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Levels for v10 or older / Re: Lemmings Redux
« on: March 25, 2020, 11:19:49 pm »
Update: just had another gander at it and realized that I could preserve a basher on one of the lower levels of the structure, making it possible. Yep, I'm insane :))))

Levels for v10 or older / Re: Lemmings Redux
« on: March 25, 2020, 11:07:52 pm »
Is there something wrong with my computer? "Out, away from the tune" appears to be flat out impossible due to the physics of the engine. I know that in the genesis version, bombing at the top of the penultimate staircase would create a space to build through. However, in NeoLemmix, the subsequent builder is always unable to make it to the top, bumping his head on the less generous hitbox. I have tried this over and over, frame by frame using all the bells and whistles NeoLemmix leaves at my disposal, and absolutely no dice. I don't see any possible alternate solution. Am I insane?

I had typed out what would have been the exact source path. If I just open 'my PC' (not via Lemmini extractor browse function) I can read it through all the way as C:\Users\[myname]\Downloads\Lemmings_95 (or something similar to this). I think there must just be some issue with the Lemmini extractor. Perhaps some unforeseen glitch if there haven't been updates to Lemmini in awhile?

The download is successful, but when I go to do the source extraction it's like my computer suddenly forgets that my 'downloads' folder has any contents! The browse function shows a completely empty folder, and if I try to type it all out by hand it tells me the source path does not exist. Has anyone encountered this problem before? Is there a fix to this? (This is a Dell laptop on the most recent Windows.)

Fan Corner / More on the Lemmings-stringmusic front
« on: December 01, 2017, 12:57:55 am »
Within the next week, I will post a video of the latest product of my increasingly limited downtime. This will be a violin+viola arrangement of the two originals I've always called "Two Lemmings Tango" and "Lemming Calliope." I haven't done much arrangement or composition in over a year and I'm certainly excited to share more of my cacophony with you all! Be on the lookout, possibly as soon as tomorrow!

Take good care of my Lemmings!

Lemmings Main / Re: How to play Lemmings (1991) on a modern PC
« on: November 28, 2017, 08:08:30 am »
My personal vote goes for Lemmini. In the days before I discovered this great community of Lemmings players, I used DOSBox with my old discs, and that was somethin fierce in terms of setup. Modern Windows operating systems sadly do not play well with these things.

Lemmings Main / LEM-off! An idea, of sorts
« on: November 28, 2017, 08:05:22 am »
First off, forgive me if this has been done before. I know full-game playthroughs aren't new per se, (RTW stream is coming to mind) but I just got this thought the other day of a 2-person (or more, I suppose) Lem-off. Basically, both players get on a skype call and begin playing at the same time on the same port, and whoever completes the game first wins. (I'd suggest just using the Lemmini version, but I suppose any could work.)

I understand this might be logistically difficult to stream on Twitch or similar, due to the multiple-screens thing, but I'm betting that could somehow be worked out. Another possibility that occurred to me is just opening it up to an en masse Skype call, thus allowing for as many participants as possible.

The other potential issue coming to mind is timing, as the world is rather large and contains many time zones, :) but again, I suspect this could be worked out.

Just thought I'd float this idea and see if anyone found it interesting. Open to any and all questions, concerns, criticisms, or propositions.

Take good care of my Lemmings!

Lemmings Main / Re: Original Lemmings: 100%ing
« on: April 03, 2017, 05:25:30 am »
Ah ok, thanks! I just wrapped up taxing. I must admit I was particularly proud of acing "A Tribute to MC Escher" and "Mary Poppins Land." I also aced "Triple Trouble" using only 9 builders...a personal record, but I'm guessing that's probably not a first. I'm still kind of in awe that my Upside-Down World solution worked, and I have absolutely no clue how that would've been possible on DOS (without the precision of Lemmini). But now I can't wait to try to find a way to crack "Save Me" with only two casualties that sounds absolutely bananas lmao. :P

Lemmings Main / Original Lemmings: 100%ing
« on: April 03, 2017, 02:54:28 am »
So last night as my insomnia prevented me from shutting my eyes I got an idea (and of course put it into action immediately). I decided to try to 100% as much of the original Lemmings as was possible (note: in Lemmini). Obviously some levels can't be aced (tailor made for blockers, for example). I am currently continuing to pursue this insanity, and I just saved 100% on upside-down world (hardest doable one yet in my opinion). I thought I'd go ahead and list off some of my favorites (highlights) that I've tackled thus far.

Not as Complicated as it Looks
Worra Lorra Lemmings

Lemming Drops
One Way Digging to Freedom
Tightrope City (I still can't believe this worked)
Island of the Wicker People

If at First...
Watch out...Traps
Lend a Helping Hand
The Prison
Livin on the Edge
Upside Down World (!!!)
(That's where I am now, I'll keep this list updated, but thus far those are the ones I'm most proud of)

Notable non-100%s:
Ozone friendly Lemmings (cleared with 3 bombers, pretty sure that's well known though)
Luvly Jubly (cleared with 5 bombers, I had previously always used 6+)
From the boundary line (I can't remember and didn't save this replay but it was at least 90%)

Levels I couldn't 100% but bet someone has:
Compression Method 1 (with the Lemmini version - no steel punching glitch)
Every Lemming for Himself (ok this I really doubt but maybe)

Anyways, I will now continue this fun adventure. (And yes I do have my few favorite replays saved, if anyone was curious.) Just thought this would be a fun bit to share with the Lemmings world.

Lemmings Main / Re: Came across something INSANE
« on: November 26, 2016, 08:23:13 am »
One more discovery...a couple of the select/start buttons react with the "pause/task-select" noise (kind of a *boing*). Again, identical.

Lemmings Main / Came across something INSANE
« on: November 26, 2016, 05:54:10 am »
I've been a Lemmings fan for just about as long as I can remember. As a result, I am constantly looking at things and listening to things and thinking that they remind me of Lemmings. But today I found something extremely interesting. In my adventures across the internet, I found myself playing a game called Desktop Tower Defense (the very first one, not any of the sequels). I had my volume cranked way down, but then I noticed there were some interesting game sounds. I turned it up a bit, and noticed that at the start of each round, there was a "Let's go" sound...and it was an exact copy of the one in Lemmings (I forget which port). Then, as the "creeps" we're each killed, I noticed that the sound effect for this was the lemming "splat-noise" EXACTLY! Furthermore, when a creep made it to the "finish line," the sound effect played was the "Yippee" noise (again I forget which port). As someone who is not very well-versed in game design, I don't know if those are like the game-sound-effect equivalent of stock photos, but I have a hunch they were just stolen directly from Lemmings. (Feel free to check it out yourself, just google "Desktop Tower Defense.") Small world, isn't it?

Fan Corner / Re: Special Levels Music for String Quartet!
« on: October 15, 2016, 03:05:52 am »
Here it is! Enjoy! :)
(We flubbed the end big time, but hey, the rest of it came out in one piece :P)

Fan Corner / Re: Special Levels Music for String Quartet!
« on: October 14, 2016, 10:05:20 pm »
Ok, so it's been awhile hasn't it? Well, I have some exciting news. Live performance tonight (in about 2 hours) of something you have heard part of. As for the rest of it, those of you who played Pieuw's PimoLems will probably recognize it. (I'll go ahead and spoil that this is not the Special Levels Quartet. That one is still in the works.) I will have it recorded and will post a link to it on YouTube as soon as we are done. Be on the lookout for it later tonight. :)

Fan Corner / Re: Special Levels Music for String Quartet!
« on: June 13, 2016, 10:39:28 pm »
I don't have a ton of time to address stuff right this minute, but the awkward transition you reference from menacing to awesome was actually not a transition. It was meant to imitate "danger, danger" at the end of the menacing music. Also the "overly-short" nature of the staccato notes is just a lame facet of noteflight as a whole, real staccato doesn't sound that ugly. (Also, yes the double note exists in the Amiga version, and that was the primary track I used.) Couple of other things: the dramatic pauses in Awesome at the beginning were intentional, as was the little jumpy-section in menacing. Ccex is dead on about the C#-forever viola bit in beast, I just got lazy there. As for the BeastII beginning bit, those pitches are dead on with whatever version I used, I think Amiga, but yes I think it varies by port.

Fan Corner / Ok so I suck at the internet in general...
« on: June 12, 2016, 06:27:08 am »
I noticed something today. I left my score of the Special Levels Quartet public and open to search because I am terrible at editing and viewing settings. I suppose some of you may have already found it by this point. And, that, combined with my continued inability and general laziness when it comes to contacting people and rehearsing has led me to indefinitely put a live recording of that on hold and (drumroll, please) post a link here. I am, as always, open to feedback, but this one is pretty set in stone. Nonetheless, all comments appreicated. Noteflight got a new format recently, so you might have to hunt for the play button, but I trust you all to find it. Enjoy!
-Hyp :)
"Special Levels for String Quartet:"
P.S. (Purely for "legal" purposes) I just listed the composer as "Psygnosis," this should really say "Tim Wright and David Whittaker" but that took up too much space.

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