Author Topic: Lemmings World Tour Remastered [New-Formats Version] [Difficulty: Medium]  (Read 31192 times)

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Thanks for responding for me, IchoTolot! :)

The NXP Converter isn't needed for any New-Formats packs. If you take the Old-Formats version of this pack and stick it into the NXP Converter, a bunch of levels will come out in an unplayable state (for starters, those that feature radiation and slowfreeze objects). Hence, it's usually the pack creators who convert old packs to New Formats. And for LWT, I've done so ages ago.

I still want to make Pit Lems (my second pack ever made) available for New Formats eventually. All the levels are converted, but there are additional ones I want to add (the select "good" levels from Paralems, which was my very first pack, as well as a few from Lemmicks, my third pack - only if they didn't make it into the Encore rank of LWT, though). And again, there are a few radiation and slowfreeze levels in Pit Lems which I currently don't know how to overhaul yet.
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