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2023 Roadmap
« on: March 11, 2023, 06:11:47 AM »
2017 -- 2018 -- 2020 -- 2022 -- 2023

Development in 2023 will focus on:
Back in 2022 and January 2023, I've livestreamed lemforum on several evenings. I haven't livestreamed singleplayer Lix in February and March; instead, I've spent the free time on Lix development.

But I want to return to solving on livestream as soon as the cut button is functional. I'm inserting so much and hopping around in the solution timeline, I don't want to cut another replay by an accidental airclick.

I want to include Proxima's wood tiles and I'll have to fix Basher Walks into Terrain. I have ideas for that bug (and for miner‚̧blocker which is linked from that basher bug) that I still have to write down. Maybe that's already enough for a 0.11.0.

Thus, in the first half of 2023, these bugs and unfinished features have priority.

There are lemforum pack level movements/replacements waiting, and I want to merge some level movements. I forgot parts already, I'll have to plow through the level topics and stream feedback topics.

Development for neutral lix: I'll postpone this in light of the stuff above. I won't work on neutrals before summer/autumn of 2023. We'll see what comes back from the other stuff during summer. I have ideas and decisions with geoo, I'll still have to post those. With all the groundwork that we envision for Lix's internals and for the level format, it'll be too much to cram as stable into 2023.

-- Simon
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