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Lix Main / Re: End-of-singleplayer screen
« Last post by Simon on Today at 09:53:15 AM »
More refactoring of the preview (level thumbnail with nameplate below) has lead to this.

The bottom two previews are on huge buttons. Later, they'll display the next levels, not the same level as in the top half. When the next level is already the next unsolved level, only one of the huge buttons will appear.

Lots of fine tuning ahead, for the UI and the exact positioning. Nice spacing is hard. Bad spa cing will make Proxima write a lovely rant, but it's still my goal to get it reasonably nice the first time.

And I haven't written any code yet that fishes the next level from the level tree, or the next unsolved level. I'd like to cache the entire tree, then fish the next levels from that cache. Ideally, the cache can later compute completion statistics, e.g., allow the browsers to show that you've solved 79.2 percent of pack lemforum.

Lix 0.9.37 will release later today, but this screen won't be in it yet. 0.9.37 will have small bugfixes, updated documentation, and many new multiplayer maps.

-- Simon
Hmmm. After posting the previous message I decided to try opening one of the unopenable levels in SuperLemmini itself. I got an error regarding a missing music file, and so placed an audio file into the Resources/music folder with the same name as the missing file.

I was then able to open the .lvl directly in SuperLemmini.

Promising stuff. It may be possible to compile the pack from the .lvl files themselves rather than converting them to .ini.

I'm tired now, I'll come back to this tomorrow at some point :sleep:
SuperLemmini / Re: [IN DEVELOPMENT] NepsterLems for SL [HELP NEEDED]
« Last post by WillLem on Today at 01:07:02 AM »
Yes, that certainly seems the most likely explanation.

I would like to get the pack converted, but I have far more pressing and important things to spend my time on at the moment (like learning Java, and focusing on getting irl stuff back on track after all the lockdowns). I have messaged Nepster and he may get back to me with a suitable suggestion, or some information which might help to find a solution.

In the meantime though, I'll have to put this project on hold. I've attached the levels that have been successfully converted to .ini, plus copies of the .lvl files unpacked from old formats NeoLemmix in case anyone wants to have a look at it.
When creating the attached level, I noticed that any Sliders that entered the water directly via sliding (as opposed to falling) would not trigger the "glug" sound.
SuperLemmini / Re: [IN DEVELOPMENT] NepsterLems for SL [HELP NEEDED]
« Last post by namida on May 15, 2021, 07:50:15 PM »
My guess would be that Nepster originally created NepsterLems using V1.43, so many levels will open fine in V1.43's editor; but that he issued later updates using V1.47 (or higher), so the levels that don't open are the ones that were edited using V1.47 or higher's editor, while the ones that do are those that didn't need to be edited again.
Engine Bugs / Suggestions / [BUG][RC-PLAYER] Jumper-Climber breakage
« Last post by namida on May 15, 2021, 07:47:16 PM »
Reported on Discord by IchoTolot. This is a bug in V12.12.0-RC1 that did not occur in V12.11 stable.

Well done it now and I think I got something in terms of unexpected break.
It seems to exist some inconsistencies regarding jumpers.
It's not excessive but it is not expected
got 3 breakages so far
<attachment 1>
-- Intro pack advanced training 9
<attachments 2 & 3>
from "the lemmings have grown"
I seems to be connected with a jumper lemming behaving differently - as it is always a jumper lem that goes out of order
the levels themselves are not broken though
loaded the old replay in both versions.
Stable: Jumper goes into a climber and then hoists end up slightly in mid air and needs to fall shortly - takes 11 frames
RC: Jumper directly hoists - takes 7 frames
That seems to be the reason
jumper - climber - hoister transtions
It could be that one little physics bug fix with the climber/jumper bahavior on top of a stacker. I remember that one, but it isn't listed in the fixes
Not it was a shimmier, but I can see having an effect on this:
but wait that fix is a bit older ....
hmmmm not sure what exactly is interfering here

The fix being referred to was introduced in V12.11, so is almost certianly not the culprit here.
SuperLemmini / Re: [IN DEVELOPMENT] NepsterLems for SL [HELP NEEDED]
« Last post by WillLem on May 15, 2021, 07:18:33 PM »
I don't think so. I wondered that myself, but as far as I can see, there are no levels in NepsterLems which mix styles.

The first level which causes an issue is PLANET 3 "Another Miner Problem", which is entirely in the orig_fire set.

Even the level "A Study In Scarlet", which looks like it's been made in a custom tileset, is in fact a ridiculously complex layout featuring orig_fire letters, bars and a ton of erasers to create cubes - incidentally, if I was to take on the mammoth task of recreating the missing levels (unlikely), I'd almost certainly export this one as a PNG and use the resulting image as a custom tile.

I could even do the same for the others, with the obvious caveat being that they would all be low-res images. I suppose I could upscale them, but it's a far from ideal solution.

It's definitely a good idea to look at what the "unopenable" levels may have in common which makes them unopenable, but there isn't anything immediately obvious.
Lix Levels / Re: Wibble's thoughts on Lix Lemforum levels
« Last post by Forestidia86 on May 15, 2021, 06:32:47 PM »
Solution to Stuff in the Way matches in most parts the replay from the collection. At one point the use of two skills is basically swapped but this meets in both solution basically the same ends.
From my perspective an alternative solution but the maintainer would have to decide.
SuperLemmini / Re: [IN DEVELOPMENT] NepsterLems for SL [HELP NEEDED]
« Last post by Forestidia86 on May 15, 2021, 06:15:25 PM »
Just out of interest:

Do the non-convertable levels use tileset mixing?
According to this thread tileset mixing was introduced in 1.47.
Lix Levels / Re: Wibble's thoughts on Lix Lemforum levels
« Last post by Wibble on May 15, 2021, 05:42:41 PM »
Back after a while not playing, though I expect progress to be much much slower now I'm on the hardest levels.

I do have one more solved level - Stuff in the Way. I don't know if my solution is the only/intended one, certainly requires a bit of T+I in the timing.

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