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Site Discussion / Re: Lemojis!
« on: June 15, 2022, 11:24:55 AM »
People are allowed to just make lemojis for the forum without being a mod or like applying to be an artist?

It's a free forum, you're allowed to do as you wish unless you're in violation of site rules/guidelines. Making lemojis for the site is, as I understand it, just as welcome as creating levels for one of the clone engines.

I didn't know that, maybe I should have a go at making some.

Go ahead!

Thanks for taking the time to give some feedback. I agree with what you've said about :geek:, the glasses do kind of just blend into the outline. A simple way around this is to change the colour of the frames; I tried a few different colours and settled on orange, see what you think.

As for :shrug:, at this point I'd probably only want the animated version to be included with the regular set, if at all. I agree that the static one is a bit unclear.

Designing emoticons is fun, but I've always felt like the Lemmings case is made a lot harder by them not having a mouth... There's only so much you can tell by someone's eyes!

Therein lies the challenge! There are many ways to push the limits of the format to make them more expressive:

Something as simple as adding two spots of colour to the cheeks for Embarrassed :-[ and Cute :cute: is enough to convey their meaning fairly well
Huh? ??? adds a question mark to convey confusion and/or inquisitiveness
Crylaugh :crylaugh: adds teardrops to the regular Laugh lemoji :D, presenting a more expressive laugh
Forehead slap :forehead: adds a hand to the forehead to show exasperation, frustration, embarrassment, sarcasm, etc - the facepalm has always been a very versatile emoji
Lemcat :lemcat: blends feline features into the regular lemming face - this one's inspired by the cat face emoji
Sleep :sleep: adds zzz's, of course

Most of these additions are based on regular emojis that can be found on various platforms, so most people are likely to be familiar with them and get what's going on.

The challenge for the designer is to continue to play around with the format to see what's possible.

NeoLemmix Styles / Re: Fish fillets style
« on: June 08, 2022, 10:30:06 PM »
+1 for joining Discord.

The underwater theme looks great btw :thumbsup:

Site Discussion / Re: Lemojis!
« on: June 08, 2022, 10:23:34 PM »
A couple more lemojis - :shrug: and :geek:

Do people like these? Should we add them to the current set?

Backgrounds section now added.

At this point, I consider the topic to be complete. Please PM me if you have any questions, or if I have omitted something important from this topic.

NeoLemmix Levels / Re: Integral Lemmings
« on: May 21, 2022, 01:45:18 AM »
Here's a Save-36 on Epsilon 2 What Lems Beneath. This is an optimisation/slight variation of Swerdis' solution which
Spoiler (click to show/hide)

Site Discussion / Re: Lemojis!
« on: May 20, 2022, 07:27:45 AM »
A couple more lemojis - :shrug: and :geek:

Note: :shrug: is animated; I've also included a static, non-animated version

NeoLemmix Levels / Re: Integral Lemmings
« on: May 20, 2022, 06:53:57 AM »
Aaaand that's the Alpha levels completed. Really enjoyed these, some good solid map designs in here and an appealing variety of levels. These are difficult; anyone who hasn't played L1 completely would struggle with these for sure. However, the open-endedness is inviting and helps to get the brain in gear for the later levels.

Some feedback on each level:

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

Enjoy the replays :lemcat:

NeoLemmix Levels / Re: Integral Lemmings
« on: May 20, 2022, 03:47:55 AM »
Absolutely love this level :thumbsup:

NeoLemmix Levels / Re: Integral Lemmings
« on: May 18, 2022, 12:48:54 PM »
Having a look at Alpha today, these are some neat levels! Open-ended whilst still presenting an interesting challenge, and the map layouts have a simplistic and minimalist charm to them which can be difficult to manage when designing this sort of level. Great work! :thumbsup:

Saved 39 on the zombie level Unfriendly Neighbours. The simple design of this level is very deceptive, as it's actually quite difficult to work out how to get around the zombie crowd. I'll keep going for the 40, I'm sure I can do it - Method 2 is the closest I've got so far :lemcat:

NeoLemmix Levels / Re: Lemmings Redux [Easy-Medium]
« on: May 14, 2022, 01:59:03 AM »
I couldn't find any solution of Manic 12. Can somebody help me, please?

Here are my replays. The initial solution is a bit of a hack, but it gets the level solved. If you'd rather have a hint than a solution replay:

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

As for the talisman, the fewest builders I can solve this with is 1. Maybe these "1 Builder" solutions might help to point towards what the talisman solution actually is. It's probably something super fiddly and awkward, like (Method 2).

Hope this helps :lemcat:

SuperLemmini / Re: [SuperLemmini] WillLem's SUPERLEMMINAS
« on: May 14, 2022, 12:42:33 AM »
Level Pack Updated

The lemminas style has been updated; some new pieces have been added, and I've merged the trap graphics that had separate elements so that they are now a single graphic. Some have also had improvements made to their trigger points.

Any affected levels have been tweaked slightly to reflect these changes, but it plays identically as before: no replays are broken.

The updated style and levels are included in the OP download. Or, you can:

:lemming: Click here to get the latest version of SUPERLEMMINAS :lemming:

Please note that this pack was written for SuperLemmini. If playing in SuperLemminiToo, it is strongly recommended that you disable the Timed Bomber option!

Forum Games / Re: Count to 1000
« on: May 09, 2022, 06:25:38 PM »

Atlantic 252 Classics - a legacy radio station from Ireland

How about in the case where levels can still be completely fixed up with an intended solution with, say, 4 or 5 versions? In that case, to you, do you think it's worth it to fix it up after 3 versions you limited yourself to?

Good question. I guess that, conversationally, it really depends on how good a level I think it is. However, I think that what actually happens is that the barometer is lowered with each fix I have to make.

So, for example, let's say I make a level which I think is a 10/10 awesome level. It can be easily backrouted, so I make one fix which only changes the level slightly; at that point, I probably think it's more like 9.5/10. Then, oh dear, it can still be backrouted so now I have to really mess with the layout; now it's an 8/10. Another backroute means a third fix, this time forcing me to use pickups or some other drastic level-ruining measure; it's now probably no more than 5 or 6/10 after having had 3 fixes, and is likely to end up getting scrapped.

In another example, I make another 10/10 level (I must be on a roll! ;P). An easy-to-miss backroute can be just as easily fixed, so it's a 9.5/10. Another backroute means having to add a bit of steel; oh well, I can still make it look cool so it's only gone down to 9/10. Yet another backroute means a slight change to the skillset or something being moved a few pixels; I'd consider this the final fix, and the level sits pretty at 8.5/10. If it can still be backrouted, I accept that this is the case, and maybe even embrace it (make it a talisman, or even open up the level even further). This one will be kept.

The above scenarios are obviously not exact, and can happen in different ways. What I'm really illustrating is that some levels just seem to get worse and worse with more and more backroute fixes, whereas others largely remain intact with each fix. In the former example, I'll almost certainly stick to the "maximum 3 fixes" rule and scrap the level. In the latter, I might still stick to just 3 fixes and then leave it as it is, or if I do decide to keep working on it then I'll more likely go in a totally different direction with it altogether. If that happens, I almost class it as a new level rather than a new version.

Very rarely, I might provide further fixes if I reeeeally think a level is worth it. But, we're talking 1 in 100 levels as opposed to every level.

As you've said, everyone is different. There seems to be a positive correlation between solving skill and tenacity when it comes to level updates, i.e. the strongest solvers (Icho, Armani, yourself) tend to release multiple versions of their levels and will think nothing of getting to version 7, 8 or even higher. The mindset seems to be that they want to challenge the other players who are equally skilled, and so nothing other than the version which only allows the intended solution will do! (Of course, I could be totally wrong here!)

Blue & Pink it is. I think I prefer the idea of keeping the original theme going :thumbsup:

Added a poll. Here's how the choices look. Classic Green & Blue on the left, Original Blue & Pink on the right:

NOTE: I'm going with Blue & Pink in the event of a tie

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