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Old panel icons
« on: October 20, 2018, 02:34:11 pm »
I remade the old panel icons, since I like the reflections on the replay-R to be the same as on the rest of the font. That old R indeed was not available anymore in New Formats, because in Old Formats, it was one long PNG-file with the panel icons and the panel font in one, whereas in New Formats, panel font and panel icons are two separate PNGs.

So I cut off that part from the old long PNG and overlayed it with the new panel icons to get the length and placement right. Since the Old Formats file did not contain a blue replay R (I guess that was handled inside the code back then, rather than by using a different image), I duplicated the layer, removed everything except for the R and did a colour replacement.

For all who want to use it: Just backup your existing panel_icons.png in styles --> default and replace it with this one.
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