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If Lemming was a character in Super Smash Bros.
« on: December 21, 2017, 09:42:35 pm »
I've been thinking a lot about what kind of a character Lemming would be if he were to make into the roster in Super Smash Bros. I have developed a pretty thorough analysis of what the Lemming wold be like, his moves, etc. For the curious: this is what I would make Lemmings be like:

Possible Lemming Colors

1. Normal lemming color
2. Athlete color (green shirt, blue hair)
3. Water lemming (blue hair, white shirt)
4. Acid lemming (green shirt, orange hair)
5. Highland lemming (blue shirt, orange hair)
6. Shadow lemming (dark blue shirt, dark blue hair, orangeish skin)
7. XMAS lemming (cute little Santa outfit)

Move set

Entrance into level: hatch appears, which the lemming pops out of in typical Lemmings fashion

Walk: normal lemming walk
Run: runner animation
Duck: normal duck - not from any Lemmings game
Crawl: normal crawl - not from any Lemmings game

Jump: jumper animation
Double jump: runner-jumper animation
Prolonged jump: glider - pulls out glider and slowly descends, like in NeoLemmix
Hit wall: Lemming becomes a climber and can climb up and down the wall at ease, as well as jump off of it

Swimming: swimmer from NeoLemmix

Neutral A: basher - repeatedly punch an enemy
Walking A: club basher - swing a large club, has high knockback and power for a tilt move
Running A: skier - skies into enemies, damaging and knocking them back a bit
Up tilt: fencer - fence with a rapier in an upward direction
Down tilt: scooper - scoop an enemy and buries them in dirt

Side smash: miner - hit an enemy with your pickax, very powerful
Up smash: laser blaster - shoot a laser blast upwards, has a large hitbox, but is much smaller than in L2
Down smash: blocker - push hands outwards to knockback enemies who get too close

Neutral air: twister - spin around several times, sucking enemies in, damaging them, and knocking them away
Forward air: spearer - thrusts an enemy with a spear
Back air: planter - pull out a plant from L2 and knock enemies back with it
Up air: floater - open your umbrella, knocking upward enemies away
Down air: diver - dive straight down to the ground, reaching the ground quickly and hitting enemies in your path

Grab: normal grab - not from any Lemmings games
Pummel: punch/bash - repeatedly punch the enemy you are grabbing
Forward throw: throw - the enemy forwards, similar to the rock thrower animation from L2
Backward throw: roller throw - rolls like in L2, then throws the enemy backwards
Up throw: floater throw - throw enemy up, then knock them farther up by opening your umbrella
Down throw: stomper - repeatedly stomp on the enemy before they break free

Shield: normal Smash Bros. shield
Forward roll: roller - from L2
Backward roll: roller - from L2

Neutral special 1: bomber - throw a bomb at the enemies, similar to Mega Man's hyper bomb move
Neutral special 2: archer - shoot an arrow with your bow, similar to Link's bow move or Pit's bow move
Neutral special 3: flame-thrower - torch enemies who get close to you, similar to Bowser's fire move

Side special 1: rock thrower - throw a rock at enemies; rock is fast and has decent knockback
Side special 2: bazooka - shoot a bazooka, enemies next to it will receive great damage and knockback
Side special 3: pole vaulter - smashes enemy with pole and leaps gracefully over them

Up special 1: builder - builds a bridge like in Lemmings. It can be destroyed and only lasts for a short time. Only one on screen at a time.
Up special 2: SuperLemming - blasts straight up, knocking away enemies in your path
Up special 3: Icarus wings - flaps wings thee times, each time gaining more height and hitting nearby enemies

Down special 1: digger - digs into the ground, rapidly damaging enemies and cutting clean through to a lower level of the course
Down special 2: stoner - throws a NeoLemmix stoner downward, hitting enemies it touches
Down special 3: sand pourer - dumps sand everywhere, racking up a good amount of damage to nearby enemies

Taunt 1: Oh no! - Makes the Oh no! animation but doesn't blow up
Taunt 2: Shrug - shrugs like builders do at the end of their building animation
Taunt 3: Attractor - plays music like in L2, changes music/animation depending on the Lemming's costume

Final smash: Nuke - summons a ton of Lemmings out of hatches who all blow up after 5 seconds, damaging and knocking back enemies. If enemies are caught in the middle of lots of lemmings, they will suffer heavy damage and likely be KOed.

Winner jingle: Level compete - Lemmings Revolution


The Crankshaft from Lemmings 1, the reason being it is iconic, and is one of the few stages that could function well as a Smash Bros. course.

Music for the level:
Amiga Lemmings compilation
DOS Lemmings compilation
SNES Lemmings compilation
Genesis or Master System Lemmings compilation
Medieval theme - L2
Highland theme - L2

Some tracks from Paintball and Revolution and Touch? I am less familiar with those though.
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Re: If Lemming was a character in Super Smash Bros.
« Reply #1 on: December 21, 2017, 09:55:36 pm »

The first song in this lemmings paintball youtube video could definetly serve as a smash bros track

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Re: If Lemming was a character in Super Smash Bros.
« Reply #2 on: December 22, 2017, 01:04:25 am »
Color 8 - CGA Lemming (Cyan Hair, Magenta Tunic)

this is a nice list, I honestly wanted to do that myself but I was thinking of using purely L1 skills