Author Topic: [Bug][Editor] No overwrite only works in combination with "only on terrain"  (Read 374 times)

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As some of you might know, I used the flag poles from the L2 Circus tileset a lot in my pack Lemmings World Tour. Whenever these poles were in front of terrain in Old Formats, I obviously set them to "no overwrite".

In New Formats, this doesn't suffice anymore: Even though the poles are already set to "no overwrite" properly after conversion, the poles disappear behind the terrain.

It is possible to make them visible, but only by clicking "only on terrain" - which is the opposite extreme.

If a flag pole is entirely on terrain, it can be made visible.
If a flag pole is entirely not on terrain, it is visible by default.

However, if a flag pole is partly on terrain, partly not, you have to click on the individual pieces, setting some of them to "only on terrain", others not.

This is a workaround, but I don't think that's the way "no overwrite" and "only on terrain" are supposed to operate, is it? ;)

Because as of now, ticking or unticking "no overwrite" doesn't change anything, as far as I can tell. ???
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The bug here is that the "only on terrain" attribute does anything, or even can be set, for those objects, given that the object type is "moving background", which are drawn to their own layer that's optimized for backgrounds. Actually for that matter, I'm pretty sure "no overwrite" isn't meant to do anything for them either. If you try them with a non-background object (eg. an exit) they should work as expected.