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SuperLemmini / 4 special Amiga levels
« on: January 09, 2021, 07:52:31 AM »
ok, I put WillLem's DMA style folder into Superlemmini's style folder and also added it to the 1.43f editor. So now I have replaced the 4 Amiga Special levels with the recolored hatch and exit ones.
I used the editor to redo the 4 levels.

so here are the original (not reverse) special level ini's.

So if you want the recolored ones just replace the non-recolored ones with these recolored ones. They go into the Amiga levels folder 1_orig.

also I made videos of the 8 new recolored levels replays(4 regular and Willem's 4 recolored reverse lemmings levels)
here are the youtube links

original: Recolored

Beast of a level:
What an AWESOME level:
BeastII of a level:

Reverse lemmings: recolored

A Beast of a level:
What an AWESOME level:
A BeastII of a level:

SuperLemmini / Geofflems for Superlemmini(Finished)
« on: November 13, 2020, 08:21:12 AM »
Ok, For anyone who has played Geofflems for NL(whether old or new formats), it's now here for Superlemmini. I was able to convert the old formats NL Geofflems using Namida's NxpExtractor to get
the levels from the 4 levels.dat files(for each rank) then converted them to .ini form. Had to do some editing, mostly with the screen start positions as they were off. A few levels I had to edit, but
nothing too big. This pack was much easier on the editing side compared to Reunion and Pimolems.

Anyways just extract this .rar file to your main directory(will fall into place).
Inside the .rar are 3 folders: levels, music(plays dos amiga tunes(no special level ones such as menace) and replays). No styles folder though as these levels just use the standard styles.


Lemmings Main / discord video/audio chat
« on: October 03, 2020, 03:56:56 AM »
Hi Willem I just noticed you added some people to your discord video/audio group chat. Not sure how it works. You mentioned you couldn't hear anybody. it's showing I had a missed call but I was not at home at 6:30pm as it shows. I was at the store. also next time maybe I will hear something saying I have a call. also if it somehow works I will gladly say something or come on video chat.

NeoLemmix Main / vote for your top puzzle solvers in neolemmix
« on: September 28, 2020, 01:21:03 AM »
I figured I would open this topic to just to see who people think are the best Neolemix puzzle solvers.

here is my list

1) Icholotot (I voted for him number 1 because he has played the most packs as per his Youtube Channel shows-Also because He made the most difficult pack for neolemmix-Lemmings United)
2) Kaywhyn (I voted him number 2 as he has beaten so many packs as his post for Packs I've played, Packs I'm Playing, and Packs I am thinking of playing states)
3) Namida (I voted him number 3 as he also has a lot of youtube videos for packs he's beaten)
4 ) Armani (I voted him number 4 as many people say he's a top puzzle solver too although I don't have too much knowledge on this, I'm going on what other people say-ie Kaywhyn)
5) Joshecue18 (I voted him number 5 as he's also beaten so many packs as per his replay posts for many packs)

I'm interested in what other people think about who they think are the top puzzle solvers in neolemmix.

Of course this is all subjective as I'm sure there are many great puzzle solvers. Also you can elaborate on anything about this topic.

NOTE: Just for your info I vote for myself as the worst puzzle solver.

SuperLemmini / Mobius Revenge of the Lemmings for Superlemmini
« on: September 26, 2020, 05:08:31 AM »
hi I downloaded Mobius Revenge of the Lemmings for Lemmini. It's converted already to Superlemmini.

Also there is no styles in his zip file which means it uses just the standard styles which means I shouldn't have to do any editing at all(nothing with exits or traps)
The only thing though is he has a bonus rank which is meant only for lemmini because of glitches. So I decided to just remove that rank and keep only the 1st 6 ranks(all non-glitch levels
according to his Readme file). So that's still plenty of levels(180 total- 6 ranks x 30 per rank).

Just like with my Original game remakes in the levels for other engines board, I didn't have to edit those ones either because they also just used standard styles(no new styles folder for those)
That's why there shouldn't be any editing for this since Mobius didn't have any styles folder in his zip for this pack.

So since there is no editing I decided just to upload the pack now. Of course I only played the first 10 levels so no replays included

So to get the pack just extract the .rar file to your main Superlemmini folder(everything will fall into place)

SuperLemmini / why does the Mod Feature not always work with the Sega Styles
« on: September 25, 2020, 04:13:11 AM »
RE: Tsyu

I'm currently converting Pacguy765 Challenge pack from Lemmini to Superlemmini. Its seems like there's always problems with the Sega Styles for some reason. Also I like using the MOD feature
whenever there are styles for a pack as I don't want to override the main set.

Now here's what my Superlemmini folder looks like.
       Pacguy765 Challenge Pack
            folder names of styles
               actual styles (ie name of style.ini (ie sega), and all the .gifs)
       Pacguy765 Challenge Pack
Also I added the line: mods = Pacguy765 Challenge Pack to the levelpack.ini file

But my question is Why is the sega style for his pack not working when I use the Mod feature? It will work outside of the mods folder ie
                                                                                                                                                                                                  Superlemmini folder
                                                                                                                                                                                                        styles folder
                                                                                                                                                                                                          names of styles (ie sega)
                                                                                                                                                                                                               actual name of style.ini and the gifs for each style.

It always seems to affect the Sega Styles for some reason. when I play the sega levels the lemmings just ignore most of the terrain. (Ie level 7 of his pack, the lemmings hatch straight down and
die, don't even land on the terrain. But this only happens when using it inside the mods folder)             

Note: and it is recognizing the mod folder because if I leave the line in the levelpack.ini but remove it from the mod folder it will crash. so I know it's seeing the Mod folder but it just fails with the
         Sega styles.                                                                                                                                                                               

ok now that I've finished MobilLems, Now next I'm doing Pacguy765 Challenge Pack conversion from Lemmini to Superlemmini. Thanks to Kaywhyn for giving me the zip file for this pack, which includes the styles and levels. This Pack should be quick since there's only 42 levels (packs 1 to 4 x 10 levels each + 2 deleted levels).

Finally, the reason I'm doing these conversions is so more packs for Superlemmini will be availiable for people to play as there were only limited amount of ones listed before.

So now we not only have original game packs and extra level ones(see my original game remakes in the "Levels for Other engines" to find them)
but also some more custom ones listed under Superlemmini's board(in addition to the one's that were already for Superlemmini(ie: Sublems, Colorful Arty's Reverse lemming,etc)
there are also now my conversion ones from Lemmini to Superlemmini(ie: Lemmings Reunion, Dovelems, Pimolems, Mobillems, Dodo's Special pack(cachapack, dodopack), and Franlems)

so now we can add on another conversion one to the list: Pacguy765 Challenge Pack.

SuperLemmini / Conversion of Lemmini Mobillems V6 to Superlemmini (Finished)
« on: September 24, 2020, 09:28:45 AM »
ok The Conversion of Mobillems from Lemmini to Superlemmini is now finished.

Note on the levels, This pack was much easier to convert then either Reunion or Pimolems, not only was solving them easier and quicker, but not nearly as much editing as Reunion. Also probably
fewer levels with climber issues then either Pimolems or Reunion. Also there were no glitch levels to recreate like in Pimolems. Although I took longer then expected to complete the conversion, there were way fewer editing issues. The only reason it took me longer to convert was because of trying to gather replays for other packs and turning them green, so alot of times I only got to
do a few levels at night.

Anyways i rared my folders for the music and styles(using the mod feature for these 2 folders so it won't interfere with your other packs), then i rared the Mobillems Levels and finally rared the replays.
I looked at the size of these and I noticed i'll just be able to upload the 3 attachments, since all 3 will be under the 32.7 mb. No Dropbox for this pack.
Thats because the music used for Mobillems are all on mod form, which are smaller is size then the other packs I converted which used ogg ones(way larger in size compared to mod music ones)

to get the pack:

extract these 3 attachments to your main Superlemmini folder. Everything will just fall into place.

1st .rar attachment contains the mod folder which has the 2 subfolders: "styles" and "music". And in the styles folder are the styles. And in the music folder are the .mod music ones. The levelpack.ini will reflect this.
2nd .rar attachment is the actual levels. again just extract to main folder as it will fall into place. inside the .rar is the folder "levels" and inside that is the folder MobilLems which then contains
       the level .ini's

3rd .rar attachment are my replays. again just extract to main folder as it will fall into place. inside the .rar is the folder replays. and inside that folder are subfolders for each Mobillems rank,
which have the actual .rpl files inside each rank subfolder.

SuperLemmini / My 1.43 Editor for Editing Superlemmini .ini files
« on: September 23, 2020, 02:13:59 PM »
ok here is my files from my Dropbox

I had to break up into more than 1 link as it wouldn't download the whole editor from 1 link.

anyways here are the steps to follow( make sure you do exactly what's listed)

steps for getting my 1.43 editor

1) create a folder where you want the editor to be (ie neolemmix editor 1.43)
editor 1.43
main directory link (just extract to your main editor folder)

2) now create a styles folder
then inside the styles folder create subfolders
link for cheapo styles (just extract to the cheapo folder inside the styles folder)
3 CustLemm
link for CustLemm (just extract to the Custlemm folder inside the styles folder)
4) Lemmini
just download file 1 upload (and put it into the Lemmini folder inside the styles folder)
5) NeoLemmix
link for Neolemmix (just extract to Neolemmix folder inside the styles folder)
link for Superlemmini (just extract to Superlemmini folder inside the styles folder)
7)and just download file 2 upload (and put it inside the styles folder(not in any subfolder)

so your 1.43 folder should look like this

editor folder

Compile (files inside after extracting from main editor link in step 1)

                    cheapo (cheapo styles inside after extracting from link in step 2)
                    CustLem (CustLem files inside after extracting from link in step 3)
                    Lemmini (1 file from download-styles.ini) from step 4
                    NeoLemmix (Neolemmix files inside after extracting from link in step 5)
                    Superlemmini (Superlemmini files inside after extracting from link in step 6)
                    NeoLemmixStyles (1 file from download-NeoLemmixStyles.ini(config file) from step 7

The following ones will be in main folder after extracting from link in step 1

how to use special graph maps
NeoLemmix app(1.43 to open .npx packs)
NeoLemmixEditor(Use this-this is the actual editor to start to open your .ini files)
NeoLemmixEditor(config file)
NeoLemmixHotkeys(config file)
NeoLemmixSettings(config file)
NeoLemmixStyles(config file)
ReadMe(a readme file)

and that's it. now to use, just start the NeoLemmixEditor(App) and open a Superlemmini.ini level (all the styles will be in the Superlemmini styles folder-including Reunion's and Zanzindorfs 3 ones
I got from the forum that he posted). Also choose Superlemminis option(not Neolemmix as it may cause Superlemmini to crash) when opening a Superlemmini level(.ini)

And if there are any questions just post them and I will try to help out.

NeoLemmix Levels / JW's 5 Level pack for new format neolemmix
« on: September 20, 2020, 05:59:04 AM »
I saw in the old formats board JW had a 5 level pack, so I converted those 5.lvls using the neolemmix editor and packer to convert it to new format neolemmix
Also I changed the music from standard amiga to 5 other ones.
Also I threw in for the last 3 levels, Talismans for saving 100% as he didn't have a 100% solutions for the last 3.
I solved all 5 levels including 100% on the last 3 that I added Talisman's for.

Anyways just extract the .rar file to you main neolemmix directory.
Includes 5 changed music files for the levels.

Also since it's only 5 levels the .rar file contains both the levels and music and it's less than the 32.7mb allowed to upload

I noticed Icho has lemmini replays on youtube for a Pack made by Pacguy765. I tried searching the forums, the level Database and even googled it. I can't seem to find the lemmini pack.
I wanted to see if I can convert it to Superlemmini, after Mobilems, since it looks like it's a small pack of 40 levels plus some secret ones(10 in pack3 and 2 reward ones-at least that's what Icho's
youtube replays shows, for a total of 52 levels)

If anybody knows where I can get it, perhaps I can see if it can be converted to Superlemmini(as long as it doesn't have gimmicks or extremely difficult glitches which may be hard to convert to

Now that I have Gigalems in the old format download, I decided to convert it to new formats. Also since the old formats music wouldn't play using the Gigalems_music.dat(probably due to wasn't updated to 1.43). So since that was the case I wanted to have the pack with better music. So I converted it to New Formats. I Had to use Namida's NXPextractor to get the levels level000.dat to
level004.dat(the 5 ranks levels)) first from the Gigalems.nxp file then I used 1.43 to extract each level separately from the 5 levels.dat's that were inside the Gigalems.nxp file. Then I used the
neolemmix editor to load each level(.lvl) that was saved from 1.43 and saved each to .nxlv(with new added music). Then finally I used the data packer program to pack the .nxlv levels into ranks.

And that's it. Of course I tested the pack to make sure each had the correct levels in each of Gigalem's ranks. Also made sure the music I added was playing.

And I already finished the first rank Warm saving the replays.

Now to get the pack just extract it to the main neolemmix folder(perhaps a new player)
also to get the music download it from my dropbox link:

Note: Converting packs from old formats to new isnt always possible, expecially if the old packs rely on culled objects. Also Some people are better at some things than others. For example, I may not be the greatest at fixing backroutes(according to 1 person) or puzzle solving(which I do actually admit). But I'm definitely good at converting whether old to new formats or even Lemmini to Superlemmini which I've done for many such
as Lemmings reunion(This was a major project, also often a major headache with the editing). I'm pretty sure not everybody would have accomplished this.

SuperLemmini / Superlemmini packs I have complete replays for
« on: September 06, 2020, 06:14:34 AM »
ok here is my list for Superlemmini replays I have

PSP Extra levels
Sega Extra levels
Genesis Extra levels
Lemmings 2 the classic levels remake
Nes Extra levels
ZX Spectrum Extra levels
Genesis 2 player levels
Amiga and Dos original lemmings
SNES Lemmings (Japanese uncut version-Note couldn't due american version since the editor is missing a few pieces)
Amiga Lemmings Demo
Dos Lemmings Demo
Other extra levels(From neolemmix' other extra ones)
Dovelems (pack I converted from Lemmini) with updated fixed backroute levels
Oh no more lemming demo (Dos, Note Amiga didn't have a demo of ohno)
Xmas 91 and 92 lemmings (Both Amiga and Dos)
Holiday 93 and 94 demo (Dos, Note Amiga didn't have demo's of holiday 93 or 94)
Genesis Megadrive
Dodochacalo's special pack(Cachapack and Dodopack) (Pack I converted myself)
Franlems (Pack I converted myself)
Lemmings Reunion(Pack I converted from Lemmini)
Pimolems (Pack I converted from Lemmini)
Zemmings vol 1(Note vol 2 is only in Neolemmix)
Zanzidorf ZZD Special Pack
EDIT:Thanks to Kaywhyn and his quick solve of Colorful Arty's Reverse Lemmings, I now have these replays
and Mobilems
Geofflems(Pack I converted from old formats 1.43, with rearrangement of sequence of levels, also added 2 levels from 1.43 that were not in 10.13 or 12.94(1 in Tricky and 1 in Mayhem, so now
               those ranks have 31 levels each)

BIG UPDATE: WillLem created a classic reverse lemmings and Oh no more lemmings reverse pack. And he included replays so now I have these as 2 new packs(Thank alot WillLem)

Packs I don't have replays yet for

Oh no more lemming(both Amiga and Dos)
holiday 93(both Amiga and Dos)
holiday 94(both Amiga and Dos)
holiday 93 and 94 (both Amiga and Dos, Note this packs plays ohno tunes)
covox lemmings
prima publishing lemmings (AKA companion disk)

Also still need them for the pack Revenge of the Lemmings that I converted.(so far only have 1st rank and part of 2nd)

NOTE: Also I have most replays for neolemmix old and new format packs(Not all). but due to people not liking me stating it, I've decided to remove the list of ones I need or have for neolemmix, although I still am keeping track of them, but just not having them being posted anymore. But since way fewer people care about Superlemmini, I've decided to still keep track of them on the forum.

UPDATE: I think I will put my NL replays I have/need here since only people interested in Superlemmini at all can view my NL ones. This way it won't bother a majority of the people, especially
the NL people. (Kaywhyn didn't want me to delete it so I decided to put them here)

I just wanted to list the new format packs that I have replays for.
list 1 will be for the packs I have turned green
list 2 will be for the packs i have replays for but not yet turned green(replays are good though due to Mass Replay checks)

list 1(replays that are green)
Custom packs

assorted Gubbins
classical lemmings (solved Roman Marble rank myself)
deceit lemmings
namida's doomsday lemmings (thanks to kaywhyn I have also the 4 fixed levels for 12.10 of the NL Player)
festival milas 2018
festival milas 2019
franlems(pack I converted)
UPDATE: Also Thanks to Kaywhyn, I also have his set of replays for NL new formats
UPDATE: Now have complete replays for Icho's Introduction pack thanks to Minim

Gronklings Rodents (Animal pack)
insane steve's world
integral lemmings
Willlem's Lemminas
lemmings destination 1,2 Thanks to Armani
lemmings reunion
Willem's Tame gone wild
Willem's lemming's xmas 2019
Willem's let's go the willlem's levels
Willem's minilems
WillLem's direct drop pack
WillLem's Reverse lemmings V1.01
WillLem's Reverse Oh no more lemmings V1.01
lemmings migration
mobilems 3
Minim's ps3 lemmings
Willem's lemmings recurring
Willem's classic reverse lemmings
Willem's lemmings but with Lemminas
UPDATE: Kaywhyn gave me another Talisman for Rapture 20(Final Rush) although I didn't need any Talismans for the new formats one since I had One already.
             He showed me a 2nd one too but for old formats. I tried to replicate it in the new Formats, but I couldn't do it. but that's ok I'm happy just to have A Talisman at all(so pack has 100% Talismans for new
Dodochacalo's special pack(pack I converted)
yippee more lemmings
UPDATE: Also now got a set from Kaywhyn.

zemmings 1 and 2
Namida's Holiday Lemmings Plus
Namida's plus Alpha (now green)
Namida's plus Omega 1 and 2(both now green)
Namida's plus 1(now green)
Namida's plus 2(now green)
Namida's plus 3(now green)
Namida's plus 4(now green)
Namida's plus 5(now green)
Namida's plus 6(now green)
Namida's whole collection(LP 1-6,Omega 1 and 2, alpha, holiday lemmings plus) (now green)
Namida's Comressed Pack(90 levels) (now green)
UPDATE: Compressed Pack now with 95 levels as Namida added 5 LP Alpha levels.

NOTE: I forgot to mention that all the Talismans are gotton too for all of Namida's Plus Packs
Namida's Mazulems
nes and zx specrum extra levels
UPDATE: Thanks to Kaywhyn I now have replays for Ron Stards Rodents.
Mantha16's Sammings 1
UPDATE: Thanks to Strato, I now have the complete set of replays(all turned green). I managed to do mantha16's 1st 2 ranks on my own but got stuck on bubble 3, so I stopped
UPDATE: Also now have a set from Kaywhyn.
Mantha16's Sammings 2
UPDATE: Flopsys'/Wafflems' MegaSegaBytes. Thanks to Icho I have now turned green his replays

UPDATE: Thanks to Tan x dx for fixing All Hallows eve. Now I have turned green this pack due to Icho's replays
Also Thanks to Tan x dx for fixing Renaissance Lemmings. I have turned them all green thanks to posted official solutions.

UPDATE: Now have Icho's replays for PJW's pack that I packed.
UPDATE: Thanks to Kaywhyn, I now have replays for the TM Challenge pack
UPDATE: Now have replays for Direkow's 5 level pack thanks to Kaywhyn

UPDATE: I put together the new format seblems levels and repacked it to match the old formats MegseBytes
              so now I have a new format Megsebbytes pack(which I turned green already)

Scmolems: I turned green Shmolems first pack replays
UPDATE: Now have Kaywhyn's entire United(now have the 2 resolved war rank levels from Icho's 12.5 update)
Ichotolots lemmings united also 3 sets of replays-icho's official ones and a 2nd set of other people replays including most from kaywhyn) and an entire 3rd set of kaywhyn's)

Artlems (I solved this pack on my own, since nobody posted replays, but now I have a set for this pack)
UPDATE: I resolved Arty's lastest 1.3 version of Artlems.
Modular Lemmings (got replays thanks to Gronkling)
Strato's Lemmings Open air(I now have replays for the pack as I solved my 2nd custom pack on my own)
grams88 nuked lemmings (Thanks to Kaywhyn, I now have replays for the pack)
The Lemmings have grown (Thanks to Icho, I now have replays for David's pack)
Strato's World Tour (Thanks to Icho, I now have the new formats replays, Icho just recently resolved the Groupie rank, Including getting the new added Talisman for Groupie 40)
UPDATE: Now finished my Angry Lemmings pack which of course I have replays for.
Icho's Introduction Pack v1.3 Thanks to Minim I have replays for this pack.
UPDATE: Thanks to Kaywhyn, I now have replays for Gigalems Freedom Planet Sampler Pack (10 levels)
WillLem's Inverse Lemmings(have WillLem's replays including all Talismans)

Packs in the Developement board

Quest for Kieran: Thanks to Armani, I now have the replays for this pack(pack was in the Developement board)

non-custom packs

amiga demo
amiga and dos holiday 93 and 94 demo
dos lemmings demo
dos oh no more lemmings demo
extra official lemmings(ie genesis, present, sunsoft, sega, psp, amiga and genesis 2player, other)
genesis megadrive(whole pack not just the extra levels-I made this one myself)
original lemmings(amiga and dos)
SNES Lemming(japanese version)
SNES lemming(american version which includes Ohayo lemming san and removed any references to religion-Made myself)
Xmas 91 and 92 lemmings

List 2 (packs I have replays for but not yet turned green)
custom packs

Now Packs I don't have replays for yet.

non-custom packs

don't have replays yet for
holiday lemming 93, holiday 94, holiday 93,94, (dos and amiga)
ohno more lemmings (dos and amiga)

Note packs I don't have complete replays for

Colorful Arty's classic reverse lemmings
Colorful Arty's New Skills reverse lemmings
Casual lemmings.
Grams88 Ski Sloping lemmings
Vamprince lemmings
Mantha16's Allsorts
UPDATE: NOV 18 2020
I need a replay for Zanzindorf's bonus 2 level of his new pack Zemmings Complete

Also I have been collecting some Old format replays for packs that didn't have new format ones.

Packs I have so far from the old formats boards are: (Version 10.13)

1) A Masters Degree in Lemmings (turned them green)
2) An Unnamed Pack by Duuddu (turned them green)
3) lemmingbytes(turned them green)
4) lemmings stampede (turned them green)
5) Paralems (turned them green) note on this pack after downloading it level 29 of Demented (IT'S FEEDING TIME!) the style cattrap was reported missing so I grabbed it from Pitlems and
    Put in into a styles folder for Paralems main folder. It's the only one in there since it was missing.
6)  Raylems (turned them green)
7) A Snack pack by SQron188 (turned them green)
8) Yung's first pack (turned them green)
9) Lemmings Redux (turned them green) Note: the Style dirt_md was reported missing so I had to grap it from Vampprince's and put it into a styles folder for old-formats lemmings Redux.
10) Mobilems 1 (turned them green)
11) Be Smart (turned them green)
12) Old formats intro pack (turned them green)
13) Lemmings squared (turned them green. Note only 32% of the Talisman's were obtained)
14) Pitlems (thanks to Kaywhyn now have all Pitlems replays turned green)

15) Geofflems
Thanks to Kaywhyn, I now have a set of old formats(10.13) replays
Note: they also have a 1.43 version, I downloaded both, but Kaywhyn played the 10.13 version.
Also I didn't even have the old formats ones downloaded, only the new formats; I guess I didn't pay attention to the fact they had an old formats Geofflems. Anyways thanks Kaywhyn
for your Geofflems Old and New format replays(note I did have a set of replays already for new formats, but I still download your set also).

16) Artlems Lost Pieces(Thanks to Kaywhyn)
17) bsmith level pack One
UPDATE: Now got replays for bsmiths level one pack(both for flexi and 1.43 thanks to Kaywhyn)
18) Thanks to Kaywhyn I now have replays for the Holiday 16 Pack

Packs in the Developement board
19) Grentlems: Thanks to Nepster, I now have replays for this pack.

packs from v1.43 that I have played with the replays (Note: v1.43 there is no way to turn any green, so just have to watch them to see them work)

1) Lemmicks with Gimmicks)
UPDATE: Thanks to Kaywhyn I now have the replays for version 1.43 of the Intro pack which has a gimmick rank(completed watching them)
NOTE: I didn't even know this pack existed until Kaywhyn brought it up. Then I noticed Nepster uploaded the pack.
4) Copycat lemmings(Thanks to Kaywhyn)

5) Resident  Gigalems 0
   UPDATE: Now have replays for this pack thanks to Kaywhyn. Also the 2 levels that can't be solved, I watched his attempts, so to me I consider them solved.
6) Resident Gigalems(regular) Now have these replays thanks to Kaywhyn
7) Gigalems Standard pack(Thanks to Kaywhyn I have replays for this pack, although I had replays already)
Note: I converted this pack to New Formats(I have replays for the warm and part of hot(new formats-so still need the remaining ones)
Note Also: Kaywhyn mentioned in his feedback of the pack the 2 warm levels traps don't work. In my conversion both those levels traps DO WORK in my conversion of the pack.

8) Namida's Old recycle bin pack
     Thanks to Kaywhn I have replays for all 10 ranks(note the 2 direct drop replays, I consider them solved even though they don't work in the 1.43 player)
     I'll wait to tonight at midnight to watch the midnight gimmick level(what a strange one)
NOTE: Again I didn't even know this pack existed. I appreciate Kaywhyn for finding these hard to find packs as I want to have even the very old ones.

ok now the ones that are in old format that are also in new formats that I downloaded are
1) Sublems (turned them all green)
UPDATE: Now got Kaywhyn's replays for the old formats also(but he didn't put the Retro rank in the .rar file)
2) Seblems
UPDATE:  I now fixed all of Seblems old format replays and turned them all green
UPDATE 2: Ok Thanks to Kaywhyn I now have 100% Talismans for the old formats pack(I needed Rapture 20 Final Rush) He gave me 2 but I'm happy with any.
                 Note: also only 1 of the 2 worked in new formats(not that I needed any for new formats). Also the 2nd one I tried to replicate in new formats, unfornately I couldn't do it but it doesn't matter,
                          since the new formats Seblems already had the Talisman.

UPDATE: Lemmings World Tour (Thanks to Kaywhyn I now have all the replays for the pack)
also now have the updated replays from Kaywhyn for the updated pack

Packs that I still need replays for

1 Casual lemmings (for old formats I downloaded, but again the replays that were uploaded, most don't work. I think it's because the pack had a new update and the replays were Not updated
to match the new pack, so the replays break._
2) Revenge of the Lemmings 2.0 I need replays since non were posted on the board, but Namida has solutions for this pack on Youtube which I will eventually get solved)
3) The 1.43 version of Geofflems(Thanks to Kaywhyn, I have this version replays also)
4) Now that Resident Gigalems and Resident Gigalems 0 replays I have, Now I just need Gigalems Holiday 2015 and 2016 ones.
UPDATE: I now have replays for Gigalems Holiday 2015 both 1.43 version and flexi thanks to Kaywhyn
UPDATE: I now have replays for Gigalems Holiday 2016 thanks to Kaywhyn(although only 5 of the 9 Talisman's were obtained)

SuperLemmini / Conversion of Lemmini Mobillems V6 to Superlemmini
« on: September 04, 2020, 05:45:19 PM »
Now I'm doing the Conversion of Mobius' V6 Mobilems from Lemmini to Superlemmini. I know this isn't a popular pack, but it least it is another choice for a pack to be for Superlemmini.
Not a lot of packs out there for Superlemmini so I figure I would do another. Plus I enjoy the conversions.
Already can tell exits and traps need adjustments just by playing the first several levels.
Also Icho has solutions for this pack on Youtube. Icho has almost every pack out there it seems. Except for United which he has only for the 1st rank. But even that he needs to Update as there were
backroute fixes since then.

General Discussion / Happy Birthday Ichotolot
« on: August 30, 2020, 05:48:56 AM »
I just want to wish you a Happy Birthday Icho. I hope you have a nice time in your home town there in Germany.

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