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I don't have a mic at the moment, so it wouldn't be for at least a few days... but would anyone maybe be interested in trying Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes?

For those unfamiliar with it, it's a communication-focused co-op puzzle game about defusing bombs! One person is the 'defuser' while one (or more) people are 'experts'. Experts can see the manual which has the instructions on how to disarm the bomb, while the defuser can see and manipulate the bomb itself... but the experts can't see the bomb and the defuser can't see the instructions, so it's all about communicating info back and forth to disarm it successfully!

Anyone can be an expert, even if they don't own the game, but you need to own the game to be a defuser. I might be willing to gift it to people. Expert is better for people who like math and solving puzzles. Defuser is better for group leaders, and people who like interacting with stuff. Of course, if multiple people own the game, you can swap back and forth. Can be played with 2+ players, I think 3 (1 defuser + 2 experts) is the ideal number, but I have no problem playing in a group of 2 or 4+ too.

I won't necessarily know what days I'll be unavailable until the day before. However, on days where I am available, I am available for a very big chunk of time. 6AM-8PM AEST comfortably. That's 1PM-3AM pacific, 4PM-6AM eastern, 9PM-11AM british.

EDIT: I got a new headset much earlier than I thought. Today, in fact. So I'm good to go whenever.

This looks like great fun, count me in! :thumbsup:

I'm interested. Let me know like at least an hour in advance on discord or something about it; can't promise I'll be able to join but I'll try.

Lol I like the very old school commercially- feel to the explanation video

sounds exactly like my kind of thing but i dont have a headset only microphone is the one built into my laptop

Do you each have roles (defuser or expert) you would prefer, or would you want to try both roles out?

If you want to defuse or play both, I can gift the game to you. Add me as a friend on Steam or provide me with an email to gift to (can PM/DM). My Steam username is "DireKrow".

Also mantha, if your laptop mic is good quality, it could still work. Another possibility is using your phone if you have discord on it. You will need to be able to talk and play the game (if defusing) or do working out (if expert) at the same time, though.


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