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Re: Dreams
« Reply #15 on: March 13, 2018, 03:37:52 pm »
I'm pretty sure help from God's holy spirit is required. I doubt Daniel would have been able to interpret Nebuchadnezzar's dreams solely on his own merits.
That said, I feel like mobius's dream is probably not a divine message. :P

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Re: Dreams
« Reply #16 on: March 14, 2018, 12:39:18 am »
I was semi-joking but thanks for responding! I'm glad I'm not the only one taking an interest in dreams.

Though I'm not religious, I appreciate the interpretation. My first and obvious interpretation is that this was a reflection of guilt for not following the religious teachings I was raised on. And while certain aspects, (e.g. the snake etc.) are most likely taken from what I know of the bible, I'm pretty certain there was/is a lot more going on with this dream and it's deeper than that.

I remembered another couple of things about the dream;

I forgot to mention the whole dream took place in a desert like area, it was barren and sandy.
The stick/snake was big. 'Stick' isn't a good word; it was more like a large tree branch. I think there were more people present during this part, a woman in gold clothes? I think the cat at one point was watching me from a distance.

Near the end (after the snake/branch ordeal was over) I realized I was standing in a dry river bed which somehow I knew had once been a deep flowing river. I was left standing holding the branch in one hand but when I let go it remained in place and I saw it was very long and there were other twisty branches around. This is what brought on the intense emotional feeling.
The person I was with I don't think was exactly familiar but they seemed like a friend. I don't remember them really contributing too much. I remember pointing to the cat and saying to my friend; "ask him, that's God, after all. Ask him what to do."
When the cat walked away there was a staircase nearby (as if I was indoors, even though I wasn't, particularly in a basement) but I don't think it went up the staircase. 

The powerful feeling I described was truly strange and intense, I cannot put it into words; only describe an approximation.
On one hand it was a devastatingly sad and frightening feeling; like knowing I was about to die or that the whole world was ending.
On another hand it was a revelatory feeling. Like I just discovered something deep and terrible. Like I uncovered a lie or a hidden truth about the world or life itself. I felt totally deceived but at the same time awakened; like I suddenly had a new power that made me strong and opened up some kind of possibility. The feeling was so strong I believe this is what woke me up.

While trying to remember the dream for some reason I'm reminded of a wedding reception I attended at an early age. Seeing a very long table filled with food and a large fancy round plate, white and decorated with an elaborate design of many colors.


Other recurring dreams I've had:

falling from a great distance. Often into water (from a bridge) and I continue falling through the water as if it's not slowing me down. The feeling is so strong it usually wakes me up. It's scary but also exhilarating. The craziest part is I still feel the falling sensation a little bit after I wake up. It takes a moment or two to go away. It's like I can literally feel my body coming to a rest (back in bed) or my brain realizing I'm not really falling but adjusting gradually.
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