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TOP 10 Hardest NES lemmings level
« on: November 03, 2021, 08:48:56 AM »
See here is topic TOP 10 hardest lemmings levels and TOP 10 hardest oh no more lemmings levels. I think i can make some really fresh analyze TOP 10 hardest NES Lemmings levels. Actually Gameboy version levels are similar, as NES but those levels are make much easier on gameboy version of the game. For example mayhem 19 allow you lost both blockers, Nes version not allow lost anything.

My TOP 10 list
1: Mayhem 19 How much more can you take (difficult 10/10)
I´ll list that my first one. Mayhem 20 was even harder my first playthrough, but its much more simply than this level overall. This level might be some real hard to solved and completed first time.

2: Mayhem 20 They are clean and green (difficult 10/10)
Really, super hard starting and end saving in this level.  Also this level are making harder on NES than Gameboy version. Here is only 1 allowed lost on NES. Some timings are even harder than mayhem 19 IMO.

3: Mayhem 16 Hello John got a new lemming (difficult 9/10)
My old route make this level super hard. New strategy is completion much easier. Mostly all difficult come with very complicated solution. Many things could goes wrong all times and you really need handled NES lemmings mechanism here.

4: Taxing 13  Can you stand the heat (difficult 9/10
This level is really complicated. Its quite easy when you how know solved it, but first time its could take good amount time. Even this is short and simply looking level. Its incredible tough one.

5: Mayhem 9, Pass me that lemming (difficult 9/10)
Here is at least two different solution and that 2nd make it at least easier. But my 1st and 2nd playthrough this level was insane hard to solved. Later i got find pretty cheap way beat this one.

6: Mayhem 13 Revenge of the lemming (difficult 8/10)
This is one all levels might your way got stopped most players. Its allow you only two lemmings lost (Gameboy version allow 3 lost and make this level cheap) But making two lost, you have understand how NES lemmings mechanism work.

7: Taxing 23 Help my lemming of fire (difficult 8/10)
Okay this is hard level, at least your first playthrough. Thats take me while when beat it. That was also one my big question? about pause free playtrhough, but got it pretty easily done here.

8: Taxing 22 Seen it all before (difficult 8/10)
All difficult are extremely hard timings. Actual solution is not that hard and complicated.

9: Mayhem 23 Keep quiet at the back (difficult 8/10)
Its quite complicated level. Its still fun level, might take while to solved your first time.

10: Mayhem 22 Is that lemming licensed (difficult 8/10)
Here is at least two different solution beat this level. Its could be little bit hard, because many things could goes wrong at end and this level is one longer entire game. So its might give some frustrating.

Thats my NES version TOP 10 hardest list.

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