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[NeoLemmix 10.13] Nuclear Winter
« on: June 03, 2018, 11:23:00 am »
Since Lemmings World Tour is probably going to be my last pack for the old formats version (hoping that at least either the jumper or the shimmier will be implemented in the meantime ;) ), it's also going to be the last one containing what seems to have become a pet element of mine - mainly because everyone else has stopped using it.

You probably guessed it: I'm talking about radiation and slowfreeze :) .

So I thought, in order to commemorate the departure of these two infamous objects, why not do a compilation pack? :)

Do you have any old radiation- and/or slowfreeze-based levels lying around? ;) Send them to me or upload them here, and I'll compile them into a pack of three ranks:

- one containing only radiation levels
- one containing only slowfreeze levels
- one containing levels that feature both radiation and slowfreeze

Just remember to write your name into the author line, of course! ;)

I'm just curious to see how many actually good puzzles there might be in total which contain these objects! :D So if we gather all the radiation- and slowfreeze levels in one pack, we'll have the overview.

(Any levels from Lemmings World Tour with radiation or slowfreeze are still going to go into this pack, including those I might still come up with. So there won't be a release right away, but probably about the time Lemmings World Tour gets released :) ).
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