Author Topic: [bug] [player] Crash on saving replay when pack not in workdir  (Read 1306 times)

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  • Put the nxp file in ~/softw/win/neolem/nepsterlems/packs/
  • Put the NL exe in ~/softw/win/neolem/nepsterlems/
  • Be in the exe's directory
  • Start the pack with wine NeoLemmix.exe ./packs/seb-1.00.nxp
  • Win the first level
Instead of showing the results screen, game shows the above error, then exits after I click OK.

The bug doesn't manifest when I do either one of these:
  • Go into the pack's dir, run the game with wine ../NeoLemmix.exe seb-1.00.nxp
  • Move the pack into the exe's dir, run with wine NeoLemmix.exe seb-1.00.nxp
On Windows, when you drag a file from a different dir on an executable, what is the working directory?

[05:50] <SimonN> it is the build without the fading
[05:50] <SimonN> let me check version
[05:50] <SimonN> 1.44
[05:50] <namida42> the no fading build is based off V1.43n-F

-- Simon
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