Author Topic: [BUG][PLAYER] Slider - Incorrect behaviour when sliding into water as a Swimmer.  (Read 86 times)

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Quote from: Strato Incendus
- When a Slider slides into the water pool and is also a Swimmer, he immediately hops out of the water again, because sliding causes him to face the shoreline. :thumbsup:

If anyone has ideas for experimental levels where this is a problem, I will work on a fix now. Unless / until an affected level is put forward, this is a "will fix if/when skill makes the cut" matter.
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Made a quick test level and I can vouch for this. What should be a very straightforward level becomes a puzzle purely because of Slider>Swimmer physics. To be fair, this isn't necessarily a problem.

The first pool has a high wall, so the Slider doesn't jump out, but instead turns against the wall and carries on swimming. The 2nd and 3rd pools, not so much.

Also - not sure if this is a bug: the drop into the 2nd pool was originally lined up to be pixel-perfect, but the lem landed directly onto the steel block rather than in the water, suggesting that the Slider falls 1px forward from the bottom edge of the wall. Again - not sure if this is a bug, but it wasn't what I was expecting. I had to move the pool structure to the left by 1px so that the lem would drop into the water.

The Slider is a great skill, and is definitely worth ironing these kinks out so that we can keep it!

EDIT: The previously attached version of this level was impossible in order to illustrate the point. This new version, with 2 Jumpers, now makes it solvable.