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And now onto the next build:

Version 13.9 has been released

Sports 5 (Dynamic Duo) - lengthened the runner pit near the end and added a block to ensure that the climber has to go through first. Also -3 shimmiers, to prevent both lemmings from jumping there & back across the water. (these measures should make it a bit tighter)
Sports 6 (A Mountain to Climb) - reworked the top area, to make the opening puzzle more obvious. Also added metal down the shaft to fix a backroute.
Sports 7 (The Gulf in Class) - slight changes to the first 2 areas, to disable and re-enable certain solutions.

Shadow 10 (Pockets of Resistance) - slightly enlarged the central building and lined it with metal, to fix a very clever backroute. Also shortened the hanging building and moved the clouds to maintain the gap.

Cavelem 2 (Land vs. Sea vs. Air) - added metal to the top ledge, put a hole in the basin, changed a few skills to prevent backroutes.
Cavelem 4 (Ruined Temple) - removed some rock at the temple exit, -2 builders, +1 stacker.  (this increases the difficulty slightly)
Cavelem 5 (Lem of the Dump) - more changes to prevent shortcutting.

Space 8 (Beam Me Somewhere Shotty) - removed the airlock by the trapdoor, -2 builders, +1 glue pourer. (this makes it more difficult and more appropriate for it's slot)
Space 9 (Space Glue Factory) - minor terrain changes for easier execution.

Polar 2 (Piste Off) - added metal underneath the top area and reworked the bottom to fix backroutes.
Polar 3 (Icy Races) - replaced the leftmost water with a pit and slope, +1 flamethrower, -1 stacker. (changing the solution slightly)
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Tribes of Steel - a whole new Lemmings 2 game! (120-level pack)
Currently a WIP - all tribes are complete, testing and feedback is welcome!

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Tribes of Steel - a whole new Lemmings 2 game! (120-level pack)
Currently a WIP - all tribes are complete, testing and feedback is welcome!

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Re: [Lemmings 2] Tribes of Steel - WIP Thread (12 tribes complete, needs testing)
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Time for a new build, with various random things:

Version 13.10 has been released

Highland 10 (Ten Brown Barrels) - shortened all the ledges down the centre, to prevent ropes from reaching across to any of them above the exit ledge.

Circus 10 (Deca-Dance) - moved some terrain up/down and added some metal, in order to add a 2nd twister.

Classic 3 (A Race of Halves) - extended the metal block near the exit downwards, to fix a backroute.

Medieval 3 (Hack & Slash) - removed an erronious trapdoor. (ugh)
Medieval 9 (Tower of Maidens) - removed a fencer and 2 rollers.
Medieval 10 (The Siege of Lemcastle) - reduced platformers & stackers to 3 each. Added 4 miners, 5 archers and some wooden blocks, as a result. (unfortunately this makes the level even harder, but it was the only way to prevent bridging all the way across to the castle)

Egyptian 6 (Tomb of Ikea) - added metal to the ledges in the puzzle area. (it was possible to backroute after the stomper was added)
Egyptian 9 (The Plunger's Tomb) - added metal to fix a very clever backroute. (that I found myself)

Outdoor 2 (Race for Life) - added more metal above the exit.
Outdoor 6 (Not Mushroom Out There) - changed the face plant at the bottom, so it can't be blown up anymore.

Beach 3 (Fall & Rise of Reg Lemmy) - moved the small clam ledge up a bit. (possible glider backroute)
Beach 4 (Everybody Do the Flop!) - reverted the previous change to the sand pile at the foot of the cliff.
Beach 6 (Little Fluffy Clouds) - removed a couple of skills, to tighten the management even more.
Beach 7 (Beach Hut BBQ) - extended the metal on the slope all the way down to the water. (to fix a backroute that starts by the exit)
Beach 8 (Sandy Cove) - removed an erronious test trapdoor. (ugh)

Sports 3 (Letting Off Steam) - lowered part of the bottom section, as the fencer could get up unaided before.
Sports 8 (Switcheroo) - added a metal block to prevent the miner from finishing up too high.
Sports 9 (Remote Control) - altered the top section and -1 rock climber, to make the runner mandatory.

Shadow 6 (Scraping the Sky) - added a small block to the upward indoor section. (it was still possible to backroute)
Shadow 10 (Pockets of Resistance) - moved the top right trapdoor back to it's proper location. (ugh)

Space 8 (Beam Me Somewhere Shotty) - removed 2 builders, after discovering they weren't needed to go over the purple teleporter.

Polar 8 (The Crevasse) - added metal to the thinnest section (another self-discovered backroute fix) and a new puzzle to the bottom section. (the level wasn't really hard enough)

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Tribes of Steel - a whole new Lemmings 2 game! (120-level pack)
Currently a WIP - all tribes are complete, testing and feedback is welcome!

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And another one, with more random things...but with a major focus on tieing down the number of various skills used (to prevent backroutes by being able to save a skill or two). I also found myself fixing stuff simply by removing skills and/or time. (so there are a few levels where the time limit is an indicator of the wrong solution)

Version 13.11 has been released

Highland 2 (Pillars of Hebrides) - raised the height of the pillars and exit. (I still managed to backroute it)
Highland 3 (McLem's Drunken Dream) - extended the first cloud you land on (to make it easier) and added some skills just in case.
Highland 4 (Lemfidditch Distillery) - raised the bottom of the water pit. (for easier twistering)
Highland 6 (The Iron-Rich Mountain) - +5 twisters (it is upwards after all) and -1 roper, which now forces a choice between an easier start and an easier end.

Circus 3 (Jack in t'Box) - -4 laser blasters, as it was possible to bypass the cannon. (unfortunately making it a little harder)
Circus 4 (Don't Capture the Flag) - reworked the trapdoor areas and some of the skillset. (which finally fixes the backroute, along with now requiring only 1 lemming from each side to travel round)
Circus 5 (Across the Abyss) - lowered the trapdoor (as a hint) and -2 mins. (I can't force either solution without being too nasty, but I can make the alternative solution a little harder.  I have cleared it in just over 3 mins with multi-tasking, though)
Circus 6 (The Weighting Room) - -2 mins, to force the original solution. (it's nice that time limits can be used in this way)
Circus 9 (Roadblock) - slight change to the terrain on the red/yellow side.

Medieval 2 (Cave of Knaves) - slight tweak to the roof of the SW cave (more headroom) and replaced 2 builders with 3 archers. (they weren't really involved much in the construction)
Medieval 3 (Hack & Slash) - removed some skills and 2 mins. (to force a harder version of the solution, and also to introduce a certain trick a few levels earlier)
Medieval 6 (White Cliffs of Dunder) - slight tweaks to the skillset.
Medieval 7 (Dungeon & Dragon) - slight tweaks to the skillset.
Medieval 8 (Siege Engine Graveyard) - added a metal strip (to prevent an alternative way to the middle trapdoor) and tweaked the skillset.

Egyptian 2 (Stomp Like an Egyptian) - altered the terrain under the trapdoor (it was still possible to save a stomper here)
Egyptian 3 (Night Boat to Duat) - added metal all the way along between the 2 paths (backroute fix), -2 fillers. (not needed)
Egyptian 7 (Sidestepping Evolution) - +1 shimmier, to make the final action a bit easier.
Egyptian 10 (Mandatory Pyramid Level) - +2 bashers, in case the stomper on the right side gets out of place.

Outdoor 3 (Under the Growth) - removed a few skills, as it was still possible to bypass the flicker snail.
Outdoor 4 (In Order: Down, Along, Up) - shortened the wooden ledge at the top. (for easier ballooning)
Outdoor 5 (Treetop Village) - +2 ballooners. (for cancelling skills)
Outdoor 6 (Not Mushroom Out There) - added some skills in case things go wrong early on. (or if a 2nd worker is wanted)
Outdoor 8 (Sinkhole Rescue Team) - reverted the scoopers/bombers to 2 each. (quicker and easier for the right-side tunnelling)
Outdoor 10 (The Plantshaft) - added a vine to help the top-left trapdoor, and a few more skills to ease the pressure a bit.

Beach 3 (Fall & Rise of Reg Lemmy) - added some gliders and removed some platformers.
Beach 4 (Everybody Do the Flop!) - made the sandy cliff slope downward a little in front of the exit. (it was possible to backroute by having it flat with sand piles on)
Beach 6 (Little Fluffy Clouds) - replaced the floating island with a cloud and the sand pourer with a flamethrower. (it is now a completely sandless Beach level)
Beach 7 (Beach Hut BBQ) - added 1 more bit of metal to prevent gliding from the exit platform.
Beach 8 (Sandy Cove) - enlarged the island slightly. (so no need to pour sand on a pointy bit)

Sports 6 (A Mountain to Climb) - lowered the shuttlecocks to ensure that the crowd has to pass through them (important to know for L10). Also -2 archers and -2 platformers. (not needed)

Shadow 3 (Filling Station) - added a bit of metal around the sewers. (bazookas are surprisingly good at backrouting)
Shadow 6 (Scraping the Sky) - added more metal around the cannon room. (I backrouted it myself)
Shadow 9 (Mission: Impassable) - altered the terrain and the skillset, to finally kill the alternative route.

Cavelem 5 (Lem of the Dump) - reworked the water and the dino section (finally fixing the backroute) and added another puzzle for good measure. Also +1 spearer, -1 builder.
Cavelem 8 (Up in the Jungle) - removed a few skills to prevent an alternative route that bypassed the main puzzle.
Cavelem 9 (Devolution of Lemmings) - slight rework of mid-level terrain, to tie down the number of builders used (there was a couple of spots where you might use 1 or 2, and the level will break if there are 3 spares). +2 builders as a result.

Space 6 (JMC Mining Complex) - slight tweak to the left cave, to ensure safe magno-booting.
Space 7 (Laser Quest) - removed some skills and the end off the starting ledges, as the level was taking a bit too long to complete.

Polar 4 (It's All Downhill!) - lowered the entire level slightly. (so it doesn't appear to be quite such a big drop into the exit cave)
Polar 8 (The Crevasse) - added more metal to the previously-added metal.
Tribes of Steel - a whole new Lemmings 2 game! (120-level pack)
Currently a WIP - all tribes are complete, testing and feedback is welcome!