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[In Development] [New Formats] Sanctuary Tileset
« on: April 05, 2018, 01:40:40 am »
A little project I have been working on lately: my first graphic set!


This graphic set isn't based off of anything and is just my original work. This is also a work in progress, and since this is my first graphic set I wanted to make a thread to kind of allow anyone (especially people that have made a graphic set in the past) to give me any feedback to guide me in the right direction :)
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Re: [In Development] [New Formats] Sanctuary Tileset
« Reply #1 on: April 05, 2018, 07:03:44 pm »
So I've taken a quick look at the tileset. :)

It looks really good and promising so far! :thumbsup:

A few things that caught my eye:

- The water. The animation is fine, but the color is very similar to the pink on the tiles --> a different shade more different and more distinct than the terrain would be a good thing here. Also more water shading in general would be beneficial, the basic animation just as the blueprint it was taken from is good, but more shades and highlights here and there would really improve this -- one colortype looks a bit bare.

- A few more blocky ramp tiles would help. Like the L2 16x16 tiles that go in a 45 degree angle from one corner to another made in this tileset's styles would add quite a bit usability.

- Try to think about some more unique objects. A new trap, a locked exit with fitting button, maybe a teleporter. I would definitly add a few more options, it all adds to the versitilaty of the tileset.

Again great job to this point in the styles development! :thumbsup:

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Re: [In Development] [New Formats] Sanctuary Tileset
« Reply #2 on: May 11, 2018, 01:41:18 am »
I think it's time for an update on this tileset, wouldn't you all say? ;)

See original post for the updated tileset plus a new level that is more of a puzzle than a sandbox-ish type level.

Things Accomplished:

- Changed water animation. I used the Original Crystal water object as a template because I am not that great at animating my own :P I do, however, want to at least modify it a little bit in the future so that it isn't just a recoloring job.
- Added some 45-degree ramps and blocks of varying sizes to have the same design flexiblilty as the Original Marble tileset.
- Fixed the shading on the blocks so they looked less like L2 blocks :8():
- Added a different pattern on some terrain pieces in order to make looping them much easier and make them look less like one-way arrows because some people mistaken it as that!
- New terrain that can be used for practical use and decoration!
- Added steel of different sizes.

Things To Do:

- Have at least two traps
- Have a fire object
- A locked exit and some buttons
- A teleporter
- Some more background objects to use as surrealistic decoration

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Re: [In Development] [New Formats] Sanctuary Tileset
« Reply #3 on: August 19, 2018, 09:30:24 pm »
It's been a long while since I posted an update but don't worry this graphic set is still being worked on :)

I might make a tiny pack with levels only using this graphic set. The purpose of this will mostly be to test how well put together it really is :P