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[1] [BUG?][PLAYER] Skill panel appears smaller in High-res mode

[2] [BUG][PLAYER] Skill shadow ignores death from out-of-bounds

[3] [BUG][PLAYER]Lemmings can pass thorugh a steel wall in certain circumstances

[4] Neolemmings replay bug

[5] [Bug][Player] Ohnoing Stoners Can Enter Midair Exit

[6] [BUG][Player] Step-up through an 8 pixel steel ceiling possible with stacker

[7] [BUG] Selected button redrawn after backskip / Skill panel sound muted post-fix

[8] [BUG][PLAYER] Program crashes on startup if level file missing

[9] [BUG][PLAYER] Replay Insert Mode ("blue R") silently overwrites


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