Author Topic: [FIXED][BUG][PLAYER] Miner falls through 1px deep 1-way floor  (Read 1539 times)

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In the below picture, the 1px deep floor under the miner is considered one way floor pointing to the left.
If the lemming mines facing to the right on this surface, he will fall through (without destroying the terrain), rather than turning around.


Replay for Lemmings Plus I (Wimpy 19) is attached too.
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Re: [BUG][PLAYER] Miner falls through 1px deep 1-way floor
« Reply #1 on: March 01, 2016, 10:39:34 PM »
Will look at this later. I already tested to check I could reproduce it - and confirmed it happens with both directions of one-way wall, with identical behaviour (lemming falls through and does not turn around).

I also will experiment to see if there's any way to set up such a situation on steel. I'd think due to the slight differences in how steel checks work vs how one-way check works (specifically, that one-ways are not checked for when assigning the skill, but steel is) it wouldn't be possible, but I should test this anyway.

With the current pause on physics updates it'll probably be a while until any changes to fix it, but it should go without saying that people should avoid making levels that depend on it. :P