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To be honest, kaywhyn, I haven't gotten into watching your replays for Lemmicks yet :oops: - IchoTolot has been rushing through Lemmings World Tour in parallel, and maintaining that has kept me busy. Since LWT is my flagship pack and Lemmicks is only for "very old formats", LWT receives higher priority.

Not a problem, Strato. Do what you need to do. No rush at all.

I can already assure you though that your feedback for Lemmicks was as helpful as it was detailed - and I'm not just saying that because it was largely positive ;) .

Thanks for letting me know! Being super detailed is something you already know about me, if my introduction topic was any indication to go by ;)

Well personally I see your level solving skills to be absolutely incredible! People like you that have beaten the hardest packs the forums currently has to offer is just incredible in my eyes. Something I’d only dream of doing. Maybe I could one day? Who knows? But anyway, I just could go on and on about how amazing some of the level solvers are on the forums.

Thanks for the kind words, Shmolem! :) The fact that I even completed United is what I speculate that others have had the same thought about me regarding my solving prowess even though people have only seen me complete just 2 packs over a period of 6 months, United and LPA, both very difficult packs to boot. However, as my list of packs I'm playing topic shows, I have listed a little over 50 packs that I have played and completed over the years.

I'm far from being the best solver, though, and I'm perfectly fine with that, as I accept there's people here who I feel are slightly better than me when it comes to solving in general. However, I think it's safe to say that my solving ability is definitely up there with them, even if in some ways I feel I'm not quite elite status myself. As I have repeatedly said about myself, I'm good at solving levels, but I don't consider myself THAT good. Nevertheless, it's nice to know that others here feel I'm up there with some of the solving legends. At the same time, it's amazing the variety of solutions that can be found to a level by the various members here. What makes me most content is the huge amount of content available to play and solve, as I'm happy and willing to take on packs of any difficulty, including the most difficult ones.

I have no doubt that you'll be able to take on United one of these days. You're slowly but surely getting there. Heck, you might already be ready to. ;) At least I'm thinking first rank you'll be able to do with not so much problems. Slow and steady wins the race, right? Of course, if you prefer to stick to the easier content, by all means go ahead, but you're still more than welcome to take on the difficult packs if you feel so inclined to.

By the way thanks for the help on Sublems. ;)

It was my pleasure, Shmolem! I will continue to provide help on any packs you happen to be tackling wherever and whenever I can. Both of the packs you're currently playing happen to be ones that I myself have already played and completed. :) Just know that my style of giving hints that don't give away the solution will continue, as my goal is to help people improve their thinking and solving ability without giving the answer away. It's also to keep with preventing from spoiling one's enjoyment of figuring out the solution for themselves ;)
SuperLemmini / Re: Turrican's Superlemmini projects
« Last post by ericderkovits on Today at 03:17:24 am »
Anyways, thanks for trying out Superlemmini. Although I know you like making special levels(ie glitches levels) as those are your favorites. But Superlemmini doesn't allow glitches, like regular
lemmini does. But still you can make remakes of glitch ones just without the glitch as I've done in Pimolems. And if your ever interested there are more Packs for Superlemmini available than before.

Anyways If you give Superlemmini enough trys, I think you will enjoy it alot as the graphics are much better than lemmix. Although lemmix does allow for glitches in custom lemmix.

And if you ever need help in anything Superlemmini-wise just post what you need help in as I'm always watching out for posts in the Superlemmini board.
NeoLemmix Levels / Re: Lemmings Plus Series
« Last post by kaywhyn on Today at 03:02:56 am »
Lemmings Plus Omega 2 is a similar difficulty to Alpha towards the end; but the rest are a fair bit easier. In one case, Lemmings Plus VI, this was an intentional decision to make a slightly easier pack; in the rest it was more "I haven't got to my nastiest yet".

Thanks for the info. I'll probably end up doing Omega 2 after I do the other Plus packs and Omega 1 first.

Also - re: your feedback about Obliteration 15's difficulty vs Obliteration 14's, this is normal for how I create my packs. The final level is almost never (intended to be) the hardest. The only exceptions to this were Lemmings Plus III and Holiday Lemmings Plus, where the final level was intended to be the hardest, though whether that actually happened or not is quite subjective. In all other cases, it's usually the 2nd- or 3rd- to-last level that's (meant to be) the hardest.

True, it's akin to the original game, where the penultimate level is much harder than the final level. By extension, there's also no need to make either of the last two levels really hard either. The level pack author could had chosen any of the levels in the final stretch to take the place of a really hard level instead.

Thanks for responding to my feedback. You're more than welcome to post in my other topic in the Lemmings Main board as well regarding the feedback I've given, although I will note it's probably a bit too early to do so, considering that LPA is so far the only pack of yours that I have sent replays and given you feedback for. Let's wait until I have finished a much larger pack by you first. Then you can tell me if my feedback has been helpful even though you're at the point where you're mostly just ensuring compatibility with the newer NL versions.
SuperLemmini / Re: Turrican's Superlemmini projects
« Last post by kaywhyn on Today at 02:34:10 am »
:forehead: I can't believe I didn't think of editing the ini file. I could had figured that out. Anyway, thanks to eric, I was able to get the custom music working on Turrican's level. Initially, I had problems getting it to work. That's because when I first loaded the level as an external level, I reopened the ini file and found out, to my surprise, that the line music = (name of track) got removed from the .ini file. After a few more minutes of playing around with the .lvl file, I was able to get it to work. I guess Superlemmini is extremely picky when loading a .lvl file instead of an .ini file.

  • Load the .lvl file as an external level with Superlemmini
  • Navigate to the external folder inside the levels folder where your Superlemmini directory is located. The level name should now have an .ini file extension name.
  • Move this .ini file somewhere else and then add the line music = (name of music track you want to use). Make sure the track is inside the music folder.
  • Load the .ini file as an external level again and presto!

edit: Looks like eric discovered the exact same problem I did when it comes to loading external levels with .lvl files instead of .ini. His method seems more elegant and easier than the one I described, but both do work. Mine is a bit more cumbersome.
SuperLemmini / Re: Turrican's Superlemmini projects
« Last post by ericderkovits on Today at 02:28:19 am »
also it's better to have levels for Superlemmini in .ini form than .lvl form. When it's in .ini form it's easier to edit. One can then open the level with just a regular text editor. One can't do that when
it's in .lvl form.

RE: Turrican
Anyways I converted your .lvl to .ini form using 1.43. I noticed though it changes the start position once converted, so I moved it to match the .lvl one.

Now that it's in .ini form I downloaded your mod song choice from your link(from the Mod Archive) and put the song inside the .ini level.

anyways to see your level with your song choice playing just download the .mod and .ini here.

Just put the .Mod music into your Main Superlemmini music folder. and put the .ini anywhere(preferably the level folder).

Then just open your level using the external levels option.
now one can play your level with your song choice.

SuperLemmini / Re: Turrican's Superlemmini projects
« Last post by ericderkovits on Today at 01:44:20 am »
the reason external levels play random music is because one has to actually add a music line inside the external level. This way you can even have an external level play any music you want, not just a random one. So for example in the levels I uploaded I added the line music = music file to the external level. Try it out. Start it a couple times to show
that its not random.

here I just grabbed a random level from the original game, and added a random music song inside the level(note I picked one from lemmings reunion)
or if you don't have Reunion installed
here's another level playing just an amiga song that everyone should have in their superlemmini music folder

Just open these as external levels and start them a couple times. They will play the same song every time.
SuperLemmini / Re: Turrican's Superlemmini projects
« Last post by kaywhyn on Today at 12:51:44 am »
Lemmini/Superlemmini were the two engines I used for several years before I started using NL last year. Even after a year, the former two are still my preferred engine of choice any day. While it's not exactly the authentic experience of the original game that I prefer, it's close enough, but I especially love the high resolution graphics and the smooth animation. Just be aware that the developer of SL, Tsyu, isn't as active (he comes and goes) around here as he used to be, and that some bugs have been reported to him that I would like to see fixed, most notably climber issues, as well as issues with replays, particularly with external levels.

Since you have decided to try out SL, I know this will make eric quite happy. He's been converting (in the process, he discovered plenty of bugs/issues in while converting certain levels over to SL, which I have helped him report to Tsyu and of course credited him for finding, as I never knew they existed in the SL engine) a lot of level packs to SL the last several months, which makes me quite happy since I've always wanted more packs for SL. So, I'm sure he'll be able to help you regarding the custom music. I don't know if it will work with external levels, though. As you might have seen, it plays a random music track every time you load a level file as an external level. Nevertheless, I think eric can help you with the music.

edit: Please note that any levels that require glitches to be solved will not work in SL, as SL pretty much removed all glitches. Some of your levels might work in Lemmini, though, but also note that there are plenty of glitches that are exclusive to Lemmini only and so glitch levels that work in Lemmini might not work in Lemmix, for example.
SuperLemmini / Turrican's Superlemmini projects
« Last post by Turrican on September 21, 2020, 11:55:01 pm »
Hi! Today I have tried Superlemmini for the first time!

So I've decided to start testing levels that I have originally made for Lemmix , and whatever of these will be proved to be possible in Superlemmini , to post them here, with the replay of their solution! Also if at the future , I will make more multiplatform levels , or Superlemmini specific levels , I will post them here!

So for the first level of the thread , here is "The Crystal Coves"! I have attached the level and the replay of its solution!

Link for the music track of the level:

( To be honest , now I'm learning how to use Superlemmini , so I don't know how to use custom music tracks yet , but I have put the link for the music track , for the more experienced users! )
Lix Levels / Re: Flopsy plays Lix's lemforum pack
« Last post by Flopsy on September 21, 2020, 11:40:51 pm »

Part 42 - Daunting 24-26 is out :)

Another older video but the next video will definitely be a more recent video.
Well personally I see your level solving skills to be absolutely incredible! People like you that have beaten the hardest packs the forums currently has to offer is just incredible in my eyes. Something I’d only dream of doing. Maybe I could one day? Who knows? But anyway, I just could go on and on about how amazing some of the level solvers are on the forums. By the way thanks for the help on Sublems. ;)
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