Author Topic: [MAJOR UPDATE] SuperLemmix 2.1.1 | Editor 2.2 | Styles 2.1 [BUGFIX]  (Read 2395 times)

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A fork of NeoLemmix featuring new skills, a Classic Mode option and an updated level Editor

Other useful links:

Here are all the features that have been implemented for SuperLemmix so far:

New & Modified Skills (click to show/hide)

Classic Mode (click to show/hide)

Updated Config Menu (click to show/hide)

New Talismans (click to show/hide)

Updated panel (click to show/hide)

Updated sounds (click to show/hide)

DMA Compliation Packs (click to show/hide)

Editor Updates (click to show/hide)

Revised & Culled Features (click to show/hide)

Upcoming features / wish list.
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Re: SuperLemmix 1.0.0, Editor 1.0 Release Topic
« Reply #1 on: March 02, 2023, 01:42:31 AM »
Download SuperLemmix Styles 2.1

This is the latest copy of the styles folder for SuperLemmix. It will be updated periodically, and the version number will appear in the included README file so you can easily keep track of your styles set.

To install, simply unzip the folder and copy/paste the resulting "styles" folder to your SuperLemmix directory.

Any questions, please ask.
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Re: SuperLemmix 1.0.0, Editor 1.0 Release Topic
« Reply #2 on: March 02, 2023, 02:49:33 AM »
Reserved for Music download

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Re: SuperLemmix 1.0.0, Editor 1.0 Release Topic
« Reply #3 on: March 02, 2023, 08:59:12 AM »
Congratulations on the release!

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Re: SuperLemmix 1.0.1-RC, Editor 1.0 Release Topic
« Reply #4 on: March 03, 2023, 10:59:36 AM »
SuperLemmix 1.0.1 Update

An update already (albeit a minor one)!

Due to the updates made here, I would strongly recommend that you delete your "settings.ini" file from SuperLemmix/settings and start over.

Here's what's changed for 1.0.1:

- Updated the Welcome screen to include a choice between 'Classic Mode' and 'Modern Mode'.

- Updated the Hotkeys Config with options for 'Advanced Hotkeys' and 'Clear All Keys', also widened the form factor for easier reading/havigation.

- Fixed a bug where the "-" RR skill panel button was cropped offscreen at the smallest possible window size in windowed mode.

- Increased the default "Resize Window" size to 1776 x 800 (the current width of the panel at maximum zoom x the height of the panel + the height of a standard level); the window can of course be dynamically resized if this is too wide for you, but note that the panel will jump down to minimum zoom when in hi-res mode. I'm currently looking at creating a new panel to correct this.

- Stretched the minimap out to the right a touch; there was available space on that side that wasn't being used, figure I might as well give it to the minimap for now.

- Updated one level file and one music file, plus added Thrower and Freezer to the Lemminas sprites

Congratulations on the release!

Thanks, NieSch! :lemcat:
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Upcoming Features
« Reply #5 on: March 03, 2023, 12:57:28 PM »
This is the current wish list for SuperLemmix. Some of it might not be possible, and some of it might just not happen, so don't take any of it as a promise. I'll try to keep this up to date.

:lemming: Multiplayer mode. Initially, we'll start with 2-Player and go from there.

:lemming: Once we have Multiplayer Lems, I'm thinking "tribe-specific" Exits might be a good idea. Obviously, in actual Multiplayer, all lems need to be able to access all Exits. But, the concept could be adapted for single-player levels to mean that lems of a certain tribe can only access their own Exit.

:lemming: Further improve Rewind mode - the TTimer method is a vast improvement, but button/hotkey responsiveness is still not quite 100% (it's about 95% though, so way better - it was about 75% previously).

:lemming: Turbo FF speed

:lemming: Dynamically resize the skill panel along with the game window - progress on this is slow, but I think I've located most of the code that will need tweaking for this to happen

:lemming: Display current level into on the title bar - getting nowhere with this at the moment, but I'm sure it must be possible

:lemming: Make screens Fade In as well as Fade Out, to make between-screen transitions smoother and more Amiga-esque

:lemming: When reloading SuperLemmix, display the next unsolved level instead of the most recently active, unless these happen to be the same level

:lemming: A SuperLemmix Introduction Pack will need to be made which introduces the fork-exclusive features. I'd like to redesign the pack from scratch ideally, so help will be wanted if anyone fancies designing some levels!

:lemming: Give Orig and OhNo styles independent Hi-Res counterpart graphics

:lemming: Superlemming speed (as a gamespeed and level design feature)

:lemming: Play Without Pressing Pause talisman Implemented in Commit f7d13258d

:lemming: Play in Classic Mode talisman Implemented in Commit f7d13258d

:lemming: Add Visual SFX (similar to - or the same as - those seen in WinLemm and SuperLemminiToo)

:lemming: Animate the grenade projectile so it spins end-over-end

:lemming: Make steel always steel, even if it's behind terrain. Ideal to aim for: steel is steel, even if it's behind terrain, unless it's completely behind terrain

:lemming: We may need to look at culling some of the more superfluous objects that rarely get used, or that frequently cause level design problems. Discussion pending
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SuperLemmix 1.1.1, Editor 1.1 Release Topic [FIRST PROPER RELEASE]
« Reply #6 on: March 05, 2023, 03:27:42 AM »
The first proper release of SuperLemmix is ready!

It's strongly recommended that you get this version even if you downloaded the RC; delete the RC if you have it and use this version instead. There have been a number of tweaks, improvements and bugfixes throughout the program and the included files, including some that are essential for the program to run.

Version 1.1.1 has added the following to what's listed in the OP:

:lemming: The Timebomber is here! Bombers with the 5 second timer are back as a separate, independent skill

:lemming: Updated DMA levels to feature the Timebomber so that they can be played as originally intended

:lemming: Added Thrower sprite to Xmas style

:lemming: Windowed mode now opens with the panel stretched to the full width of the window

:lemming: Slightly improved panel font (this can and will be improved further in a future release)

:lemming: Fixed a few bugs & issues related to graphics & music in the RC release

Enjoy! Feedback and suggestions are welcome.

Please note that from now on the SuperLemmix master downloads will only include styles, music and other files that are necessary for the program to run.
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Re: SuperLemmix 1.1.2, Editor 1.1 Release Topic [UPDATE]
« Reply #7 on: March 10, 2023, 02:40:15 AM »
Bugfixes & Features Update

Download SuperLemmix 1.1.2

It's worth downloading the full thing again; apologies to those few people who've been loyally grabbing each version - I have done my best to keep the download as small as possible (it's currently only 44.17MB).

Here's what new for 1.1.2:

:lemming: Kill All Zombies talisman added (with Editor support) - this works, but will need testing for bugs/wierd behaviour

:lemming: All known Timebomber bugs fixed; the skill now works as expected, although further testing is necessary to fully guarantee its stability

:lemming: Added Timebomber graphics to various subfolders and styles (these are required for SLX to run properly)

:lemming: Fixed bug which re-draws the semitransparent skill_selected graphic over the Pause button when backwards framestepping

:lemming: Added Thrower, Freezer and Timebomber sprites to lemminas_honeycomb, so all Lemminas styles are now available

:lemming: Added jKapp's hi-res logos to DMA level packs

:lemming: Some minor fixes to the DMA level files

Thankyou for continuing to support the SuperLemmix project :lemcat:
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I thought I'd compile a handy list of the main differences between NeoLemmix and SuperLemmix for easy reference. It may come in handy if you're considering porting your NeoLemmix levels over: there are a few things to bear in mind, and you may wish to edit your levels to make them more platform-specific.

:lemming: Note that this table only lists things which are different; any features not listed here are the same for both platforms.

:lemming: For the purposes of this list, "optional" and "non-optional" specifically refers to whether these features can be toggled on/off via the Configurations menu.

:lemming: I have only listed features here which are most likely to directly affect gameplay and custom content creation. Superficial tweaks to the Config menu, GUI, etc, are not listed.

:lemming: *Skill Projections are not to be confused with Skill Shadows. Skill Projections are a more advanced version of Skill Shadows, which project the course of a lemming's activity over an extended range. The more immediate, shorter-term Skill Shadows are available and optional in both SuperLemmix and NeoLemmix.

:lemming: *Any levels using the Orig_Fire, Orig_Marble, OhNo_Bubble or OhNo_Rock water objects will need to be updated to include "(orig_fire) lava", "(orig_marble) poison", "(ohno_bubble) blasticine" and/or "(ohno_rock) vinewater" respectively if you want these levels to appear the same. Swimmers can no longer traverse these objects in SuperLemmix, as they have been repurposed and are no longer "water" objects. See below for details.

:lemming: *Direct Drop means 'fallers' & 'splatters' can exit upon contact with the exit's trigger area. *Jump-to-Exit means that Jumpers and the 'reacher' state of the Shimmier skill can exit in midair upon contact with the exit's trigger area.

Helper Tools: Clear Physics ModeAvailable, optionalAvailable, non-optional
Helper Tools: GFX OverlaysAvailable, optionalAvailable, non-optional
Helper Tools: Direction SelectAvailable, optionalAvailable, non-optional
Helper Tools: Walker SelectAvailable, optionalAvailable, non-optional
Helper Tools: FramesteppingAvailable, optionalAvailable, non-optional
Helper Tools: Skill QueueingAvailable, optionalAvailable, non-optional
Helper Tools: Skill Projections*UnavailableAvailable, non-optional
Helper Tools: RR Jump-to-min/maxAvailable, optional (via Classic Mode)Available, non-optional
Helper Tools: Assign-whilst-pausedAvailable, optional (via Classic Mode)Available, non-optional
Helper Tools: Replay EditingAvailable, optional (via Classic Mode)Available, non-optional
Helper Tools: Replay Insert ModeAvailable, optional (via Classic Mode)Available, non-optional
Helper Tools: 'Selected' Lemming RecolouringAvailable, optional (via Classic Mode)Available, non-optional
Online Tools: UpdatesUnavailableNotification prompts
Online Tools: Style ManagerUnavailableAvailable
Skills: TimebomberAvailableUnavailable
Skills: GrenaderAvailableUnavailable
Skills: SpearerAvailableUnavailable
Skills: LasererAvailable, 3200px rangeAvailable, 112px range
Skills: FreezerAvailableUnavailable
Skills: StonerUnavailableAvailable
Default Sprites: FloaterRed & White UmbrellaYellow Umbrella
Default Sprites: 'Athlete' RecolouringTunic to dark blueHair and tunic swap colours
Xmas Sprites: FloaterGreen Umbrella with lightsYellow Umbrella
Xmas Sprites: 'Athlete' RecolouringTunic to dark redTunic to green
Default Styles: Fire Water object*Available as 'lava' (fire object)Available as 'water' (water object)
Default Styles: Marble Water object*Available as 'poison' (fire object)Available as 'water' (water object)
Default Styles: Bubble Water object*Available as 'blasticiine' (new object)Available as 'water' (water object)
Default Styles: Rock Water object*Available as 'vinewater' (new object)Available as 'water' (water object)
Default Styles: Secondary Trap AnimationsAvailable with revisions (see below)Available
Default Styles: Background ColourAmiga BlueDOS Black
Panel: Rewind buttonAvailableUnavailable
Panel: CPM buttonUnavailableAvailable
Panel: Load Replay buttonUnavailableAvailable
Panel: Framestepping buttonUnavailableAvailable
Panel: Direction select buttonUnavailableAvailable
Panel: Compact ModeUnavailableAvailable
Panel: Show Minimap optionAvailableUnavailable
Mouse Controls: LMB+1 Frameskip (hold to repeat)+1 Frameskip
Mouse Controls: RMB-1 Frameskip (hold to repeat), ConfigurableConfigurable
Game Mechanics: Direct Drop*AvailableUnavailable
Game Mechanics: Jump to Exit*AvailableUnavailable
Game Mechanics: Climber > ShimmierAlways (reach is extended)Only when directly in reach of terrain
Game Mechanics: Slider > DanglerAvailableUnavailable
Game Mechanics: Level SidesSolidDeadly
Game Mechanics: Level TopOpenDeadly
Talismans: Kill All ZombiesAvailableUnavailable
Sound: Optional Exit soundAvailableUnavailable
Sound: RR soundAvailable, pitchedUnavailable
Sound: Skill button soundAvailable, pitchedAvailable, unpitched
Sound: Postview JinglesUnavailableAvailable

If I've forgotten anything, I'll add it to this lest when I remember/am reminded :lemcat:
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Re: SuperLemmix 1.1.2, Editor 1.1 Release Topic [STYLES UPDATE]
« Reply #9 on: April 02, 2023, 04:32:55 AM »
Update to xmas style: added necessary sprites and updated scheme.nxmi

This copy of the xmas style is required to play the holiday levels.

I've also added this update to the main styles download as well, but if you already have that then just download the attached zip and copy it into your existing styles folder.

If you haven't already done so, you can now get all SuperLemmix-ready styles here

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General progress update
« Reply #10 on: April 03, 2023, 05:23:56 AM »
Quite a lot has happened since the last update. A number of bugs have been fixed, and some minor but important features have been added, particularly in the config menu and the UI. I'll give a full overview of the changes on the next release, which will be 2.0.

Meanwhile, the following still needs to be addressed before I can release 2.0. This list is really just to clear my head and refocus what I'm doing. I am hitting the Delphi and Un4Seen forums up for help and I'm understanding most of the answers I'm getting from there, but progress is slow. I don't want to put a deadline on it because there's not really much point, but I probably won't want to hang around with this for too much longer. If I can't find answers to these, then I'll back burner them until the next release after 2.0.

:tal-gold: The Rewind button occasionally doesn't respond when in rewind mode. There is no obvious cause for this, and I even thought I had it fixed at one point. But, the bug is still there. It's very intermittent and doesn't affect gameplay beyond a certain point (it only seems to happen near the beginning of the level). I think this is fixed now. Rewind will need to be extensively tested to confim this.

:tal-gold: Rewind mode remains active when the start of the level has been reached; the player must currently cancel it by pressing Rewind again. This is undesirable, but I can see no obvious way to check if the start of the level has been reached. Such a check must exist because it's currently not possible to skip back further than the start of the level; (having said that, Frameskipping and Restart code simply tells the game to {GoToSaveState 0}). I feel like I'm getting closer to a solution with each attempt, though.This is now fixed. Rewind mode is now completed, but there may still be bugs.

:tal-bronze: I've added a sound to the RR button. At the moment, it isn't pitched, but I've added bass_fx to the project which has this capability. I'll need to play around with this a bit first, and probably won't include the feature at all if I can't get it to pitch up and down successfully. A gentle "boop" sound is OK for a non-pitched version of this feature, but not ideal. It just feels unfinished.

:tal-bronze: At present, the fix for the "selected" graphic repeatedly overlaying the pause button bug is causing the panel sound (changeop.wav) not to cue at all. This problem is also present in NeoLemmix, post-fix.

Any feedback on SuperLemmix so far, btw? I've noticed a number of problems whilst I've been tinkering about with it, and most of them are fixed now, but I can always use a fresh perspective. Comments welcome.
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Re: SuperLemmix 1.1.2, Editor 1.1 Release Topic [POLL]
« Reply #11 on: April 04, 2023, 10:34:55 PM »
Meanwhile, I'm happy to report that the Rewind button is a big step closer to being finished :)

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SuperLemmix 2.0 Major Update - Player, Editor and Styles update
« Reply #12 on: April 27, 2023, 11:45:26 PM »

Major Update - SuperLemmix Version 2.0 is here!

This is a major update, and so it's strongly recommended that you install this version clean, fresh, and in its own directory. - Get SuperLemmix 2.0 here
Styles have also been updated. - Get Styles 2.0 here

Many features have been added, removed or changed for this version, so stability cannot be guaranteed if you overwrite your old copy. If you have any levels, mods, etc that you want to keep from the previous version, please copy them into the new directory and then delete the old one. I know it's a chore, but I won't be doing a major update for a while now, so it's worth doing :lemcat:

Here's what's changed for 2.0. Exciting stuff:

:lemming: Rewind button added

I've always wanted this. It works a treat, but there are still one or two barely noticeable kinks that I'll need to iron out for the next hotfix update. Here's how it looks:

It's also hotkey configurable as well, of course!


:lemming: Pitched sounds for Release Rate and Skill Panel Buttons

The RR/SI buttons and the skill panel buttons now have pitched sound (modelled from Amiga/Lemmini versions). So, the higher the value, the higher the pitch of the sound (and vice versa!).

The RR/SI sound currently doesn't cue whilst the game is paused. This will be fixed in the next hotfix update unless people think it should remain silent whilst paused - feedback welcome!


:lemming: New Lemming states & behaviours

Meet the Dangler! This state occurs when a Slider reaches the bottom of a block of terrain. This is to make the transition between Slider and Shimmier easier when playing in Classic Mode, or in real-time without skill queueing*. Note that the skill shadow is now also displayed:

Meet the Looker! This state replaces the Shrugger state after a Spearer or Grenader has thrown their projectile. Note that the Looker state is 6 frames longer than the Shrugger, so please check whether your levels featuring projectile skills are still playable, if you have any:

Meanwhile, Shimmiers can now be assigned to Climbers at any time, and the transition skill shadow is now displayed. This is so that the transition between Climber and Shimmier is easier when playing in Classic Mode or in real-time without skill queueing*. It also means that Shimmiers can now be used to cancel a Climber. The lemming turns away from the wall and performs the "Reacher" state of the Shimmier skill. If they are within reach of Shimmyable terrain, they'll transition to Shimmier, otherwise they'll fall facing away from the wall (note the skill shadows shown here):


*Previously, there was only a single frame where these transitions were possible (i.e. with Skill Queueing deactivated, that is).


:lemming: New menu cursor

I've added the Amiga menu cursor to the menus! (The in-game cursor is the same as it was previously). Here's how it looks:


:lemming:DMA Compilation Pack updated

Updates to DMA Compilation Pack (click to show/hide)


:lemming: Style & sprite Updates

All OG & Lemminas styles containing sprites have now been updated to include the new Dangler, Freezer, Looker, Thrower and Timebomber sprites (some were missing from the previous version). The Xmas Floater has also been given a nice festive makeover, and the Xmas style background is now Amiga blue:

Other styles containing sprites (such as Mantha's various TV themes, Flopsy's Soniclems, GigaLem's Millas) will need to be updated in order to be included in SuperLemmix. I'm not sure when I'll get time to do it myself, so I'd urge either the authors or someone who's good with graphics editing to get on this so that we can include those styles.

Meanwhile, Minim's styles required to run the Playstation 3 level pack have been added to the default styles.


:lemming: Brand new Welcome Screen

The welcome screen now contains images and the text has been corrected so it fits the dialog. It also has updated SuperLemmix-specific options. Here it is:


:lemming: Show Minimap option

Due to the ongoing debate regarding window size, I've decided that the easiest way to keep the majority of people happy for now is to have an option to Show or Hide the minimap. Doing so adjusts the width of the panel & window accordingly, so if you prefer a smaller window then you may wish to have the minimap hidden.

Hiding the minimap also grants a minimal performance boost, since it is no longer rendered in high-quality when hidden:


:lemming: Exit sound option

It's now possible to choose between "Yippee!" and "Boing!" as your preferred exit sound! This is part of an ongoing experiment to see what's possible with the sound options:


:lemming: Added option to Replay after Restart

Previously, levels always entered Replay mode when gameplay is Restarted either in-game, or when re-playing from the menu screens.

This behaviour is now optional, and set to not enter Replay mode by default:


:lemming: Spawn Interval option added back to the config menu

After much discussion and deliberation, it was decided that there's no good reason not to provide this option:

Note that this always displays as RR when in Classic Mode, since the purpose thereof is to present the game as close to its original Amiga counterpart as possible. I think we can all agree that this is a fair compromise.


:lemming: Menu/preview font recolourings

The scroller text is now hue-shifted from green to blue (and the graphic is slightly bigger to make reading easier - note that the text position is slightly lower to account for this change, so any custom scroller graphics you might have will need to be updated):

And, each line of text on the level preview now has its own colour! This has been modelled on the Amiga version:


:lemming: New "Quit" sign graphic

The Group and Quit signs have been swapped, and the Quit sign graphic has been updated so that each card-holding lemming is unique:


:lemming: Bugfixes

Bugfixes list (click to show/hide)


:lemming: Other tweaks

Some of these may or may not affect your own personal usage of SuperLemmix, so it's worth checking these over:

Tweaks list (click to show/hide)

:lemming: Editor 2.0 is also included

Editor 2.0 Updates (click to show/hide)
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SuperLemmix 2.0.1 - BUGFIX
« Reply #13 on: April 29, 2023, 12:36:10 PM »
2.0.1 Bugfix Update

- Fixed bug which affected saving replays manually. Previously, using the Save Replay hotkey or Postview button would generate a file called "empty_slot.png" (which was actually the saved replay file in disguise!) This has now been fixed, and the replay saving features now fully behave as expected.

I have of course updated the full download in the OP, but if you already downloaded 2.0 you can simply paste the following attachment into your existing copy.


A later update (2.0.2) is now available.
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Re: SuperLemmix 2.0.1 | Editor 2.0 | Styles 2.0.1 | MAJOR UPDATE
« Reply #14 on: May 01, 2023, 02:34:45 AM »
Styles have been updated to 2.0.1 - Click here to download the latest copy.

Changes made to willlem_lemminas, willlem_lemminas_honeycomb and willlem_lemminas_laracroft.

To prevent having to download the full folder every time there's an update, I'll aim to get the online manager back up and running as soon as I can.
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2.0.2 Bugfix Update.

Another bugfix. The "Replay After Restart" option wasn't triggering the "Apply" button, and was still tethered to "Replay After Backwards Skips" (i.e. didn't actually work without the latter also being checked)

It's now fully functional, and works independently of "Replay After Backwards Skips" and/or "Activate Classic Mode."

Main download has been updated to 2.0.2.

If you already have 2.0 or 2.0.1 and don't want to download everything again, just paste the attached .exe over your existing copy.

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To keep the release topic tidy, please observe the following:

For general comments, please post here.
For bug reports, please post a new topic on the SuperLemmix board with the prefix [BUG] in the topic title.
For suggestions, please post a new topic on the SuperLemmix board with the prefix [SUG] in the topic title.

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SuperLemmix 2.1.1 Now Available

This is a major update, so it's strongly recommended that you download this as a fresh installation, and copy any mods/levels/styles/etc from your old copy into the new one.

(God willing, the next available update after this one will include online update/download/installation features, removing the need to download everything each time there's an update. In the meantime, thank you for your patience and support.)

:lemcat: :lemcat: :lemcat: What's new... :lemcat: :lemcat: :lemcat:

New Features

:lemming: Freezers can now be rescued! Instead of removing the lem from the level, the lem is actually frozen inside the cube and can be thawed out when the cube is destroyed by any means (partial destruction counts too). Whilst Frozen, lems cannot receive skills except (Time)Bombers, but are protected against nearby zombies and other traps. Give it a try, it's very cool! 8-)

:lemming: Oh, and the Freezer now has its own Skill Shadow :lemcat:

:lemming: Say hello to the Sleeper! This is a new lemming state in which the lem becomes a neutral and falls asleep in front of the exit. This is to replace the current "Time Up" behaviour in which the lems bunch up in the exit. More than just an aesthetic though, it simulates exit behaviour because the lems can no longer be assigned skills whilst they're asleep :sleep:

:lemming: Level sides and top are no longer deadly - the top is open, allowing Jumpers and Projectile skills to complete their arc of trajectory back into the level. Lems tend not to ascend above the level, but if they do, they'll come back the way they came and won't be skill-assignable whilst above the level. Meanwhile, sides are solid and so lems stop whatever action they were performing and turn around if they manage to reach the side

:lemming: DMA Compilation Pack levels have been tweaked to reflect the changes to the level sides: where necessary, space has been added at the sides of the level to make them generally inaccessible

:lemming: ohno_bubble water is now BLASTICINE! This is a new object which causes lems to explode on contact. Surrounding terrain is not destroyed, the effect is mainly for fun and to make the object non-traversable by Swimmers

:lemming: Similarly, ohno_rock water is now VINEWATER. This new object triggers the vinetrap animation (now a sprite in its own right, the Vinetrapper) instead of the drowner animation, remaining fatal to all lems including Swimmers

:lemming: -1 and +1 Frameskips are now mouse-driven by default. LMB performs a +1 skip as usual, whilst RMB performs a -1 skip unless assigned to something else in the hotkeys dialog. Pressing and holding the mouse button will perform repeated skips, like the framestep buttons in NeoLemmix

:lemming: Menus are now much more keyboard-compatible - all can be closed with the [Esc] key, including the Replay editor. The only exception is the hotkey dialog, which needs to be able to "listen" out for [Esc] for hotkey-assigning purposes

:lemming: Meanwhile, the Level Select menu can now be navigated entirely with keyboard keys - browsing from level to level with the arrow keys displays each preview (which previously didn't happen), whilst hitting [Enter] loads the level into the player

:lemming: Massive upgrades to the Hotkeys config - A new Reset button reverts any changes made back to the previous save and Cancel exits the form without saving changes, whilst Save & Close performs an immediate save and closes the form. Also, hitting "Find Key" no longer opens a dialog, and instead simply displays "Finding key..." directly on the button itself.

:lemming: Lemming names are now customisable! If you've created a style with custom sprites, you can give the set its own unique name (e.g. "Lemminas", "Millas", "SonicLems", "Ghostbusters") and it will appear in the preview and postview screens in place of the word "Lemmings". Singular and plural forms are both supported.

:lemming: An "Assign Fail" sound now plays when a skill assignment has been attempted, but has failed for any reason. There's a sound for general purpose (which can be customised by replacing "assignfail.wav" in the sounds folder), and one for steel (which reuses the existing steel check sound). This feature generates an AV error when the screen is clicked. It has been temporarily removed in 2.1.1 pending a proper fix.

General Updates

:lemming: Rewind mode is now vastly improved: flickering digits on the skill panel have been elimated, and the button responsiveness is now about 95% plus. The button (and hotkey) still sometimes doesn't respond whilst Rewind is active, but it's now a much more rare occurrence - I'm looking into it, and hopefully I'll be able to get responsiveness all the way up to 100%

:lemming: Low-res Builder, Platformer and Stacker now have individual backpack colours

:lemming: All Blocker sprites now shake their heads fully from left to right

:lemming: Release Rate sound is now quieter, has its own dedicated sound file, plays whilst paused, and has a more musical logarithmic curve!

:lemming: Skill panel sound has also been fine-tuned so it's closer to exact musical semitones...

:lemming: Gameplay no longer ends when only zombies remain - this is to support the Kill All Zombies talisman

:lemming: Gameplay no longer ends for single-lemming levels if that lemming has died (if cloned, normal behaviour is resumed)

:lemming: Gameplay now ends if the save requirement is met AND time has run out

:lemming: Gameplay now ends on "Time Up" when in Classic Mode

:lemming: Gameplay now ends when no time, lemmings, or zombies remain

:lemming: Button selectors are now drawn on all buttons including RR -/+ and Restart

:lemming: Panel graphics have all been given an upgrade thanks to Jeremy Kapp; the new ones look much more neat and pristine, especially in hi-res

:lemming: Meanwhile, the skill panel digits have been made shorter to better accomodate the skill icons (particularly the Floater) - it's an improvement, but this may change again depending on feedback

:lemming: Hatch and pickup numbers have been reverted to the previous graphic from NeoLemmix (albeit with a slight pinkish hue). The new Amiga-style countdown numbers remain active for Timebombers and Nuke

:lemming: F2 and F3 have been swapped in the main menu; F2 now opens the Config options, and F3 opens the Level Select. It was either that, or swap the position of the cards

:lemming: Zombies now have their own death sound when falling out of a level, much more befitting a zombie

:lemming: Preview screen now says "By X" instead of "Author: X" - the latter has now been implemented in the Level Select menu instead. So, they've swapped, basically


:lemming: Jumper > Exit skill shadow is now displayed correctly

:lemming: Amiga menu cursor hotspot is now more accurate, thanks to Jeremy Kepp for the improved graphic

:lemming: Timebomber, Freezer, Grenader and Spearer now appear in hotkey config dropdown

:lemming: Fixed bug which caused helper graphics to be displayed in low-res when switching between resolutions and screen sizes

:lemming: Blockers can now be assigned on One-Way-Fields in both directions

:lemming: Lemmings can now ascend out of Freezer cubes (if they're not the lem that had the Freezer assigned to them), Lix-style

Editor Updates

:lemming: Auto-start checkbox is no longer checked by default, but its state is remembered when closing and re-loading the Editor

:lemming: Alt + Arrow keys now move selected pieces by a custom amount (specified in the F10 settings menu - the default is 64px)

:lemming: Pressing Ctrl + Alt before moving selected pieces with the mouse activates Horizontal-only movement, allowing the selected pieces to be moved only along the X-axis

:lemming: Similarly, Ctrl + Shift before moving selected pieces with the mouse activates Vertical-only movement, allowing the selected pieces to be moved only along the Y-axis

:lemming: Pickup skill graphics now display correctly

:lemming: Support for Blasticine and Vinewater added

Have any comments? Please use the SuperLemmix Discussion Topic.

Get your copy of SuperLemmix 2.1.1 here
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Re: [MAJOR UPDATE] SuperLemmix 2.1.1 | Editor 2.2 | Styles 2.1 [BUGFIX]
« Reply #18 on: June 01, 2023, 05:03:53 AM »
2.1.1 - Bugfix update

Had a couple of reports that the gameplay screen in 2.1 was generating an AV error when clicked. This has now been fixed in 2.1.1. It turns out that the "Assign Fail" sound procedure was causing the bug, so this feature has been temporarily removed until I can find a proper fix.

All other 2.1 updates, features and bugfixes remain intact. I've also added some updated menu & panel graphics courtesy of jkapp76.

Enjoy! :lemcat:
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