level, though check my replay - the fire doesn't quite work as well as you expected, I think. Unless that was your intention.
Taxing 11 - Same goes here as for its earlier version.
Taxing 12 - This is a VERY good level.
Taxing 13 - Same goes as for the earlier version.
Taxing 14 - More bomber timing. >_>
Taxing 15 - This probably should be in Mayhem, but I thought it was a good level. Though this trick is a bit overused by now (not meaning by you as such, just in general in Lemmings levels).
Taxing 17 - I actually didn't find this one too bad.
Taxing 18 - This was another one that took me a while to work out. Not a bad level. And I LOVE the name.
Taxing 19 - I think this level took me the longest to solve out of the pack. It's pretty good.
Taxing 20 - This one was quite good too.
Taxing 21 - This level is EXCELLENT!
Taxing 22 - This one isn't really any harder than its earlier version...
Taxing 23 - This one took me quite a while to work out too! Nice level.
Taxing 24 - This is another case of a level that contains good parts, but is padded out with a lot of pointless building too. This level would be a lot better with the middle 1/3rd cut out.
Taxing 25 - This is a good level. :D
Taxing 26 - So is this.
Taxing 27 - And this.
Taxing 28 - And this.
Taxing 29 - And this.
Taxing 30 - This, though, is far too easy for the final level of Taxing.
(On a side note, I think Taxing is by far the most well-made rank in your pack - sure it has a few duds, but the majority of the levels are really good.)

Mayhem 1 - This was a pretty good level, though you give (not require - this is a completely different matter here) far more builders than are nessecary. :P Come on, THIS. IS. MAYHEM!
Mayhem 2 - Either this level is far too easy for Mayhem, or it has a major backroute that I'm not sure how you missed. I'm guessing the latter, given the layout.
Mayhem 4 - Not a bad level (though why are you saying "by DMA Design" on a fanmade level...?), but it's too easy for Mayhem.
Mayhem 5 - As I said before, this level is horrible... more excessive building while blockers hold the lemmings back, and a completely unexpected trap at the end to boot (yes, hidden traps can be good, but this is a case of where it's just annoying - it is kind of hard to explain the difference).
Mayhem 6 - Okay, so I wasn't thinking of Mayhem 5 and Mayhem *6* with my comment before. However, this is a pretty good level, but again a bit on the easy side.
Mayhem 7 - Okay, this is the level I was talking about in the above post. This is my favorite level from this pack! Well done on this one!
Mayhem 8 - This one was annoying...
Mayhem 9 - But this one was pretty good.
Mayhem 10 - This one was also quite good. Although, you may want to adjust the placement of the water - if a lemming tries to climb up the steel block in the bottom-right, it drowns. (Doesn't happen to lemmings merely turning around at it; they have to try to *climb* it)
Mayhem 11 - Pointless at first glance, and then hidden traps in the wall... this is not a very good level, sorry to say. Though I also think that perhaps some variation on the design could make this one into a good level.
Mayhem 12 - This one was really good.
Mayhem 13 - Build, build, build, build, build, build, build... >_>
Mayhem 14 - Pretty much identical to one of the good Taxing levels, except with bomber timing instead of fairly-manageable diggers. Unlike its earlier version which was one of the best levels in the pack IMO, this level is awful. I would feel SO sorry for anyone trying to play this without Lemmix especially.
Mayhem 15 - This one was pretty good, I thought. Required a bit of clever thinking.
Mayhem 16 - Build build build build build...
Mayhem 17 - This one was fairly good. Though why the gap under the exit (though that can be said for the earlier version too of course), it doesn't really add anything to the level. Perhaps remove the trap and reduce the number of builders so the gap actually serves a purpose (to let the worker pass)?
Mayhem 18 - With this one having a creative lower half, as well as a fairly limited number of builders, this was actually a fairly good level despite being builder-heavy.
Mayhem 19 - This was very good!
Mayhem 20 - ... did you actually intend for this to simply be a matter of building onto the top of the block, or is that a backroute? (If so, I have no idea what you intended, unless it was bomb the whole way through in which case, BOMBER TIMING >_>)
Mayhem 21 - Not a bad level as such but why is the save requirement so low? My solution saved 95%, I could probably have improved that a bit further if I tried. And especially given how many builder-heavy levels you have, seeing "80 builders" in the skillset almost made me want to skip this one at first, until I noticed it didn't actually rely so heavily on them as such. (The amount of blockers and bombers is also somewhat excessive, but at least it isnt' off-putting as such.) ... I do hope you weren't intending for the player to bomb their way up to the exit from underneath it, though...
Mayhem 22 - Another EXCELLENT level, as I mentioned in the comment on its earlier version.
Mayhem 23 - Build build build build build build build! Oh my bad, need a floater first... but still.
Mayhem 24 - Build build build build build build!
Mayhem 25 - As I mentioned in the above post, this is a great level but once again, why is the requirement so low, especially considering that 100% is possible without too much difficulty?
Mayhem 26 - Left half: BUILD BUILD BUILD BUILD BUILD! Right half: Far too easy for Mayhem. Trapping the crowd involved an interesting trick, though.
Mayhem 27 - Now this was another EXCELLENT level.
Mayhem 28 - This one wasn't too bad either.
Mayhem 29 - This is a decent level, though a bit on the easy side.
Mayhem 30 - I think my solution might be a backroute, but if not, this is FAR too easy for Mayhem at all, let alone the final level of it.

So in short - there are some absolutely excellent levels in here, but some feel like you've either designed something and not wanted to improve/discard it, or that you ran out of ideas and had spaces to fill. You definitely have potential as a level designer; indeed my earliest levels were a lot like this pack, whereas the ones I make these days (as far as I can tell) are thought of quite highly - so I am DEFINITELY not saying give up on making levels.

By the way, I attached my replays for Mayhem.

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Re: cLemmings - a new Lemmings game
« Reply #13 on: June 27, 2014, 04:15:56 pm »
The names are fully intentional.
My replies to your criticism/comments:

Fun 1-7 - I wanted it to be simple, and I didn't want to remake tutorial levels.
Fun 8 - You don't have to bash to the exit, they walk into it on the top of the block.
Fun 15 - This was meant as an introduction to bomber timing, but it became a two in one because the player had to think to make the timing easier on them.
Fun 16 - I haven't played your LPDOS.
Fun 25 - Like I've said, the game becomes harder quicker, so some of the Fun levels should go into early Tricky.

Tricky 2 - If I would've made the gap larger, I feel like one level would be too easy or too hard for it's place
Tricky 5 - The first few Tricky levels are meant to be easier! I'm not going to make levels that would fit in early Taxing and put them in Tricky. The level is Cascade-LIKE, not a Cascade level in fire. The first few Tricky levels are meant to have multiple solutions. If I'd wanted it to be a Cascade level, I wouldn't have included the bombers.
Tricky 6 - Are you playing the old version of cLemmings? If so, the newer version has the level called "The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly" as Tricky 6, which in my opinion is perfectly fine in its place.
Tricky 10 - One moment you're saying the levels are too easy and the next you say that they're are too hard. Not to sound rude, but, seriously? How many times do I have to state this to you; the levels will become harder more quickly, but not too hard.
Tricky 12 - Mayhem? I think that's a bit too harsh. "I Have a Cunning Plan" from the original Lemmings is also a "Mayhem" level by those criteria.
Tricky 15 - I don't think the placement is wrong; the solutions are very different. And Tricky 15 focuses on the part where you build into the fire blower, NOT the building.
Tricky 24 - This is the "harder-than-the-rest" level for Tricky.
Tricky 30 - You're probably playing the older version, because I removed the backroute by placing steel in the space.

Taxing 2 - The gap is to get players to think into going down there (not all players will do this, obviously), and the steel is just so that people can't directly bash through the pillar.
Taxing 9 - Yes, I completely remade the level in the new version because of your saying *cough*complaining*cough* of it being too easy.
Taxing 10 - Intentional.
Taxing 15 - Same as Tricky 24
Taxing 24 - Just a question, did you go into the cave ever? There is another solution that includes going over the cave.
Taxing 30 - Changed in the update.

Mayhem 1 - I don't care about the excess amount of builders, because it gives this level more solutions (e.g. going under the rock formation).
Mayhem 2 - (I haven't watched the replays, so sorry) Over the barbecue, right? The inside is meant for people who don't know about that trick. I was aware of the backroute.
Mayhem 4 - I forgot to add Lemmings, in front of the by, but that's what I mean by it. I'm not going to fix it, because "If it ain't broke, then don't fix it", and "It ain't broke".
Mayhem 5 - It's meant to be hated, and the trap is really evil. Did you notice the excessive amount of decoration? It started when I added so much of the hanging grass that the index was up to 150, and I decided I wanted to fill it up to the maximum 256 terrain and 16 objects.
Mayhem 10 - (This may sound a bit snippy, but still) Then don't go there! Like you said, THIS. IS. MAYHEM!
Mayhem 11 - It was meant to be a spinoff of "Last One Out is a Rotten Egg!", but I decided to make it more interesting.
Mayhem 13 - This is strategic building, the stuff everyone hates.
Mayhem 14 - Why feel sorry? I'm sorry, but I really don't get what you mean.
Mayhem 17 - The gap is so that people have to build to get into the exit, instead of just walking in. It's meant to puzzle people that just play lemmings, and don't study it.
Mayhem 20 - You aren't meant to be able to do that! I guess I'll have to fix it by, oh, I don't know, adding a piece of steel, . . . ;P
Mayhem 21 - You are supposed to bomb up the wall, which is why you get the excessive amounts, I'll have to fix that too.
Mayhem 25 - I never even thought of that, so I'll make the requirement 100%.
Mayhem 27 - Thank you, I think so too.
Mayhem 28 - This is supposed to be the hardest level in the game, do you think so?
Mayhem 30 - Have to fix the backroute.

Finally! I actually needed somebody to fully test the game. Thanks.

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Re: cLemmings - a new Lemmings game
« Reply #14 on: June 27, 2014, 06:42:32 pm »
cLemmings 1.2

Mayhem 20 - removed backroute
Mayhem 21 - removed backroute
Mayhem 25 - raised save requirement to 100%
Mayhem 30 - removed backroute

New cLemmings lemmixPlayer, which includes the new logo and icon