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And now I've had the chance to look at the remaining 20 of kaywhyn's replays, i.e. for the Gold and Platinum rank.

Here's an update / alternative to the Spider-Man lemmings at last:

In order to distinguish regular lemmings from athletes, I just gave the regular lemmings their green hair back, whereas the athlete's hair is red, as it used to be (see the Glider on the right).

In practice, this looks like a lemming gaining any athlete "super powers" dons his Spider-Man mask so he can start moving around the level parkour! :thumbsup:

In the screenshot, you can see what it looks like when athletes are moving within a crowd. I think they're easy enough to spot.
The side effect of this is that the lemmings on the skill panel have green hair, too, instead of looking like Spider-Man with his head entirely covered - because the lemmings on the skill panel always look like the regular Walkers of a given sprite set (including those skills which are actually athletes in practice).

Simply drop this modified theme file into your strato_lems_spider-man folder to replace the old one if you want to.

If you prefer all the lems to look like Spider-Man all the times (i.e. with no green hair to be seen), including those on the skill panel, leave it as it is. ;)

New Skills / Re: [LEVELS] New skills levels
« on: April 09, 2021, 01:05:09 PM »
As stated by the rules in the opening post, I've deleted my former post with the levels for the V7 update and make a new one now, because this is an actual (albeit minor) content change:

There were two small backroute fixes to "Thus spoke Zarathustra"
(see updated screenshot, added steel and wood pieces).
The replays I received for the other three levels were acceptable alternative solutions. Thus, no changes to those levels - I'm just attaching them again because I had to delete my old post.


The Creation

Thus spoke Zarathustra

Pictures at an exhibition

+1 :thumbsup:

After all, Lemmings World Tour had its name kind of inspired by "Worms World Party". And these "battle-type" levels are precisely what we could have more of with such a talisman. Too often when I made a level that was about killing the Zombies, people backrouted them with timing-based solutions, i.e. slipping past the Zombies when they're far enough away, or by merely trapping the Zombies somewhere instead of getting rid of them for good.

New Skills / Re: [DISC][PLAYER] New skills general discussion
« on: April 08, 2021, 08:33:03 PM »
Quote from: namida
My guess is this is happening because you're replacing "default" (or more specifically, the lemming sprites within) with a copy that doesn't include the sprites / metadata for the new skills.

Ah, yeah, that must have been it, I just copied the entire folder over. You highlighted it in the opening post of the thread that always contains the newest experimental version - I just didn't put two and two together and think of that this would happen if I copy and paste the entire styles folder.

So instead I needed to go into the styles folder and then select everything except "default" before copying those. Now it works! :thumbsup:

Regarding your "reminder": I guess that refers to other people having uploaded replays into the levels thread.
I was able to download somebody else's replays for my levels before those posts were removed, but of course I agree that any posts containing replays to the new-skills levels should go here in the present general-discussion thread, as usual.

New Skills / Re: [DISC][PLAYER] New skills general discussion
« on: April 08, 2021, 05:27:03 PM »
Ah, so that's why the new skills disappeared when I started the level. :P Well, anyway, thanks for the fix - as you can tell by me having updated my levels, it works for me now.

One question though: How can we make other styles work with the newest experimental build, now that you said the tileset restrictions are no longer in place?

I tried copying over my styles folder from my 12.11 folder, but I'm getting an "invalid pointer operation" as soon as I want to playtest a level (even when using the official styles).

I've deleted the copied styles folder and extracted the one from the latest experimental build back into the folder again, i.e. the one that only includes the official Lemmings and ONML styles, and now it works again as previously - that implies the restriction to official tilesets might still be in place somehow? ???

New Skills / Re: [DISC][PLAYER] New skills general discussion
« on: April 05, 2021, 08:26:44 AM »
That's alright, don't worry about the remaining bugs - I just wanted to make sure anyone creating new levels for the new skills can work with an up-to-date version that no longer includes the eliminated skills. ;)

Thanks a lot for uploading the new version! :thumbsup:

EDIT: Looks like the editor still contains the Grenader and the Spearer. The player, however, doesn't include any of the new skills? ???

When I open a level that includes Grenader and Spearer, the counts, pickup skills etc. are (formerly) correctly displayed in the editor. Then once I start the level in the player via test mode, all skills I see on the panel are the already established ones.

New Skills / Re: [DISC][PLAYER] New skills general discussion
« on: April 04, 2021, 08:23:28 AM »
When namida announced that the Grenader and Spearer would not make the cut, he also said there would be a new experimental version one week later - featuring only the Slider and Laser Blaster, but with adapted physics (the newest fixes).

Any updates on that? ;) The latest update in the Experimental Version thread is still from January, whereas the announcement that the Grenader and Spearer wouldn't make it was from February.

NeoLemmix Main / Re: neolemmix is dead
« on: April 01, 2021, 10:25:57 PM »
Quote from: WillLem
The presence of a skill shadow doesn't affect the effectiveness of the skill.

No, but it does affect its predictability. ;)

You know what would have been a much more mean April Fools joke?

If namida had announced he had reconsidered things and that the Spearer and Grenader would be added into NeoLemmix, after all (on top of the Slider and Laser Blaster). :evil:
Nothing worse than giving people false hopes... :P

NeoLemmix Main / Re: neolemmix is dead
« on: April 01, 2021, 06:11:34 PM »
This joke was dead on arrival, because we all saw it coming as if it had had a skill shadow :P .

In Development / Re: Lemmings, Drugs, and Rock 'n Roll
« on: March 29, 2021, 08:20:09 PM »
While Lemmings: Hall of Fame is still on halt in its development until the new skills roll around, Lemmings, Drugs, and Rock 'n Roll isn't! ;)

It's time to p-p-p-p-p present you two more levels. :evil:

Among the shadows

Ol' Blue-Eyes is back

I mean, that's totally what Frank Sinatra was referring to with this album title, right? 8-)

I hope neither of these puzzles will take you a millennium to solve, but they will require a slight update to my strato_generalmd tileset... including a recolouring of the Medieval dragon trap.
You know - for "Ol' Blue-Eyes"... :D

NeoLemmix Styles / Re: Gronkling's Tilesets
« on: March 29, 2021, 08:12:28 PM »
Hi, I just tried to download the updated versions with the secondary animations via the styles manager, but apparently it didn't work.

You said you PMed namida - but the person responsible for the tilesets should still be Nessy, if I remember correctly? ;)

Maybe contact him separately again. It's been three months, and it doesn't seem like the changes have been added to the official styles download yet.

Engine Bugs / Suggestions / Re: [Suggestion] Finite Lemmings
« on: March 26, 2021, 07:50:28 PM »
I don't object to this idea, and it certainly offers more design possibilities than just the 1-skill-per-lemming gimmick did on its own (because that possibility is nested within the potential of finite lemmings).

I'm just not sure if the overall design potential is large enough to introduce this as a new feature just shortly before we might be getting a final version of NeoLemmix?

I don't know how many more versions we'll have after the next one that introduces the Slider and Laser Blaster, but once the final skills are available, it will feel to me like we're already beyond the last "hurdle", meaning that any version after that could be the final one.

Unless namida has changed his plans and I'm just not aware of it ;) .

Quote from: namida
Also, the workaround would fall apart if a lemming is falling into an exit from splat height - fall distance is carried over when going through a teleporter.

I know - you're talking to the person who made the Pit Lems levels "The long way down" and "Controlled overload", after all, which made excessive use of this part of the game physics... ;)

Quote from: WillLem
Yes, exactly. So you'd need an updraft as well in that scenario. Eeesh!

...and in turn, this would have been exactly my suggestion on how to handle this problem, and I knew nobody would figure this out more quickly than WillLem himself! :thumbsup:

After all, nobody has used updrafts on exit triggers more frequently than him, as far as I know. In fact, hard-to-see updrafts in front of exits were something I myself had criticised about Lemminas, even though these updrafts were actually set to "overwrite" to display layered on top of the exit, so not really "invisible", just hard to spot against the background of the exit object itself.

That said, you could also use an anti-splat pad on the exit, too. :P Since for this application, terrain would be required within the exit trigger area anyway.

And I think the anti-splat pad in this context is a great example to illustrate the large overlap (and thus redundancy) between regular exits and the proposed vortex:
The difference only matters in very few cases.

With anti-splat pads, the fact that you could place them in the air somewhere with no terrain inside, so that lemmings could fall through them without having their fall height reset like from an updraft was a crucial enough difference in my book, alongside anti-splat pads having existed before and being the logical counterpart to splat pads.

Vortices however would be an entirely new object, while basically just being a subtype of exit (like locked / non-locked exits). At this point it seems to me like regarding teleporters, Arty's super-teleporter, and the future prospect of portals as three different types of objects. Or like the non-lethal Stoners and Bombers you proposed a long time ago. ;)

Ooh, for portals like in Lemmings Revolution I definitely like these ideas! :thumbsup:

As a special type of exit, meanwhile, it seems redundant. If you want to create an exit which you can access from all sides while still allowing to exit immediately, you could just place the exit somewhere at the edge of the screen and place such a portal in the original intended position of the exit instead. That way, any lemming who jumps into the portal from any direction would be directly teleported into the exit. (I've used this "teleport into exit" method with regular teleporters on several of my own levels before, e.g. "Mission impossible" from Pit Lems, or "Crazy train" from Lemmings World Tour.)

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