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Author Topic: [Android] Lemmings-like game (WIP)  (Read 67779 times)

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Re: [Android] Lemmings-like game (WIP)
« Reply #225 on: March 17, 2018, 04:52:53 pm »
Updates are not frequent, but I'm still working on the game + the level-editor.
I've just added a new Object: "Top-to-Bottom" 1-way arrows, for Miners, Diggers and Bombers :)

[work in progress...]

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Re: [Android] Lemmings-like game (WIP)
« Reply #226 on: March 17, 2018, 07:53:36 pm »
Havent looked in this thread for a long time, but nice to see what's been added.
The downslope builder seems like a cool ability.

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Re: [Android] Lemmings-like game (WIP)
« Reply #227 on: March 18, 2018, 09:55:10 am »
Thank you! :)
Making this game is a slowww process, but I work on it whenever I can.

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Re: [Android] Lemmings-like game (WIP)
« Reply #228 on: April 28, 2018, 03:00:03 am »
I'm working on the possibility to load NeoLemmix's Lemmings1-compliant levels in jLevelBuilder, and I've just succeeded in making it work with the "Pillar" tileset :)
(it will also work for the other tilesets soon, but I still have to translate some ".nxlv" files' data into Lemmini's format).

Do not expect instant 100%-accurate compatibility, though, because NeoLemmix's tilesets have been customized (reworked sizes for tiles, Exit+ExitTops are now merged, ...), therefore some tweakings may be needed before playing your NeoLemmix's L1-levels in the Android game. (but initial results should be good enough to quickly play your levels on Android!)

For example, in the level below, I just tweaked the Exit (slighly relocated on the Y axis + added the exit's top). That's all.
The level used in the example is "Lemmings_Now_Looked_Up" from "DeceitLemmings".

- I loaded the ".nxlv" level in jLevelBuilder,
- I tweaked the Exit
- I saved the level in the Android format (an extended version of a Lemmini's level file)
- I copied/pasted the exported level onto the Android device.

I'll keep you updated with news when I'll be able to load even more tilesets (should be soon ;))

- 1) top screen: "Lemmings_Now_Looked_Up" loaded in jLevelBuilder and NeoLemmix's Level Editor
- 2) middle screen: level's intro screen in the Android game
- 3) bottom screen: playing "Lemmings_Now_Looked_Up" on smartphone.

the other tilesets from Lemmings1/Oh No More Lemmings work, too. :)
- below: 2 more "Lemmings/Oh No More Lemmings"-compliant levels for NeoLemmix, playable on Android. (levels from "DeceitLemmings")

... and, of course, one can zoom in :)
(=> the zoom factor on the screenshot below is not the maximum zoom: one can zoom-in much, much more)

Please remember, the Android game doesn't read NeoLemmix's level ".nxlv" files natively.
NeoLemmix's levels are read in jLevelBuilder and, then, exported/saved in Android game's native file format (looks like Lemmini's file format).

One more thing:
if you can provide a NeoLemmix's ".nxtt" translation file for your own custom tilesets (that's easy), as well as your graphics in Lemmini's format (and that's easy, too), then you should be able to play your NeoLemmix's L1-compliant levels on your Android device ;)
=> since you can load your own tilesets (in Lemmini format) in the Android game, therefore there's no restriction about using classic tilesets only ;)

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Re: [Android] Lemmings-like game (WIP)
« Reply #229 on: November 24, 2018, 12:36:03 pm »
Hi, here's a short report on the project's status:

- 1) my "TODO" list for the game's level-editor is now empty since... few minutes :D
The level-editor now suits my needs in order to create the game's levels.

- 2) about the game itself :
- no more features are added now (no more skills to be announced, for example). Features are blocked!
- I haven't found new bugs recently, but I have a short "TODO" list for stuff to be polished here and there (nothing really important, actually... and I'll probably discard some (many?) items in this TODO list).
... Well, everything looks pretty much good, except that I recently broke the "Save/Load Replay" feature :( This is the very big problem I have with the current version of the game: replays no longer work :( :( :(
Recently, I didn't have time to seriously tackle this bug, but this is now the priority, since everything else seems ok.

- 3) TODO for everything else (2D-graphics stuff, mainly) :
- create game's skill icons
- create new animated sprites for Lemmings (because of obvious copyright issues, they can't/won't look like original Lemmings)
- create/update/improve (new/existing) tilesets
- create levels for the game, using finished tilesets
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