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NeoLemmix Levels / Ski Sloping Lemmings
« Last post by grams88 on January 22, 2019, 11:39:40 pm »
Hope everyone is doing well. I thought I would post this topic which will be about the (Ski Sloping lemmings) a level pack with about 80 levels I've made split into four ranks so 20 levels each rank. I'm still to finish off the level pack but I'm very near to completing it. The name ski sloping lemmings might be a bit misleading as it has nothing to do with skiing levels but more to do with the rank names. The easiest rank is the Blue Slope and the hardest rank is the orange slope. Most people might know that the black slope is usually the hardest slope in skiing but I think it is the orange slope that is the hardest but the orange slope is very rare me thinks.

The ranks are as follow.

Blue Slope
Red Slope
Black Slope
Orange Slope

All of the levels I will make only have the eight classic skills as I feel you can still think of many puzzle ideas hopefully. I think I might be a few Neo lemmix versions behind but hoping someone can help us with that one, I wonder if the instant bomber is still the same and if the fall distance is still the same from the version I have.

Some of the levels might be lacking in the design department.

Sorry I won't post the level pack yet but I might ask a question, is there a tool for making level packs, I think Flopsy had a video about it somewhere.
In Development / Re: [NeoLemmix v12] Lemmings: Gotta Go Fast [110/150 levels]
« Last post by Flopsy on January 22, 2019, 11:07:36 pm »
Update 22/01/19

I have rank names for Gotta Go Fast at last.

Rose - Named after Amy Rose, nice and relaxed difficulty level like Team Rose was in Sonic Heroes, mostly X of everything levels but it's not overly generous (first difficulty rank, 20 levels)

Knock Knock Knockin' on Eggman's Door (Launch Base)

Ring - Onto the easier puzzle type levels and earn those rings! (second difficulty rank, 20 levels)

The Curse of Lady Bay (Casino Night)

Sneaker - Getting more difficult, get those Super Sneakers on and carry on, Gotta Go FAST! (third difficulty rank, 20 levels)

Static Space Lover (Star Light/Death Egg)

Emerald - About as difficult as getting actual emeralds in the Sonic games (fourth difficulty rank, 20 levels)

Shining Light (Mystic Cave)

Super Sonic - You have all the Emeralds now, time to morph into Super Sonic (fifth difficulty rank, 20 levels)

Buzzkill (Labyrinth/Scrap Brain)

Chilli Dog - You have fought hard, you have beaten some tough levels to get here, can you finish the job and earn the Chilli Dog! (sixth and final difficulty rank, 20 levels)

Pedalpusher (Sandopolis)

SEBSegaBytes - Some returning classics from SEB Lems and MegSEGAbytes (repeat levels from previous packs, 20 levels)

Green Thrill Zone (Green Hill)

Encore - A Flopsy/Wafflem collaboration ENCORE! (a small collaboration rank, 10 levels)

A Flopsy Wafflem Double Feature (Studiopolis)

And lastly, a flagship new tileset to add to the mix. For the first time ever, the new Chemical Plant tileset!

Full Circle
Thanks to GigaLem for helping me finish this tileset, the teleporter actually sucks the lemming through the tube. Credit to GigaLem for all the great objects in this tileset!

Also thanks to Nessy and Wafflem for the help with testing the levels in this pack, it is going really well so far :)
It looks good to me as well, it's a good idea to put Streaming threads in there. It bulks out the board a little bit but not too much, it's still a single page of threads.

Thanks for implementing the idea.
Sounds good to me. Compartmentalization makes searching easier, it's just a matter of "what to merge with what" at this point so that we don't go back to square one.
Live Event Scheduling board, I'll shovel some threads into that. Feel free to bicker about what should or should not go in there.

-- Simon
Right, hmm. Lemmings Forums and #lix are the main hubs for Lix discussions, it would be strange to mix other events into that by design.

Ideally, the sessions would get tags, and Lix sessions got tagged both as Lix and as community event, then one could filter by tags. But the forums don't support that. :lix-winktongue:

The original ideas in this thread are very good anyways. I'm also fine with creating a non-Lix-community-event board or a non-Lix-multiplayer board. I'll go ahead and make one. We could always merge later.

-- Simon
It's a tricky issue since the idea of avoiding clashing schedules sounds good but Lix seems to justify its own multiplayer board, from the kind of project it is as well as from the amount of sessions that exists.
If too much is merged there is the danger, that it gets too crowded and unclear again.

I would even merge this with the Lix multiplayer board. Reason: We don't want clashing schedules across the Lix and the non-Lix board. It should be easy to check whether a date is free.

Maybe even schedule streams there and other community events that aren't strictly multiplayer.

Do you agree on a single board for community events? Or should there be two-three boards for Lix/non-Lix/non-multiplayer-community events?

Habits around community activities change all the time. The board should adapt to it, and we should not be afraid to ditch old board structures.

These weeks, we've had some spontaneous Lix multiplayer scheduled on the fly in IRC ( #lix). JayV likes to play shorter sessions, often with only 2-player games, several times per week, far more often than only every 2-3 weeks of the large forum-scheduled sessions.

-- Simon
I support the idea of a sub-board for this. :)
In Development / Re: [NeoLemmix v12] Lemmings: Gotta Go Fast [110/150 levels]
« Last post by Flopsy on January 22, 2019, 06:34:50 pm »
Just a post to confirm that this pack is back in development again, I had been working on it again for the last few months and have hit over 2/3 complete now.
I'll post a detailed update over the coming days.
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