Author Topic: [Bug][Player] Background gets lost during conversion from Old Formats  (Read 28 times)

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Steps to reproduce:

1) Open a level in Old Formats level editor to check whether it has a background (e.g. one in a standard Lemmings graphic set like Marble, Fire etc., with mobius's added backgrounds)
2) Check the translation table for that style in New Formats data --> translation to see whether it references background objects
3) Open the same level in New Formats level editor; you'll find that the background is the standard black, even if the appropriate background is mentioned in the translation table

This does not affect the monocoloured backgrounds from e.g. Lemmings 2, because they don't actually refer to image files, but are drawn "on the fly".

Both this and the fact that this error has to do with the New-Formats NeoLemmix player, rather than the editor, were told to me by namida.
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