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Bugs & Suggestions / Re: [Sug.] [Player] Remember last played pack
« on: May 17, 2019, 07:52:37 pm »
That depends on how frequently most players here switch packs. I tend to switch pretty often because I usually get stumped by an individual pack pretty fast - so I take a break on pack A and play something else for a while to come back later with a fresh mind.

But of course, for anyone who likes to bang their head against one specific pack until they make progress, and if that's true for the majority of forum members, the feature proposed by Proxima should suffice as well ;) .

In Development / Re: happylemmings not sad
« on: May 17, 2019, 07:46:23 pm »
A little more information would be useful if you want to advertise this pack and create interest in it. ;)

Bugs & Suggestions / Re: [Sug.] [Player] Remember last played pack
« on: May 17, 2019, 08:36:13 am »
Yeah, I always have to click my way out of Clammings when opening NeoLemmix - it's nice to have all packs in one place without having to restart NeoLemmix when wanting to switch. But for everyone who sticks to a specific pack, in Old Formats you could click and start that specific pack directly, so it would be more convenient to have that option in New Formats as well, rather than simply starting NeoLemmix as a standalone programme. I know this might be more difficult now that levels aren't complete pack files anymore, but maybe it is possible to point the game to one specific level folder right at the start? ;)

10 skills would also be fine for me for the time being - oftentimes I only find myself one skill type short of implementing my intended solution, so these two could already make a huge difference! ;)

It just depends on how many new skills are going to be impemented over the years - and how they interact with others. For example, cloners and walkers offer lots of interactions with other skills, whereas jumper and shimmier do not (except for both interacting with the glider to some extent, e.g. you can jump on a stacker's stack by assigning a shimmier to a glider right next to the stack).

The more a given skill can interact with others, the more different skill types you can use to create interesting solutions, thus evoking the need in level creators to have more than 8 skills.

For shimmiers and also the planned jumpers, I don't see that issue that much yet, though. ;)

Yes, this is totally intended. It was the only decent-looking way (I found) to transition from shimmier to a walker on a high ledge.

Good to know that this is not going to change! :thumbsup: I just wanted to be sure that I don't create any levels with such elevated platforms of terrain that might end up not working later on in case this would be changed. But I guess if it's intended this way, it's going to remain as it currently is. ;)

YES! YES! PLEASE! :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

For aesthetic purposes, though (and this included preserving visual similarity to the original Lemmings games), I'd suggest sticking to the classic 8-skills-bar as long as that threshold is not exceeded. The Lix skillbar, where all skills are visible all the time, including those you don't have any of in a given level, I find to be quite "cluttered" - too many buttons you don't need that can easily distract from the intended solution. I get why the Lix developers chose to have it this way, and I don't want to throw shade on them, but for NeoLemmix, I'd prefer a more efficient use of the space on the skillbar.

So there are basically three options, as far as I can see it:

  • When the number of skill types exceeds 8, the section of the bar dedicated to skills (rather than the Minimap, Replay/Rewind buttons etc.) remains the same size, but the cells for the individual skills get smaller. In this case, one would have to put this to a litmus test to see how small the individual skill button can actually get when you throw in all skill types which are currently available.
  • The skill bar expands - most likely to the right - when additional skills are added, at the cost of shrinking the other components. Most likely, this would mean making the Minimap less wide, since buttons like Pause/Nuke/Rewind/Clear Physics should remain the same size as the skill buttons. This would not require the buttons to be redrawn, but the Minimap would have to be able to adapt in size - not gradually, fortunately, but at least step-wise, becoming one step smaller for each increase of the skill bar beyond 8.
  • Scrolling through a skill bar which is only partly visible - totally had not thought of that. That somehwat violates the "immediacy" philosophy though, which has already lead to changes that follow principles such as "one should never have to use clear physics", the level itself should show you everything you need to know right from the start.

Yes, I agree, the minimum height needed to assign a Shimmier should be constant (=high enough to shimmy through basher tunnels).

Another thing I've noticed: When a Shimmier gets towards a piece of terrain that is slightly higher than the position of his feet, he performs the Hoister animation (like a Climber does when he's done), without actually being a Climber.

I actually find this pretty neat - I just wanted to ask whether it was intended or not? It seems to be the Shimmier equivalent of the "six-pixel jumps" that Walkers can perform.

I also don't see any other way to do this, because the core rules say that every 1-pixel gap should be enough for a lemming to slip through. And since transitioning from a Climber into a Shimmier is possible, but not from a Shimmier into a Climber, the Shimmier needs to gain some height automatically when shimmying towards a platform that lies lower than the ceiling he's holding on to (=i.e. there is a gap he can slip into), but higher than the position of his feet.

Bugs & Suggestions / Re: Wrap? [DISCUSSION] [PLAYER]
« on: May 15, 2019, 01:25:46 pm »
I think the main upside of the gimmick was that it was optional. Lemmings Revolution basically had all levels wrapping in a Lix manner. If this got introduced into regular NeoLemmix as a default, it would distance it even further from regular Lemmings - while at the same time making it more similar to Lix, instead of having two different games for two different purposes.

I definitely enjoyed the gimmick with both the vertical and the horizontal wrap activated, so I'd be the first one to appreciate its reintroduction! :thumbsup:

Granted, in order to create Lemmings Revolution-style levels, you'd need to have the option to switch on horizontal wrap only without automatically having to activate vertical wrap as well.

So it would probably be best to make both independent, like back in the day, as long as it is clearly visible to the player whether the wrap feature is active or not - I clearly agree with IchoTolot here! ;) The main annoyance about gimmicks was their surprising nature, i.e. the level creator could activate them without the player's knowledge, thereby potentially wasting a lot of the player's time with guesswork.

Maybe present some arrows at the edges of a level at the beginning, together with the arrows below the hatches that show in which directions the lemmings are going to come out?

The main effort in re-implementing the wrap gimmick would probably affect the fencer and shimmier, since those skills didn't exist in NeoLemmix back when gimmicks were a thing.

Just a layman question: namida told me this is a feature NeoLemmix needs (in the sense of "can't live without it").

By that I understand "something that affects the rules / game mechanics" of Lemmings.

So far, most of the uses for this feature seem to serve aesthetic purposes. I do like the idea of being able to differentiate between armed and disarmed traps (without having to use clear physics, that is)! :thumbsup: Although I thought this could also be done in a similar way as with locked exits and their respective buttons, which simply have two different static graphics for each of their possible states.

Are there any other gameplay-relevant uses for this?

Not meaning to devalue your work here! :) It just seems curious to me that triggered animations were removed but secondary animations for triggered objects seem to be regarded as an actual requirement now.

NeoLemmix Graphic Sets / Re: Chalkboard Lemmings
« on: May 13, 2019, 08:51:42 am »
That looks amazing! :thumbsup: Great job and thanks a lot to your brother for sharing this!

Does this also include custom lemmings sprites that look like chalk-drawn pictograms or similar? ;)

I'm only asking because I can't look at the levels themselves at the moment, but if this does include custom sprites, those would probably need the addition of Reacher and Shimmier (relating this to the discussion in another thread).

If it doesn't include custom lemmings sprites, just ignore this... unless you think it's an idea worth considering ^^. Just like the all-black lemmings for Arty's Silhouette style, some graphic sets profit from having custom sprites to look more cohesive. But then again, all-black lemming sprites are certainly a lot easier to create than such that look like they were drawn with chalk.

Anyway, no lemming sprites other than "default" contain Reacher and Shimmier sprites.

This is not true; I have already updated my Beach and Egyptian lemmings with Reacher and Shimmier sprites several months ago and shared them in the thread where all the other custom sprites (Highland, Shadow, and Machine) are uploaded as well. :)

It might just be that the Beach and Egyptian lemmings aren't part of the regular NeoLemmix download yet - but then again, I think this applies to the other three custom sprites as well?

Highland, Shadow, and Machine are still missing, which is why I raised attention for that in the respective thread recently. I can try to recolor the Reacher and Shimmier sprites for those three as I did for Beach and Egyptian, only using Paint.Net this time because I don't have a fixed Photoshop Scheme containing the appropriate Hue/Saturation/Lightness changes for Highland, Shadow, and Machine.

But of course, these sprites were created by Nessy, so if he can find the time to update them himself, I wouldn't mind. ;)

The same applies to Arty's Water Lemmings and the all-black sprites for his Silhouette tileset, I believe. (I haven't used either of them yet.)

Thanks, namida! ;) :thumbsup:

It's the other way round, btw: They never existed in Old Formats, they were New Formats-exclusive additions to the Brick tileset... or so I thought. That's why I added them to my version of Old Formats Brick (which I shared together with Lemmings World Tour), thinking I could easily convert those levels to New Formats later on.

Once those two pieces have been added to Brick, I can adapt by translation table for Brick to match those pieces when converting levels.

That's just what I thought - if creation of content for experimental versions were also discouraged, nobody would end up really testing the experimental version to run it through all its gears, right? :D

Okay, back to topic, guys: Who has been so kind as to convert grnk_electric and grnk_digital, and does this user also still have the translation tables for splitting up those two styles into the New Formats equivalents? ;)

Okay, thanks! So in that case, I'd just need somone who has the translation tables for the gronkling tilesets electric and digital to upload those, as I have done for Ancient. :D

If I was legitimately the only one who used those two tilesets, I'd happily do it myself! It's just that creating appropriate translation tables is considered a "mandatory" step of creating an official conversion of a graphic set, at least according to the instructions.

So since somebody has already converted these graphic sets and additionally also changed the name of all the terrain pieces as instructed, I guess that user also created the tables. In that case, it'd be nice to share them with everyone.

Regarding the experimental status of the Shimmier: Whether the skill remains in the stable version or not, I hope the experimental version remains available in case it is removed from "main NeoLemmix" again. Just like 1.43 remained available to play gimmick- and 10.13 remained available to play radiation/slowfreeze/anti-splat pad levels.

Last time I heard, however, there were plans to include the Shimmier in a stable version of NeoLemmix, because there were no further bug reports or wishes to change the behaviour of the skill?

In Development / Re: Shmolems
« on: May 11, 2019, 07:08:12 pm »
Well, we won't be able to judge that until you share the level itself! ;)

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