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Re: Dreams
« Reply #45 on: June 06, 2019, 01:13:23 am »
Recently had a few interesting (well maybe not that interesting but memorable) ones.

I was on a boat on a river; possibly in autumn, in a rural place. Another boat was ahead of us on the river and this other boat was either our enemy somehow or being captained by some evil man whom I could hear talking as if in my head.* He said something about a plan to thwart us. I don't know why we were fighting in the first place; but anyway I saw the boat ahead swerve a few times and spill something shimmering like seeds or something into the water, then continue ahead. The water remained shimmering. I got a freighting feeling. Then as we approached the area I could clearly see the water boiling. I became very scared and somehow knew this meant we were in trouble. As the water was boiling I felt myself spiraling around down to the water; the boat now was gone and I was alone floating or flying.
Then I don't remember if immediately next or if other events occurred that I don't remember but I heard the evil captain (speaking in a high pitched voice and laughing insanely) now speaking of some new plan and saying "I wouldn't want to be in that river now!" I was still scared yet I was no longer in the river. I was in a building of some kind; a long hallway, fairly well lit, perhaps partially outside. The walls were white, or maybe metal. There was a large tall cylinder thing like a silo and four men came out of a door on it and huddled around it like they were sort of hiding or something, some looked around the corner. They were looking away from me and I don't think they saw me. I believed one of them was the captain.
These were very brief because they occurred while I was dozing off and out after pressing the "snooze" button...

Woopie Goldberg and me was inside a large strange feeling green walled room with doors. She was talking (like from her 80's standup, so not like you're probably thinking of her) and opened a door to look inside.
I was watching a car from a distance high above barrel down a highway and go down an enormous hill. It was going so fast it got air born then flew down the hill flying above the road. I was very scared; as if I was inside the car even though I wasn't from my visual view; yet I felt like I was in it. I was terrified and felt like I was flying at high speed. Eventually the car touched back down to the ground.

*I mentioned long ago that I often hear voices coming from inside my head in my dreams and only recently; I attribute this to listening to talk shows all day at work with headphones.
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Re: Dreams
« Reply #46 on: June 09, 2019, 04:18:29 pm »
This one was a bit weird.. So I was bored so I called my best friend and the came over so me and my best friend were just hanging out in my front yard then we just see this guy walking along the street and then he just starts chasing us and pulls out a weapon ( I think it was like a sword but I’m not positive.) anyway we decide to run into the park. We keep running around to various places around the city and then we see a huge crowd of people including police officers and no one cared about the guy CHASING US WITH A SWORD! And they just are asking how we are getting away from him and stuff rather then you know arresting him. So we hide down at a river and the most scary thing that’s ever happened to me in a dream. The killer pops around a tree right in my face and nearly slices me. We continue running eventually we actually find someone who cares about the killer and she says we can hide in her house in this secret place. We call the police there and for some reason he predicted the killers age and height without us even saying anything! Then I woke up and thought that person the other end of the phone was the killer! I wanted some sort of sequel to the dream but it never happened. Also now that I mention it do any of you want sequels to any of your dreams?