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Title: Loap Test Releases (current build: V0.0.23.0)
Post by: namida on January 20, 2022, 07:30:46 PM
Current status:
- All physics features are implemented, but may still have bugs
- Lots of (fairly minor) visual bugs
- Hotkeys can only be configured via a text editor
- No editor yet (but you can use L3DEdit to create levels and play them in Loap)

Level compatibility:
- Lemmings 3D: All levels are confirmed solvable.
- Lemmings 3D Winterland: All levels confirmed solvable.
- Lemmings Plus 3D: All levels confirmed solvable. Some levels needed modifications; modified versions included in the Loap download.
- Other: All other levels included in the download are confirmed solvable (excluding some test levels that are not intended to be solvable, and generally don't even have exits).

Download: https://www.neolemmix.com/download.php?id=563
Music: https://www.neolemmix.com/download.php?id=530 (You will not need to redownload the music when new versions are released.)

Source code available here: https://bitbucket.org/namida42/loap/

The binary is only available for Windows at this stage, but it should be possible to compile from source for Mac and Linux too. You can edit resolution settings, including fullscreen mode, in "Loap.ini" (which will be created after the first time you run Loap V0.0.13.0 or higher). Hotkeys can be edited in "hotkeys.lpmi", the structure of this file is similar to a NeoLemmix text-based data file.

Default hotkeys (click to show/hide)

If you've made custom levels using L3DEdit, you can copy them into the "levels" folder (inside "data"), or a subfolder thereof, and they should work - as long as they do not use non-default graphical assets (except for the ones from Lemmings 3D Winterland and Lemmings Plus 3D; those are supported). Some adjustments may be needed for levels with particularly tight physics reliances.
Title: Re: Loap Test Releases (current build: V0.0.6.0)
Post by: namida on January 23, 2022, 01:04:00 AM
Uploaded V0.0.6.0. Check the commit history on Bitbucket if you want to see every change; but the biggest one is that the Bomber and Builder skills work now. (The Basher, Miner and Digger still don't.)

Title: Re: Loap Test Releases (current build: V0.0.7.0)
Post by: namida on January 24, 2022, 08:13:32 AM
Uploaded V0.0.7.0. While there are bugs, all nine skills are working now.

Title: Re: Loap Test Releases (current build: V0.0.8.0)
Post by: namida on January 26, 2022, 07:23:40 AM
Uploaded V0.0.8.0. Likely still some bugs, but the skills are a lot more stable now. Additionally, slippery blocks / land is now supported.

Title: Re: Loap Test Releases (current build: V0.0.9.0)
Post by: namida on January 27, 2022, 09:07:40 AM
Uploaded V0.0.9.0. More fixes to skills, SIGNS.xxx / WALLS.xxx graphics (collectively termed "overlays" in Loap) are now supported, time limits are now enforced, release rate is adjustable, and there's some UI enhancements.


EDIT: First upload was borked for some reason; fixed. However, if it's still not working for you, do make sure you have the music.

By my (very quick) count, Loap should now be fully capable of playing:
- 16 of 20 Practice levels
- 46 of 80 L3D levels
- 5 of 6 L3D Winterland levels
- 61 of 80 LP3D levels

(Some more beyond this will be solvable too, because eg. the missing element is a trap you'd usually just avoid anyway, or because there's a backroute that the missing element doesn't matter for, or in Fun 8's case because all that's missing is a visual effect, etc.)
Title: Re: Loap Test Releases (current build: V0.0.10.0)
Post by: namida on January 30, 2022, 06:54:21 AM
Uploaded V0.0.10.0. New features include replays being possible to cancel properly, the ability to clone cameras (including to create new ones beyond the four default ones), and most importantly, traps work now! (Interactive objects other than traps still do not, but all five kinds of traps are working.)

This enables a further:
- 0 of 4 remaining Practice levels
- 8 of 34 remaining L3D levels
- 0 of 1 remaining Winterland levels
- 4 of 19 remaining LP3D levels

Title: Re: Loap Test Releases (current build: V0.0.11.0)
Post by: namida on February 02, 2022, 01:24:50 AM
Uploaded V0.0.11.0. This adds support for teleporters and rope slides (though the latter has some visual oddities at the moment), as well as the Fun 8 visual effect. It should also fix the bug some users are having where Loap starts up and the menu displays, but it crashes when you try to start a level.

This update should add the following to the "completely supported" list (outside of the rope slide visual issues):
- 2 of 4 remaining Practice levels
- 11 of 26 remaining L3D levels
- 1 of 1 remaining Winterland levels (meaning Winterland is now fully playable in Loap, if you don't mind the lack of a nice level select / title screen)
- 5 of 15 remaining LP3D levels

Title: Re: Loap Test Releases (current build: V0.0.12.0)
Post by: namida on February 03, 2022, 08:52:51 AM
Uploaded V0.0.12.0. This adds support for springs, trampolines and antisplat blocks, as well as fixes a few physics bugs and adds some (but not all) of the missing sound effects.

As of this version, at least by a quick "are all required features supported?" test, every known level should now be fully functional. It is still quite likely that there are bugs that prevent, or at least interfere with, solving some levels, though. Please report it if you find any. Don't forget that you can save a replay by pressing U while ingame (you can't save it from the postview screen at this time, though you can always go retry level and then save it once you're back in-game).

Title: Re: Loap Test Releases (current build: V0.0.13.0)
Post by: namida on February 06, 2022, 08:14:59 PM
Uploaded V0.0.13.0. This adds rewind functionality, improves the level select menu a bit (enough so that all levels can just be included now), fixes some bugs, adds more missing sound effects, and finally allows adjusting the window size (including fullscreen mode) - this can't be done in-game though, you do it by editing Loap.ini (which will be created the first time you run this version).


As always - you need the music as well; you can copy it from an old version or grab the download link in the first post.
Title: Re: Loap Test Releases (current build: V0.0.14.0)
Post by: namida on February 10, 2022, 04:17:21 AM
Uploaded V0.0.14.0. This adds Virtual Lemming and Highlight, and fixes a bunch of bugs (including several physics bugs).

Game: https://www.neolemmix.com/download.php?id=546 (permalink to
Music: https://www.neolemmix.com/download.php?id=530
Title: Re: Loap Test Releases (current build: V0.0.15.0)
Post by: namida on February 11, 2022, 06:22:20 AM
Uploaded V0.0.15.0.

> The code for determining if a block is solid at a given point has been completely rewritten.
> The camera will no longer move through walls / floors by default. You can force it to move through walls and floors by holding the Tab key while moving it.
> The mouse-overed lemming's current action will be displayed next to the skill panel.
> Gameplay now automatically exits 2.5 seconds (based on game time, not real world time) after the last lemming exits or dies.
> Screen transitions now have a proper fadeout / fadein effect.
> Cameras are now visible in-game.
> Improvements to the lemming-under-cursor code, in particular, it should now account for how close the lemming is (or isn't) to the camera.
> Fixed an issue that results in non-interactive objects being placed incorrectly in some cases (eg. in L3D Taxing 42 "Picky Platform").
> Got rid of the UI sound effect that's very similar to the builder brick placement; all elements now use the other (less similar) sound.
> Fixed the incorrect Climber sound effect.
> Fixed the lack of skill icon animation when a skill is assigned to a highlit or virtual lemming.

Game: https://www.neolemmix.com/download.php?id=547 (permalink to
Music: https://www.neolemmix.com/download.php?id=530
Title: Re: Loap Test Releases (current build: V0.0.16.0)
Post by: namida on February 18, 2022, 01:07:00 AM
Uploaded V0.0.16.0.

> Hotkeys can now be customized (by editing the "hotkeys.lpmi" file which is created on first run).
> Added Save State / Load State functionality.
> Added support for skill selection hotkeys (not set by default).
> Added support for loading replays while in-game.
> Successful replays are automatically saved. (This can be disabled in the options file.)
> A sound effect is played upon reaching the save requirement.
> The camera's bounding box for solidity detection has been shrunk.
> The level select menu now remembers the last-used folder.
> Removed the sound effect when stepping forwards one frame.
> Slight tweak to bomber physics when on a slope.
> Tweaked the shading applied to certain faces of blocks.
> Fixed a physics bug with non-standard-shape one way blocks.
> Fixed a visual bug with certain exits (in particular this tends to affect exits on Golf levels).
> Fixed a bug where springs turn the block underneath them steel. (Teleporters and trampolines should do this, but not springs.)
> Fixed a bug where stunned lemmings don't react to the ground underneath them being removed.
> Adjustments to Mayhem 65 "The Prisoner" and several Lemmings Plus 3D levels to improve their functionality in Loap.

Game: https://www.neolemmix.com/download.php?id=548 (permalink to
Music: https://www.neolemmix.com/download.php?id=530

Please note in particular that the default hotkey for Load Replay is now Shift+U rather than L (this is changed because in-game replay loading is now possible, and L already had a different in-game function).
Title: Re: Loap Test Releases (current build: V0.0.17.0)
Post by: namida on February 26, 2022, 12:42:14 AM
Uploaded V0.0.17.0.

> Physics change: Turners and Blockers cannot be assigned inside a splitter.
> Physics fix: Turners and Blockers can be assigned and function correctly in front of an exit.
> Adjusted block face shading to be a bit more L3D-like.
> Fixed a visual bug affecting the speed of animated block faces.
> Fixed a visual bug with ropeslides.
> *Should* fix the bug where offscreen lemmings may be picked up by the mouse cursor.

Game: https://www.neolemmix.com/download.php?id=549 (permalink to
Music: https://www.neolemmix.com/download.php?id=530
Title: Re: Loap Test Releases (current build: V0.0.18.0)
Post by: namida on June 24, 2022, 10:00:02 PM
Uploaded V0.0.18.0.

> Added a title screen.
> Attempted / completed levels are now tracked.
> Hatch flaps are now displayed in levels.
> Implemented some changes that should improve the stuttering when playing on certain GPUs (especially discrete graphics on laptops). Not 100% fixed yet.
> Replay save / load hotkeys trigger when released instead of pressed; to minimize them becoming "stuck".

Game: https://www.neolemmix.com/download.php?id=554 (permalink to
Music: https://www.neolemmix.com/download.php?id=530
Title: Re: Loap Test Releases (current build: V0.0.18.0)
Post by: namida on June 25, 2022, 06:16:16 AM
I have reuploaded V0.0.18.0 with a version of the Lemmings Plus 3D level "Power Distribution" that is solvable in Loap. For those who already downloaded the initial V0.0.18.0 download (if you downloaded it after this post was made, you have the fixed version), you can get just the fix for this level attached to this post (extract to your base Loap directory).
Title: Re: Loap Test Releases (current build: V0.0.19.0)
Post by: namida on July 17, 2022, 12:37:18 AM
Uploaded V0.0.19.0.

> Fixed some bugs where lemmings hitting indestructible blocks with bashers / miners would turn around when they should turn 90 degrees or climb the block.
> Fixed a bug where levels would not register as completed if multiple lemmings exited in the same frame and thus the save requirement was never met exactly.
> Fixed a visual bug where lemmings using a rope slide would appear lower than they should.
> The Bomber practice level is adjusted to account for instant bombers.

Game: https://www.neolemmix.com/download.php?id=557 (permalink to
Music: https://www.neolemmix.com/download.php?id=530
Title: Re: Loap Test Releases (current build: V0.0.20.0)
Post by: namida on July 24, 2022, 07:19:53 AM
Uploaded V0.0.20.0.

- Level select menu now scrolls instead of split-column display (and as such can support any number of subfolders / levels, as well as displaying full titles).
- Level select menu now shows level numbers next to levels.
- Level rank and number now shown on preview screen.
- Can now advance to next level directly from postview screen after successfully completing a level.
- Fixed a physics bug involving "narrow block" (used in place of upwards pyramid when converting L3D levels in some cases) that, among other things, could get lemmings stuck in trees.
- Fixed missing hatchflaps on Lemmings 3D Tricky 7 "Follow The Yellow Brick Road" and Lemmings Plus 3D Fun 14 "Pac-Lems".
- Some minor performance improvements with regards to loading the level lists.

Game: https://www.neolemmix.com/download.php?id=559
Music: https://www.neolemmix.com/download.php?id=530
Title: Re: Loap Test Releases (current build: V0.0.21.0)
Post by: namida on August 08, 2022, 03:37:49 AM
Uploaded V0.0.21.0.

> Implemented the minimap. The size and resolution of it can be configured in the "loap.ini" file.
> Fixed some issues with keyboard-based camera movement. Some of these were a matter of the default hotkeys being configured incorrectly and thus won't be applied automatically when you update; you can either fix this manually, or just delete your "hotkeys.lpmi" file and Loap will re-create a corrected version.
> Fixed a bug with bashers assigned while walking along (not up or down) a slope.

Game: https://www.neolemmix.com/download.php?id=560
Music: https://www.neolemmix.com/download.php?id=530
Title: Re: Loap Test Releases (current build: V0.0.22.0)
Post by: namida on August 14, 2022, 06:18:33 AM
Uploaded V0.0.22.0.

> Implemented an Options menu that lets you configure most options (window sizing, rendering resolution, VSync and fullscreen must still be configured via the INI, as they cannot be changed mid-game; hotkeys cannot yet be configured in-game either).
> Added options for sound/music volume, mouse-based camera movement inversion, mouse-based camera movement sensitivity, confining the mouse cursor to the game window, and disabling the scrolling background in menus.
> Added proper, preserved-between-sessions options for frame limiter and FPS display.
> Added a "Return to title screen" option in the level select menu.
> Settings INI file is now grouped tidily, with headers.
> Fixed the bug where a basher will not stop when encountering a slope mid-bash.
> Fixed the bug where trampolining lemmings do not respond to hitting their head on a ceiling.
> Fixed a bug where the toggle minimap default hotkey specifically requires not pressing Shift / Alt / Ctrl at the same time, instead of not caring either way.
> Fixed several bugs with the level select menu when folders (rather than levels) would necessitate scrolling, or when a folder contains both subfolders and level files.

Game: https://www.neolemmix.com/download.php?id=561
Music: https://www.neolemmix.com/download.php?id=530
Title: Re: Loap Test Releases (current build: V0.0.23.0)
Post by: namida on August 22, 2022, 03:12:18 AM
Uploaded V0.0.23.0.

> Added a mass replay check feature.
> Added the crack graphics on blocks which are being destroyed by a basher/miner/digger.
> Added "Force Select Walker" and "Force Select Non Walker" hotkeys (Ctrl / Alt respectively by default; delete your hotkeys.lpmi file to reset to new default)
> Added support for custom translation data (to allow using custom L3D resources).
> Replay files contain data to help match them to the correct level.
> Fixed some rendering bugs / slowness introduced in
> Fixed an edge case with static objects in L3D level files (in particular it comes up on official Mayhem 75 "Hole In One, Two, Three").

Game: https://www.neolemmix.com/download.php?id=563
Music: https://www.neolemmix.com/download.php?id=530