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I've started a project for the New NeoLemmix since around October/November, and that is to help convert a lot of graphic sets stuck in the old format into the New Format.

Here is a list of tilesets that have not been converted yet. I will be taking care of converting all of these tilesets except where noted. Those that are highlighted in blue mean that these have been converted and submitted to Nepster for the next NeoLemmix update, but have not been released by him in a NeoLemmix update yet.

Thorn - this is part of Contest #14. I will leave this to bulletride.

Colorful Arty
Arty's blue flames and rain/snow objects - the blue flames will be part of orig_fire, while snow will be in the special folder. The rain object is already part of namida_sky.
The additional terrain pieces in Arty's underwater set.

Death Egg - this is part of Contest #14. Flopsy will be taking care of this.

Flopsy and GigaLem
Labyrinth Zone

Holiday versions of the ONML graphic sets:
Xmas Rock
Xmas Brick
Xmas Bubble

Lemmings Plus Remastered sets
Tree Remaster
Metal Remaster
Purple Remaster


Droidlings tilesets:
Droidlings Brick
Droidlings Rock
Droidlings Circuit


loftyD and GigaLem
Launch Base Zone

nin10doadict's cat trap and BitPolar tiles for a Casualemmings level - I will leave this to nin10doadict.
Tetris Attack Lava - nin10doadict says he will do this himself.

Psychedelic Remaster

Plom's Sonic Sets
Press Garden - Flopsy will handle this.
Metropolis - Flopsy will handle this.

I will be streaming this pack tomorrow at 7:30PM EST on Twitch. I will be streaming the levels in order, starting with the Quirky rank. Hope to see you there!

bsmith and Proxima made remakes of all the L2 Classic levels, which should now be okay to add to the Extra Player.

Also, Ron_Stard's Spectrum/NES levels should be added. The only problem now with this is that he still has yet to recreate one more level, which is Spectrum Level 60: "Environmentally Friendly"

There are some tiles in the L2 Classic tribe that are not part of the L1 Pillar set, such as some unique wood pieces and steel pieces. As such, these should be officially added to the Pillar tileset before the next NeoLemmix update comes out.

Included in the ZIP are all the pieces that are part of the L2 Classic set. classic_17.png, classic_40.png, classic_42.png, classic_45.png, classic_47.png - classic_64.png and some others I may have missed are the unique pieces. I found these from Geoff's Lemmins.

Will there ever be any tool to convert all the levels and their graphic sets from Geoff's Lemmins game into NeoLemmix?

I'd like to see such a thing, as a lot of these levels were originally from Lemmini. The only other place these levels could be downloaded would have been Lemmings Heaven, but that site was not very well-maintained and all the files as a result were lost. It's a shame that these levels can only be accessed from that fangame, which is lacking a lot of extremely useful features that NeoLemmix has. It might be easy to make such a tool (or at least add it as a feature onto the existing Graphic Set and Level Converter in the experimental version), seeing as the level format looks similar to Lemmini's, and namida is already familiar with the Lemmins level format.

Clear Physics mode has been one of the most extremely useful features of NeoLemmix. As such, I don't see why such a function would have an option to either have "hold key" or "toggle".

The "hold key" function should be removed. Especially in levels that require a lot of planning or have lots of objects such as traps, teleporters and locked exit/unlock buttons, the "toggle" option is 100x more useful in case you want to spend a good amount of time checking over the level and hovering over each object and knowing which is which.

I would even say that "toggle" should have been the default option for Clear Physics mode in the first place if one were to open NeoLemmix for the first time.

Exp. Player V11.14.19:C474AF8

In the old version, if a pack did not have a custom-made graphic sign, the default graphic sign would be "Step 1" "Step 2" and so on forth.

However, in the new version, it says "Rank Graphic not found". This is a major issue because one will wonder what rank they currently are at, especially if the pack has so many ranks (e.g. the Lemmix-to-NeoLemmix conversion packs).

I am unsure what the best solution is, assuming that a pack can now have more than 15 ranks. Maybe just put something as simple as "Rank 1" "Rank 2" etc. as the rank graphics.

Exp. Player V11.14.19:C474AF8

The update of for some reason messes up the position of the pre-placed lemmings. See below for an example: in Breezy 3, all the lemmings should be blockers in the old version, but after the conversion, the pre-placed lemmings are walking. I didn't even use any walkers on them.

Also, in the editor, it is shown that the pre-placed lemmings are buried within the terrain.

Closed / "levels 5" dialog box randomly appears [BUG][PLAYER]
« on: May 30, 2017, 03:41:49 pm »
Stable player V10.13.18, though it even happens on older versions, as well as exp Player V11.14.19:0F5D7C7

While playing any level, the dialog box with "levels" on top, and the text "5" randomly appears, and hinders me from playing the level. There is also the chance that even when I click OK or the X on the upper right, the dialog box will not go away.

Player V10.13.17

To reproduce:
1. Open a level that has more than one skill.
2. Select any skill in the skill selection panel that is not the first skill.
3. Press the backwards frameskip hotkey. The first skill will automatically be selected when this happens.

See GIF below as an example. After starting the level, I clicked on the miner skill. However, when I backwards frameskipped, it automatically selected the very first skill (the floater). This should not happen at all.

I know there is already a topic on this, but it is also better if it is posted in the Suggestions topic.

I would like level designers the option to be allowed to not have any background in their levels if they do not want. I've made some levels which I'm uncomfortable having a background on because of its distraction and that it doesn't look good, and changing its primary set to something that has a black background is a kludgy workaround.

If also (e.g.) I made a level in the City tileset (which has a background), and change the primary graphic set to Dirt (which has a black background) and I want to add objects/terrain from the City tileset, it will be a slight hassle as when I open the object/terrain menu, it will show Dirt pieces, and I have to scroll through the graphic set menu to access the City pieces.

It will also be very beneficial to those who use the Style Counter, and they want to know exactly how many City/Biolab/Abstract/etc. levels they made without the need to change the level's primary set to a graphic set without a background.

I would really like this feature to be added to NeoLemmix. It will be very beneficial for a lot of level designers and will simplify things greatly.

While testing one of Raymanni's updated tilesets (the Snow one), I've noticed that the trigger area of a triggered decoration object does not display in Clear Physics Mode (the one that was formerly a single use trap which was used in Spicy 1 of Raylems). It does, however, display in the editor. See pictures below. The trigger area of this object needs to be displayed in Clear Physics and a marker showing that it's a trigger decoration.

Player 10.13.16

If you pause while playing a level, then change the release rate, the "R" replay symbol appears, even though I am only changing the release rate and not even doing anything else. Once unpaused, the "R" disappears.

Player 10.13.16-B

If a white box appears when one clicks the Pause button, then the same should be true when one clicks the nuke button.

Player: V10.13.16:CCB90A0

If the "Save Successful Replays Automatically" option is checked in the settings, and you successfully beat a level, an error prevents the replay from being saved, and the player then crashes.

In addition to the crash, a folder is created instead of a proper replay file.

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