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Updates of Lemmix packs to new-formats NeoLemmix
« on: May 06, 2020, 07:09:56 AM »
This is a follow-up to Nepster's "Updates of Lemmix packs to NeoLemmix" topic. I have downloaded the packs from his topic, run them through namida's NXP extractor, and cleansed the levels in NL 12.7. This means the levels are now playable, but there is still a lot of work to be done.

First, I'll go through each pack and make a levels.nxmi for it (and maybe split some of the packs into ranks, where appropriate). Once this step is done, I'll be ready to share the pack as a work in progress.

Then, we will need to create a solving replay for every level. If there any that are not solvable in current versions of NL, these should either be removed or fixed. I can do some of the work here, but as there are a lot of levels and some of them are very hard, I hope I will get some help from the rest of the community, otherwise the task will never be finished! There may also be some levels that should be removed for other reasons, for instance copies of official levels or levels that have already made their way to new formats elsewhere.

I have already removed the following levels:
* exit's cLemmings: This pack is part of a series, and for some reason, only the first instalment was included in Nepster's compilation. I believe the cLemmings series should be treated as a separate project and not part of this one.
* Gaston Splatt's Farlight: Brought to new formats by namida, here.
* MazuLems: Exists as a separate pack in new formats.
* TMChallenge: Exists as a separate pack in new formats.

If anyone doesn't want their levels included in this project, just let me know and they will be removed, no questions asked.

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Re: Updates of Lemmix packs to new-formats NeoLemmix
« Reply #1 on: May 07, 2020, 01:57:07 AM »
I'm going through the authors in alphabetical order, adding a levels.nxmi to each folder. I'm having to do this in short bursts as it's extremely tedious, but we'll get there.

From Clam's folder, I am removing levels that also appear in Clammings (mobius's new-formats compilation of Clam's levels from various sources). For some of these levels, the version in Nepster's compilation may be different from mobius's version, so I won't delete these levels -- I'll just move them to a separate folder that won't officially be part of this pack.

List of removed levels (click to show/hide)

I have not removed "The Square Route of Lemmings" since the two versions are different enough to be considered separate levels with the same title. (This may apply to some levels where I haven't noticed it, so if anyone knows of any, feel free to point them out.)

Nepster's compilation contains "Bumpy Ride" and "Bumpy Ride II", where the second one is in Clammings but is simply called "Bumpy Ride" there, so I have removed the duplicated level and kept the other one. The same applies to the "RABBIX" pair of levels.

Insane Steve's levels will need similar treatment.
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