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General Discussion / Re: Meditation
« Last post by ccexplore on Today at 12:56:30 am »
No personal experiences to speak of, but kind of wondering if the bizarre thing with visual perception might perhaps just be a side effect of having less or no blinking of eyes while you are staring at the object of focus.  I seem to recall reading that physiologically, the rods and cones in your retina will gradually adapt when the same amount of light continues to hit them over prolonged duration.  This could perhaps result in some of those strange experience you reported where things in your field of vision start to fade or disappear.  When you're in a more awake state the unconscious blinking of your eyes (together with you generally not staring at one thing for very long) may have made it a lot less likely for the rods and cones in your eye to reach the point where they start adapting to their stimuli.
NeoLemmix Levels / Re: Lemmings & Lix Fangame List
« Last post by joshescue18 on Today at 12:28:13 am »
Can you mark the recommended NeoLemmix level packs?
General Discussion / Re: Lemmings Forums club on PokerStars
« Last post by namida on Today at 12:03:55 am »
There's a game starting in about an hour.
L2 calls this an exploder, for both two implementations that behave differently. Classic tribe's exploder doesn't fling and ohnoes, this is practically the L1 bomber. Other tribes' exploders fling and don't ohno.

To add further confusion, L2 does have a separate skill called "bomber", for which in the animation the lemming brings out an actual bomb, the bomb then explodes and the assigned lemming gets flung upwards (and other lemmings nearby get flung away), but the assigned lemming also survives unlike the "exploder" skill carried over from L1.  It is a bit questionable to have such similar skills (then again, that's the norm with L2 skills for better or worse), but if both skills were to exist it's easy to see why the one that's visually depicted with an actual bomb would be called "bomber".


Anyway, if I recall correctly, Lemmings 1 (at least for DOS) doesn't actually display "bomber" on mouse-hover, at least not while the countdown is still in effect.  It's still the case of course that the game only uses the term "bomber" (ie. not exploder) in things like manuals, level titles, etc.  And it'd make sense that if we currently have two similar-looking but actually different "ohno" states in NeoLemmix, it would be vastly preferable to call them separately as "bomber" or "stoner" to help distinguish.  If you really want to call out the "ohno" I guess you could do maybe "bomber (ohno)" or similar, even though it feels a bit verbose.
I can understand the demand for this, but it would be nice if it were an option, so that those who use L1 skills only can keep the present order :P
In Development / Re: Lemmings Plus VI - Development Topic
« Last post by namida on July 20, 2018, 10:10:50 pm »
So, I've found that while Bridge and Garden are fairly well distributed throughout the pack, there's a stronger concentration of Basement levels in the earlier parts than the later parts. Clearly, I need to come up with some more hard Basement levels... (Also, Loopy is a bit short on Garden levels, but I'm sure that'll be easier to fix.)
Did somebody say trolling potential? :devil::evil::devil:
That said, I've found a more creative way to use the background to troll than this. So far I haven't released said level yet, though.

A few very useful features (especially for the artistic side of things) have been culled due to their use in trolling levels. And even when they have no other negative effects, trolling levels are generally disliked. Not to mention that clear physics mode renders most kinds of level design trolling moot anyway. It's best to avoid them.
General Discussion / Re: Meditation
« Last post by mobius on July 20, 2018, 09:38:03 pm »
I failed to mention one more oddity that happens if I close my eyes in this method;

An intense stillness came over me then I felt my eyes moving rapidly around when I had them closed. This was uncomfortable to me so I would stop.

after doing a little bit of (more) research I believe I enter a REM-like state. This is also apparently normal; or at least some-what common.   

Also; here are some quick elaborations on the benefits to meditation. No idea if this is well documented however;
Did somebody say trolling potential? :devil::evil::devil:
That said, I've found a more creative way to use the background to troll than this. So far I haven't released said level yet, though.
I like this idea. I sometimes like to give skills in some sort of pattern (3,1,3,1 for example) and this change would make it easier to do that.
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