Author Topic: [Bug][Player]Lemming Hoists after going through portal regardless of wall  (Read 3565 times)

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As to copy my quote from Discord
Trying to see if I could continue a climb with the portals, the either hoist on the receiving end ignoring the that there's still a wall to climb and then go back to the left, if placed to far from the wall, they immediately fall back into the teleporter and then they renascend the wall of the previous portal, or here (video Below) where they get stuck in a wall

if there is still a wall the climb they don't hoist before entering the portal, they hoist after the portal and fall afterwards.

I've posted a video below that shows this behavior in action

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The actual bug here is that the portal's receive point is being calculated incorrectly - it's one pixel further right than it should be. Fixing this should fix the behavior you're seeing here. The temporary workaround is to move the receiving portal 1 pixel to the left.
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