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Loap Test Releases (current build: V0.0.18.0)

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Current status:
- All physics features are implemented, but may still have bugs
- Many UI features are missing, such as the minimap
- Lots of (fairly minor) visual bugs
- No in-game options menu, options must be configured via a text editor

Level compatibility:
- Lemmings 3D: All levels are confirmed solvable.
- Lemmings 3D Winterland: All levels confirmed solvable.
- Other: All other levels included in the download are confirmed solvable.
- Lemmings Plus 3D: All levels confirmed solvable. Some levels needed modifications; modified versions included in the Loap download.

Download: https://www.neolemmix.com/download.php?id=556
Music: https://www.neolemmix.com/download.php?id=530 (You will not need to redownload the music when new versions are released.)

Source code available here: https://bitbucket.org/namida42/loap/

The binary is only available for Windows at this stage, but it should be possible to compile from source for Mac and Linux too. You can edit resolution settings, including fullscreen mode, in "Loap.ini" (which will be created after the first time you run Loap V0.0.13.0 or higher).

Some screenshots (from a dev build inbetween and (click to show/hide)
Lemmings 3D Practice 20 "Teleporter"

Lemmings 3D Fun 1 "Take A Dive"

Lemmings Plus 3D Fun 3 "Lemmings On A Train"

Lemmings 3D Winterland Level 6 "Arctic Obstical Course"
If you've made custom levels using L3DEdit, you can copy them into the "levels" folder (inside "data"), or a subfolder thereof, and they should work - as long as they do not use non-default graphical assets (except for the ones from Lemmings 3D Winterland and Lemmings Plus 3D; those are supported).

Hotkeys are now customizable. After you run Loap once, you can view / edit them in the "hotkeys.lpmi" file (using a text editor).

Uploaded V0.0.6.0. Check the commit history on Bitbucket if you want to see every change; but the biggest one is that the Bomber and Builder skills work now. (The Basher, Miner and Digger still don't.)


Uploaded V0.0.7.0. While there are bugs, all nine skills are working now.


Uploaded V0.0.8.0. Likely still some bugs, but the skills are a lot more stable now. Additionally, slippery blocks / land is now supported.


Uploaded V0.0.9.0. More fixes to skills, SIGNS.xxx / WALLS.xxx graphics (collectively termed "overlays" in Loap) are now supported, time limits are now enforced, release rate is adjustable, and there's some UI enhancements.


EDIT: First upload was borked for some reason; fixed. However, if it's still not working for you, do make sure you have the music.

By my (very quick) count, Loap should now be fully capable of playing:
- 16 of 20 Practice levels
- 46 of 80 L3D levels
- 5 of 6 L3D Winterland levels
- 61 of 80 LP3D levels

(Some more beyond this will be solvable too, because eg. the missing element is a trap you'd usually just avoid anyway, or because there's a backroute that the missing element doesn't matter for, or in Fun 8's case because all that's missing is a visual effect, etc.)


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