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NeoLemmix Styles / Re: Rayman’s tilesets
« on: November 03, 2021, 12:44:07 PM »
Hello again kaywhyn,

Here are my feedback :

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

NeoLemmix Styles / Re: Rayman’s tilesets
« on: November 01, 2021, 07:33:26 PM »
Hello kaywhyn,

I am pleased to discover your message, but with a little delay... I'm very well, thank you. I hope you too. I will look at your solutions and provide detailed feedback in a few days. I will also take this opportunity to add to the list the two Rayman 1 tilesets that I created : davidz_raymancake and davidz_raymancave. I also just found Turrican's solutions on Utube, I'll look at them (and take the time to read your discussions with him in the comments !).

Bye ! ;P

Here, the 2 new styles !

Tileset "cake" (example) - this is an improved version of "raymancandy" :

Tileset "cave" (example) :

Thanks kaywhyn, I'm glad you liked this pack (though, I'm sorry to have exhausted you ! :laugh:), I really like following your reasoning in LP, I find you very patient and very talented, you know how to solve complicated problems quickly, even if, sometimes, you get stuck on "simple" problems ;P. Well done ! I'm appreciative ! :thumbsup:

My feedback on the Marathon rank :
Spoiler (click to show/hide)


So, I decided to do a lot of small updates. It must be said that I have two bad habits :
1) When a skill is used a lot in a level, I very often round up to a higher number divisible by 5. For example, I will put 20 builders while the resolution of the level only requires 17. :forehead:
2) I often add unnecessary skills, but I realize that players use them to solve levels more easily (backroutes !). :-[

In this pack, the levels using OL's designs were created a long time ago ; therefore, some of this puzzles aren’t very interesting ! Also, there’re some levels that I had to transform because they used rising water and radiation/glaciation ; these changes weren't easy to make.

Here are the fixes made in the new update :
Spoiler (click to show/hide)

Thanks kaywhyn : for most of the levels, you found the solution intended. :thumbsup:

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

Thanks kaywhyn for the explanation on the Dolly Dimple, I must have played it, but I can't remember. In fact, I played more of the Original and Christmas Lemmings. :P

So, if you're interested, I have attached my replays (of the intended solutions) for some levels, especially those where you found a more complicated or very different solution. :D

My feedback :
Spoiler (click to show/hide)

For now, I’m happy because I’m not seeing a lot of backroutes. However, sometimes you find solutions that are much more complicated than what I imagined. But, on the whole, your (re)solutions sound like I had imagined. I looking forward to watching the rest (in replay and LP). Thank you ! ;P

kaywhyn : I watched your LPs with pleasure and really enjoyed following the flow of your thinking, you are very patient and you take a really good look at things. I also like the fact that you are not using "CPM" (grayed out mode). ;)

To answer your questions :

 - Z is the first letter of my maternal grandmother's birth surname. ;P

 - The Lemmigns have grown : why ? For 30 years, they have evolved, they have more skills, so they have become real warriors ! :lemcat:

You mentioned the Dolly Dimple in several levels, and I was wondering what that means ? ???

Unless you're joking and messing around here, I'm not sure what you mean by Jasmine's and Aladdin's number
I was joking, but maybe it’s more like "phone number" in english ???

I simply consider any repeat worthless if the solution isn't that much different from the one that a player might use on the difficult repeat version of the level. That's just my thought on repeat levels, though
I understand very well ; and it's nice to let me know.

I've also noticed that you tend to overuse exclamation marks. Unless you're absolutely trying to convey strong emotions/feelings
Yes, that's right, I'll try to calm down a bit !!!!!! :lemcat::lemcat:

A few comments :

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

So, I decided to update my pack after you finish it : I'm just going to fix some backroutes.

Halfway through the pack already!   I continue to enjoy the pack both for the visuals and the puzzles, so I'm looking forward to playing more. So far had an attempt at the first 100 Metres level, but I just realized an idea that might work, so I will try it out on it soon 
Thank you very much ! The first 100 metres level is not difficult ! You just gotta find the trick (or the tricks). ;P

kaywhyn : I am very happy with your feedback on my work, especially because it's very detailed. ;) Initially, the levels in this pack were a bit easier and and some of them were lacking in interest. Thanks to IchoTolot, in particular, I reworked a lot of levels, which means that the difficulty is quite random : therefore, we will find levels of rank 4 easier than some levels of rank 1, but overall the difficulty increases gradually. However, I do realize that rank 2 is easier than rank 1. Damn ! :forehead: And I just corrected the title : "Medium-Hard" is righter, I agree !

Thank you for noting the care I take with the sets ;P, I am very sensitive to design and the artistic aspect in general, even if this isn’t what interests me primarily when I play a level pack. Like many players, I think it's the puzzle-solving that interests me the most ! :eyeroll:

For most of the levels, you have found the intended solution or a very close to the one intended !

Some feedback :
Spoiler (click to show/hide)

Thank you very much kaywhyn (in French scrabble, your nickname counts for 46 points !!!) ! :crylaugh: :thumbsup:

I'll watch your LP later ! :P

Bye !

NeoLemmix Styles / Re: Rayman’s tilesets
« on: March 15, 2021, 03:09:42 PM »
Thanks WillLem ! :thumbsup:

Rayman and Lemmings were the two games of my childhood. It's great to be able to play Lemmings with Rayman's graphics ! 8-) :crylaugh: :lemcat:

NeoLemmix Styles / Rayman’s tilesets
« on: March 10, 2021, 10:31:29 PM »
Hello everybody !

I just made 3 new tilesets using Rayman's worlds graphics 1  : music, jungle and image. I had already made candy’s tileset, that I would have liked to improve... but I don't think it's advisable to "rework" a tileset that we have already "published" !!! :(

1) The 3 styles to download and drag into styles folder ! :thumbsup:
(Sorry, the zip file is a bit large due to the many backgrounds…)

2) The 4 levels that I made with these graphics :

Hurdy-gurdy :

Drums galore :

Wizard duel :

The dreams forest :

Bye ! ;P :lemcat:

Hello LJLPM !

Yes, but the two expressions do not mean the same thing. ;P

"Chimie de laboratoire" refers to the chemistry practiced in laboratories. It is also, in France, a school disclipline in the universities.

However, of course, level's title could also have been "Laboratoire de Chimie" (Chemistry Laboratory) ! 8-) :thumbsup:

I follow Icho's daily videos, and there are nice levels, indeed! Great job!! :)

Cool ! Thank you ! But... wouldn't you rather play the levels than watch them ? ;) :lem-shocked:

Thank you IchoTolot ! Problem corrected ! :thumbsup:

Hello ericderkovits,

Thanks for these informations !
For level Blue lagoon : well done ! I like very much your solution, it's still quite difficult, and for me, it's not really a backroute. It's a nice alternative solution, even if you haven't used the pickup climber !!! So, for the moment, I don't think I will make any changes to this level... :thumbsup:

Hello Strato Incendus,

Okay ! Very well ! For Loud 20, why not replace shimmiers with walkers ? The level would be much more interesting, and possible to achieve. However, I don't know what the intended solution was...
??? :P

Otherwise, there are still two levels that I failed to solve : Hardcore 20 (too difficult !) and Hardcore 30 (I don't like levels that are too long !). But I'm happy, I passed Hardcore 24. I'll post my latest replays soon... Bye !

yes heavy 26(To Hell and Back) is too backroutable. But I wanted to send a lemming to hell and back, so I went for that solution(even though I saved just 58). One doesn't even need to do it though. This level can be solved saving 60 without sending a lemming to Hell and back(perhaps there's a way to fix the level so a lemming has to go to hell and back)

Totally agree ! I managed to save them all without sending a single one into the hand of hell ! :lem-mindblown:

Heavy 18 seemed even more "backroutable" to me. I succeeded the first time, and with the talisman. :thumbsup:

Strato Incendus may make some changes to these levels. ???

OK, thanks ! I won't be bored. I will see...  Anyway, I've already downloaded all the packs you mentioned (except for MazuLems).

Pimolems, I did the first three ranks and some bonus levels. I had stopped playing it because I wanted to make packs with the new skills. But I will probably continue one day... :P

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