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General Discussion / [UK MEETUP] Another UK meetup for Autumn/Winter?
« on: September 24, 2023, 06:29:22 PM »
Due to the success of the Summer UK meetup, it seems like a good idea to get another one planned for Autumn/Winter. We can choose somewhere warm and indoors (ideally) but that still provides things to do, places to sit and chat, play board games, etc.

This is just to spark interest, we can decide on details once we know who's interested in attending.

It's been suggested previously, with discussion here and here, but now that SuperLemmix has become quite heavy on the rendering (what with Projectiles, Freezer, Ballooner, Superlemming mode, Rewind, Turbo FF, etc.) it might be time to go ahead and retire the minimap.

As with NeoLemmix, SuperLemmix currently offers the option to deactivate the HQ minimap, instead showing a monochrome rendering of the level (as per most L1 ports). However, SLX also provides an option to deactivate the minimap altogether, in order to shrink the screen horizontally without resizing the rest of the panel. Both options also result in a graphical performance uptick that's most noticeable on larger levels and those with a lot of animated objects.

Particularly, with the minimap deactivated, the improvement to graphical performance is remarkable. And with SLX moving further and further into "Lemmings 2" territory, perhaps culling the minimap is something of a no-brainer to offset the increasing demands on the graphics rendering.

Reasons for:

:lemming: Significantly improved graphical performance

:lemming: More panel space - room for extra skill/function buttons if so desired

:lemming: Screen resizing becomes less problematic

:lemming: Tidies up the interface

:lemming: The ability to zoom in/out and fast-scroll pretty much obsoletes the minimap anyway

Reasons against:

:lemming: The minimap is a traditional Lemmings feature, and goes somewhat hand in hand with "Classic Mode", which aims to present the game as close to the OG as possible

:lemming: The minimap does occasionally come in handy for quickly jumping to another part of the level, and for seeing where lemmings are when they're offscreen

:lemming: It's already optional - maybe this is enough, with players able to decide for themselves whether they'd rather have the traditional L1 display or a graphical performance boost

Another option would be to keep the minimap, but provide the option for it to be toggleable on and off whilst in-game; I'm pretty sure that this is possible. Furthermore, the game could periodically check to see what framerate it's running at, and if it drops below a certain threshold, a popup message could prompt the user to toggle the minimap off in order to gain a performance boost. That way, it's dynamically available depending on whether or not it actually is impacting performance.


Added a poll.

This suggestion has arisen from a PM from mobius:

Quote from: mobius
during certain stages of a miner if you assign fencer it will cancel quickly; I'm assuming because the fencer falls or doesn't have satisfactory terrain to proceed. Is this intentional? I just checked and this also happens in NL. I don't know if this is intentional or desired; just bringing it to your attention.

SuperLemmix / [FEAT] Lasers can now kill Zombies (and pop balloons!)
« on: August 15, 2023, 02:27:14 AM »
As of SuperLemmix 2.6, we have the ability to kill zombies and pop balloons using a Laserer's laser beam!

For either, the laser can either directly hit the balloon/zombie, or the balloon/zombie can drift/walk into an already-active laser beam. As with Projectiles, Zombies explode (no destruction crater) and balloons pop, causing the Ballooner lem to fall.

The feature is currently being tested in the RC, and has been implemented in Commit 11cacc831

SuperLemmix / SuperLemmix 2.6-RC | Testplayers wanted!
« on: August 11, 2023, 11:39:09 PM »
Hi all,

Throwing out the opportunity to get in on the ground floor with the new Ballooner and Ladderer skills; both are now ready for playtesting, bugfixing and shaping into their final versions.

If you'd like to volunteer to test SuperLemmix 2.6-RC with these skills included, please let me know and I'll PM you a copy.

Thanks! :lemcat:

SuperLemmix / [SUG] Require levels to have a nonzero number of exits
« on: August 10, 2023, 03:19:27 AM »
How would people feel about SLX requiring levels to feature at least 1 exit, a save requirement of at least 1, and at least 1 non-zombie & non-neutral lemming?

Reason: at present, a level counts as "passed" if the save requirement is zero and the level ends for any reason, which doesn't seem right; same applies if the level has no exit. I realise that this will mostly only come up during testplaying, but it still seems a good idea to set a basic standard for level creation.

This has been debated previously for NeoLemmix (N.B. - my own "contribution" to this previous discussion can pretty much be disregarded at this point), albeit more from the point of view of updating the way replays are handled in this scenario.

I've pretty much got this working; so far, we count how many exits there are right at the start of gameplay. If the result is 0, a message pops up informing the player that the level can't be played due to not having at least 1 exit, and then gameplay terminates to the postview screen.

If levels are also required to have a nonzero number of normal lemmings, and a nonzero save requirement, then the level also wouldn't be automatically solved.

Also, note that it would be possible to bypass this requirement when testplaying the level via the Editor.


SuperLemmix 2.6 will feature an option to either load the next unsolved level, or the most recently active. Since both are potentially desirable depending on the gameplay scenario, it makes sense to have this option handy.

For instance, current behaviour is that the most recently active level is always loaded regardless of whether or not the level has been solved; this can be useful if, for example, testplaying a level or running a challenge. However, when making your way through a pack, you will most likely want it to always load the next unsolved level in that pack.

Note that "next unsolved" and "most recently active" are always chosen dynamically based on the outcome of the most recently played level, regardless of any previous outcome on that level.

So, for example, if "Next Unsolved Level" is chosen, gameplay will always jump to the next unsolved level after the most recently one played. So, if levels 1-10 are completed and level 11 is unsolved, then level 2 is re-played for some reason, SLX will choose level 11 (rather than level 3) upon successful completion of level 2...

...Conversely, if level 2 is not successfully completed (in this example), even if it was previously completed, then it will once again become the next unsolved level, and will be the level that is loaded next time SLX is opened. This is true in either case, since it is both the "next unsolved" and the "most recently active" level.

Furthermore, as long as levels 3-10 are not played again, a subsequent successful completion of level 2 will once again restore level 11 as the next unsolved level.

I hope that's clear enough. Suggestions/comments/questions welcome. Here's what the option looks like - if in doubt, choose "Most Recently Active Level" as this is current NL/SLX behaviour:

Implemented in Commit 8b81c48e6

From this topic:

Quote from: jkapp76
It might be quite an interesting thing if a zombie could hit a button after crossing poison.

It's in the title.

We now have the Laserer, which is a much better way to create a horizontally-upwards tunnel through terrain.

And, for those levels that need the slower movement of the Fencer or the Builder-bridge compatibility, the Miner can be used instead to achieve the exact same end result.

Furthermore, both Miner and Laserer tunnels are already Shimmier-compatible - the Fencer would require significant work to meet this same standard, and it just doesn't seem worth it at this point when there are so many other features and suggestions that need attention.

Finally - I've never really thought that the Fencer made any sense aesthetically. Although, I realise that simply changing the name and animation would be enough to fix this particular issue.

Added a poll - please vote and share your thoughts. Thanks!

SuperLemmix / [SUG] Projectiles should kill Zombies & Pop Balloons
« on: July 10, 2023, 10:51:34 AM »
From this topic:

Quote from: jkapp76
The possibility of some projectile killing a zombie is also a cool idea idea, I've suggested that spears or grenades kill zombies before.

SuperLemmix / [SUG] New skill - Batter/Flinger
« on: July 10, 2023, 10:44:17 AM »
From this topic:

Quote from: Proxima
Lix's batter ... is a unique and really interesting movement skill because of the way it requires one lemming/lix to interact with others, and a whole crowd can be batted if they are tightly packed; it also allows blockers to move without removing terrain.

And, from this topic:

Quote from: jkapp76
Flame Thrower: I agree this is replaced by the grenader pretty well, but I would make this one very different.
I would recommend making the flame perform like the old ghost gimmick; the flame will turn around any lemming (or zombie) it hits.

SuperLemmix / [SUG] New object - Magnetic Field
« on: July 10, 2023, 10:39:17 AM »
From this topic:

Quote from: Strato Incendus
Magno Booter: This is one we previously discussed for NeoLemmix. It would probably be hard to code, though. Especially if, for added utility, it would work like the gravity-reversal objects in Lemmings Revolutoin, where Magno Booters could build / platform / stack / mine / fence / dig / laser-blast upside down.
probably the one with the most versatility, especially if it’s a permanent skill that can start using other skills upside down (which it can’t in L2: The Tribes). Probably the hardest to implement, though.

Quote from: Floyd Brannon
Magno-booter! C`mon, we all want this. We just don't expect to get it. I'm no programmer, but I think this would be best if it's temporary. Clicking the booter would begin a timer and cause the lemming to fall up. When the lemming hits the ceiling it can walk upside-down until the time runs out, then he falls. This would be the crown jewel of Super Lemmix skills.

SuperLemmix / [SUG] New object - Trampolene
« on: July 10, 2023, 10:34:22 AM »
From this topic:

Quote from: Strato Incendus
PS: L2: The Tribes also has trampolines. With the reintroduction of Radiation and Slowfreeze being discussed (=objects that assign Bombers and Freezers), I could see a trapoline acting as an object that turns a lemming into a Jumper, but only if he falls onto it from above. It would also prevent splatting, like an anti-splat pad or updraft. To simplify things, the Jumper width could be independent of fall height (in contrast to Lemmings 3D / L2: The Tribes).

Then again, if the Runner is considered, that would already be a skill that alters the Jumper’s range. So perhaps, these two questions should be discussed in context.

SuperLemmix / [SUG] New skill - Runner [Shelved until further notice]
« on: July 10, 2023, 10:30:04 AM »
From this topic:

Quote from: Strato Incendus
The Runner: It already exists in Lix, and the only reason it doesn’t in NeoLemmix is that it tends to add execution difficulty where the NeoLemmix player wants none. For SuperLemmix, though? It seems tailor-made! :thumbsup:
should be comparatively easy to implement

Quote from: jkapp76
Having one lemming run ahead to perform skills seems great. And having a runner perform a higher jump would replace
the vaulter for sure.

SuperLemmix / [SUG] New skill - Ballooner
« on: July 10, 2023, 10:27:56 AM »
From this topic:

Quote from: Strato Incendus
Ballooner: This one might be interesting without the fan, since it can get up vertical obstacles that the Climber cannot pass. It would require an automatic move into the direction the lemming is currently walking, though, once it finishes. Alternatively, perhaps it could be implemented as an upward Glider, moving diagonally upwards as soon as it is assigned. This would also fit with the NeoLemmix / SuperLemmix version of the Laserer, which is diagonal, too — while L2s Laser Blaster is vertical.
something to overcome those pesky not-Climber friendly obstacles that are way too high for a Jumper or single Builder

Quote from: Floyd Brannon
Ballooner! This would be the best upward-vertical option I think. There is also lemmings artwork showing lemmings in balloons.

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