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New Skills Experimental Build (V2)
« on: November 21, 2020, 12:21:30 am »
Alright - here we go! Over the last eight months we've had discussions about a potential "final new skill", which after a long time was narrowed down to four candidates - additionally with the "only one will make the cut" restriction dropped.

Finally, it's time to get hands-on! So I've prepared an experimental build which includes the four proposed new skills, and a compatible editor - let's see how this goes.

We've got:
- Slider: A permanent skill. When walking off an edge, the Slider will "dehoist" onto the wall and slide down while facing towards it, rather than falling.
- Spearer: Causes the lemming to throw a spear, which sticks into whatever it hits, creating a platform for other lemmings to use.
- Grenader: Causes the lemming to throw a grenade, which has an effect like a bomber, except larger, wherever it hits.
- Laserer: Causes the lemming to fire a laser, which creates a 45 degree tunnel, much faster than other destructive skills and with very long range.

Note that, to discourage long-term use of this experimental build, there are some restrictions on it:
- It will not allow the use of styles other than the ones that ship with it (ie: the Orig and Ohno styles, including orig_dirt_md, orig_sega and special; plus default and xmas).
- It will no longer run after 1st July 2021. (The check for this does not involve any network communications.)

Additionally, the implementation should not be considered final, even for skills that do make the cut. Physics may change. Graphics will change. Some things are missing - the projectile skills only have partial skill shadows (the arc, but not the impact), while laserer doesn't have any at all. And bugs will generally only be fixed if they would cause problems for the experimental's purpose (eg. if a bug were to arise where under specific conditions the laserer's laser is invisible, but it still functions normally, this would likely not see a fix until if/when a decision to keep the Laserer is made; on the other hand, if a bug arose where under realistic, common conditions the spearer crashed the game, this would get fixed in an exp update). Also - I am aware the editor has some minor issues when not using tabs. It does not make it unuseable and will not be fixed during the experimental phase.

I fully expect that at first, people will just want to mess around a bit with them, so for now - do that. See what comes of it. It's still useful - this will help establish what kind of potential the skills have. It might also help uncover bugs. We'll come back to this later to give a closer look at what skills are or aren't redundant / worthwhile.

This should be set up as a fresh installation. You may copy your settings / hotkey layout from an existing installation, but do not copy levels or styles.


Aside from the new skills, this build is almost identical to V12.10.0. The one difference is one physics fix for the Climber, as it also affected the Slider so it made sense to pull the fix into this build:

For general discussion of the skills or to share levels:
For bug reports / suggestions, please make a new topic, making sure to include the [PLAYER] and (as appropriate) [BUG] or [SUG] tags.
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