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Loading Replays for Levels Within Packs

You're trying to load a replay file in SuperLemmini, and you get the dreaded error message:

Level specified in replay file does not exist

Well, fear not! Here are some easy steps to get around this issue:

STEP 1. Make sure that the level actually does exist in your SuperLemmini directory - this is obviously necessary!

STEP 2. Open the replay file in a text editor

At the top, you should see the following text:

#Players 1

And, directly below this will be the level identifier. It follows this format:

#Name Of Pack, X (rank number), Y (level position), Rank, Title Of Level

So, for example, Havoc 17 Where Lemmings Dare would appear as follows:

#Oh No! More Lemmings, 4, 16, Havoc, Where Lemmings Dare

Note that in SuperLemmini, counting always starts at 0. So "Fun" would be 0, "Tricky" would be 1, "Taxing" would be 3, etc. and the same goes for level numbers as well. If this part of the replay file is incorrect for any reason, edit it to match the correct title/position of the level.

STEP 3. Now try to load the replay again.

Loading Replays for External Levels

PLEASE NOTE - If you are trying to load a replay for an "External Level" (i.e. one that isn't part of a pack), this is what usually causes issues, since SuperLemmini does not index External Levels permanently.

However, the above steps still apply; these levels will invariably appear like this in the replay file:

#External Levels, 0, 0, Single Levels, Title Of Level

You may need to load the level itself back into External Levels, make a note of its position in the list, and edit the replay file accordingly. So, if you're loading a level called "Blah-dy-Blah" at position 8, the above text would need to be modified as follows:

#External Levels, 0, 7, Single Levels, Blah-dy-Blah

Again, note that if the position in the list is 8, then its relative SL index is 7.

I hope this helps, comment here if you have any problems relating to this.


Lemmings and Oh No! More Lemmings by DMA Design
Remastered for SuperLemmini!

The version of the original games that ships with SuperLemmini is just fine, but this is an enhanced, remastered version which presents these levels in an improved way. Here's how:

:lemming: Better-behaved steel - the steel has been set to "Autosteel" and "Non-classic", which in SuperLemmini means that the steel areas fit the steel blocks exactly; it's possible to destroy all of the surrounding terrain using the various skills, whilst the steel itself is always indestructible (N.B. even if a steel block is partially overlapped with terrain, it will still be fully rendered as steel - see full explanation of the steel behaviour here.)

:lemming: No fake objects - in the early LVL files, water and fire objects outside of the "playable" area of the level were sometimes marked as fake, since they were only there for decorative purposes. This remaster restores all visible objects in every level as real, and therefore they will behave as expected; this may be handy for challenges and remix levels, as well as adding consistency and removing the potential for the levels to be misleading.

:lemming: Restoration of missing decorative terrain previously cropped from larger levels - the levels in SuperLemmini were cropped slightly at the far right, meaning that any decorative terrain in that area of the level was partially hidden. This has been corrected, so all decorative terrain is now restored and visible.

:lemming: All bonus and 2-player levels are now accessible from the main level pack folder - the 2-Player levels are now in their own folders within the main level pack, where previously they were not accessible from the level select menu.

:lemming: 2-Player levels edited for single-player use - As much as is possible with the multiplayer maps, these levels have been edited so that the screen start is in a better area, and the hatches spawn lemmings in both directions to emulate the multiplayer experience as closely as possible. All other level attributes remain exactly as they were originally.

:lemming: Better naming scheme for the level files - All levels have been renamed with their rank number, level number and full title for greater convenience and easy access (e.g. "101 - Just Dig!", and "430 - Rendezvous At The Mountain").

:lemming: No oddtabling of the repeat levels - each level in Lemmings now has its own unique .ini file and ID, where previously the repeats would simply "refer" to the .ini file of their counterpart. Again, this can be very handy for locating the levels individually for any reason, or for making remix levels.

:lemming: Enhanced and repackaged "special levels" graphics - The "special levels" graphics have been compiled into a single style folder called "DMA", complete with recoloured entrances and exits as per the Amiga version of the game. The level graphics themselves are now also separate, unique PNG files within this style (as opposed to "special" counterparts of other styles), so are far less likely to cause issues such as "unable to find" error messages, which these levels have previously been prone to. As long as you have the DMA style installed in your SuperLemmini directory, these levels should now work perfectly.

So, enjoy this restored, enhanced version of the original games in your copy of SuperLemmini! :lemcat:

N.B. It's very likely that any of my future record-keeping will refer specifically to this copy of the game, and if Tsyu becomes active again any time soon, I'll suggest to him that these copies replace the existing SuperLemmini ones (with community consensus, of course).

To install, simply unzip the folder to your SuperLemmini directory; it contains everything you need to run the game, including the levels themselves and the "DMA" styles folder. Please don't hesistate to comment or message me if you experience any issues get your copy set up.

SuperLemmini / [BUG] Basher/steel interaction in SuperLemmini
« on: January 13, 2021, 11:52:18 PM »
This video shows it better than I can tell it, but basically - even with Classic Steel turned OFF, and with the steel area resized to fit the block exactly, there are sometimes wierd instances of a lemming hitting "invisible" steel in the vicinity of the actual steel area.

I'll investigate this a little further, but I'm fairly certain it's a bug.

Edit Simon: Spelling of title

Walkers should have priority when in the thrower state, because you cannot assign a throwing skill to a lemming in that state
This is only a bug in regards to them having the priority over shruggers.

In that case, I'd suggest that:

a) the "shrugger" state be something different - maybe the lem could put their hand on their forehead as if to look at what they've thrown, before continuing walking (e.g. a "looker" state)

b) this state be activated as soon as the current projectile leaves their hands - or, maybe, no more than 2-3 frames later, allowing for a nicer animation

SuperLemmini / SuperLemmini Steel Behaviour
« on: January 12, 2021, 03:05:12 PM »
OK, SuperLemmini users, I need your feedback here.

I'm looking at doing a remaster of the two original games, Lemmings and Oh No! More Lemmings. The versions that currently ship with SuperLemmini are great, and certainly represent the games well enough, however there are one or two things which could be improved, namely:

:lemming: recoloured entrances and exits for the "special" levels - these have already been done, and will definitely be included in the remaster

:lemming::lemming: "well-behaved" steel - at the moment, the current setup closely mimmicks classic Amiga steel, i.e. it can sometimes be destroyed by Bombers and Bashers, and the steel "areas" extend outside the actual steel block itself. Whilst this is consistent with Amiga lemmings, SuperLemmini is not Amiga lemmings, and has the opportunity to correct this behaviour.

To my mind, the "best behaviour" for steel is to represent it as a solid block whose area covers the exact space that the block occupies (i.e. regardless of whether or not it is behind terrain). Here's a visual representation:

The current behaviour - note how the steel area extends beyond the block itself; also "classic steel" is enabled in the SL versions of the levels, meaning that it can sometimes be destroyed depending on where the destructive skill is assigned relative to the steel block.

"NeoLemmix-style" Autosteel - this is the steel rendering method used in NeoLemmix; the steel area fits only the visible part of the steel, and, crucially, steel is always indestructable with this method. This is beneficial for knowing exactly whereabouts the steel areas are, but is inconsistent with the shape of the actual steel block (as marked by the yellow outline).

Here's what I propose - in the 1.43 editor, it's possible to make the steel areas fit the block exactly. This means that the steel blocks will be as "real world" consistent as possible, i.e. even if a steel block is partially hidden behind terrain, that part of it will still "exist" as steel. N.B. Since posting, I have discovered that this is exactly how SuperLemmini interprets "Autosteel" anyway, so it can be described as "SuperLemmini-style Autosteel" - image updated accordingly

I will also disable "classic" steel, meaning that steel itself cannot be destroyed, but the terrain immediately surrounding it can be.

I've added a poll to the topic to see what people think should happen with the steel areas; I'll go with whichever option gets the most votes.

:lemming::lemming::lemming: no "fake" objects - in the original LVLs, some of the water and fire objects are actually fake, i.e. they don't operate as water or fire (there are also fake steel and terrain pieces, but these are invariably set to "Erase" and so are not interacted with anyway).

These fake objects are, in all cases, outside the "playable" area of the level (i.e. they are not intended to be reached by any lemming). However, when remixing or converting levels, these fake objects can sometimes cause issues, either by not appearing at all (in the case of LVL to NXLV conversion), or by simply not having the expected function (i.e. water or fire).

It's my general belief that, if an object is visible, it should perform the expected function, even if it's only for decoration. Therefore, the remaster will enable these objects as "real" rather than "fake".

Thoughts, comments and discussion regarding the above is very welcome. If Tsyu ever makes a re-appearance, I'll suggest to him that the remastered version replace the current one, so it's important to get as much feedback as possible from the community regarding the state of these levels.

If the feeling is that they should remain exactly as they are, then I likely won't even bother to go ahead with the remaster at all. If, however, people can see the benefits of the proposed changes, then it is a job worth doing.

Note that all of the above can be done relatively quickly: the entrance/exit recolourings for the "special" levels have already been done, the proposed steel behaviour must be done manually but doesn't take too long (I can change the steel for a full pack in less than half an hour), and removing the "fake" check from objects can be implemented in minutes. So, time isn't a factor here - it's important to know what people think would be best.

If I receive no feedback at all, then I'll assume that people don't care either way, and go ahead with the remaster anyway.


Here it is - two freshly updated reverse packs for SuperLemmini!

The collection comprises the following packs:

Oh No! More Reverse Lemmings (click to show/hide)

To install, simply unzip the folders to your SuperLemmini directory.

Let me know if you need any help or encounter any hiccups; SL has not been updated for a long time and can sometimes be temperamental, but the vast majority of issues are easily resolved :lemcat:

Lemmings, but with the entrances and exits swapped!

Lemmings Main / [TO-DO LIST] My current lemmings-related projects
« on: January 06, 2021, 11:18:38 AM »
I'm making the best of the recent sudden increase in time at home by focusing completely on creative projects. Amongst these is, of course, some super-cool lemmings stuff!

Since I've been very forum-active recently, I thought I'd compile and share a list of what I'm working on at the moment (I'll edit this as I go along, and as items get completed I'll delete them from the list):

1. Lemmings, But With Lemminas! for NeoLemmix and SuperLemmini (64 levels). A remix pack of the original game but using the Lemminas sprites and music; initially, this was intended as a mini-demo for the Lemminas mod in SuperLemmini but it kept growing and some of the levels turned out to be really good, so I'll be releasing this one as a pack on both platforms and most likely filming an LP for it. Awaiting tweaks, conversion to NXLV and full set of replays. [ETA = 1 week]

2. SUPERLEMMINAS for SuperLemmini (16 levels). Lemminas, but at SUPERLEMMING SPEED! This one will be another mini-pack following the recent SUPERLEMMINGS, but featuring the Lemminas sprites, style set and music. Not yet started, but I do have some ideas. [ETA = 4 weeks]

3. Inverse Lemmings for NeoLemmix (40 levels). A remix pack which inverts the entire terrain layout of the level whilst leaving the entrance hatch and exit in (more or less) their initial positions. This one's awaiting a possible update to water physics and is a relatively low-priority pack given the scope of the rest of this list, but I'm looking forward to it not just being a figment of my imagination any more! [ETA = TBA (update-dependent)]

4. Lemminas II for NeoLemmix (50 levels). I'm waiting until the rest of the items on this list are done and dusted before diving into this one. I already have a few levels and style pieces made, and the idea is to make it 5 ranks of 10 levels. It will feature 5 new music tracks, a much more diverse style set, (possibly) new colourings for the sprites, and it will certainly feature whichever of the new skills make it into NeoLemmix 12.12. There's no rush with this pack (it may even be closer to the end of this year that it gets completed), but the ideas are building, I've been listening to a lot of electro music recently and my keyboards are beckoning... :lemcat: [ETA = 6-12 months]

5. Compose and produce a set of music tracks for others to use in their packs. This is something I've wanted to do for a long time, and I'm just beginning to take steps towards making it a reality. The aim will be to create about 10 or 15 lemmings-style music tracks that draw inspiration from the orig and ohno tunes, in order to provide the community with completely original music for creators to use in their levels. This one will likely take the longest to complete but it is definitely going to happen. Watch this space! [ETA = 6-12 months]

I also have the following LPs planned:

1. The remaining few episodes of Just The First Rank for NeoLemmix; there are still a few packs I've yet to do for this series, and I'm looking forward to getting them played.

2. Lix Editor Review for Lix; looking at how to use the in-built Lix Editor to make a basic level.

3. Lemmings, But With Lemminas for SuperLemmini; this will showcase the Lemminas mod.

4. SUPERLEMMINAS for SuperLemmini; in keeping with the trend so far, I'll LP this one Pause-free once it's finished.

5. Lemmings Reunion for NeoLemmix/SuperLemmini; for this, I'll LP one level per rank on both the NeoLemmix and SuperLemmini platforms, to see what the differences are in gameplay, etc.

6. Lemminas for NeoLemmix. This is perhaps long overdue, but I do want to LP this and talk a bit about what inspired each level's solution, and the making of the pack itself. Very self-indulgent, I know, but I just feel it's worth doing and if I have some time after doing everything else on this and various other to-do lists, it will most likely happen at some point.

NeoLemmix Main / [NeoLemmix] Ideas for challenges
« on: January 06, 2021, 10:29:30 AM »
Since this topic is proposing ideas for challenges, I wasn't sure whether it should go here or on the challenges board itself. Please do move it if necessary, mods.

Here are some new ideas for challenges! I'm not sure if some of these already exist (or variants thereof), if so then please do link me up to the existing challenge and I won't bother creating new topics for them.

That said, since NL has received so many updates recently, it's probably worth giving the ones that already exist a fresh start anyway, or at least a nicer-looking results table :lemcat:

Onwards! - all lemmings must face in the direction that they spawn in for the entire level. If a lemming turns at any point during the solution, it's a fail.

Onwards and Upwards! - same as the Onwards challenge, but lemmings cannot fall or descend at any point during the level.

Suicidal Tendencies - basically the Karoshi gimmick but as a challenge. Since NeoLemmix allows you to create replays of failed levels, the idea here is to save 0 lemmings; fewest skills/fastest time is also a factor here. Doing nothing at all also counts as a fail: time must not run out (or count up infinitely). No nuke button goes without saying.

The Construction Crew - use only constructive skills to complete the level; fewest/fastest is a factor.

The Destruction Crew - ditto, but for destructive skills only.

The Golden Skill - use only 1 skill type to complete the level (editing allowed); fewest repeats is a factor.

Just Keep Swimming - which levels can be solved making non-trivial/non-arbitrary use of the Swimmer skill? (editing allowed; any other skills can be used in combination with the Swimmer to make a workable solution).

Floaters vs. Gliders - I'm not sure exactly what this challenge would entail, I only have the title at this point! I'm thinking something to do with seeing which levels work best with Floaters, and vice versa...

This one was talked about on Discord and it was suggested that I create a topic for it, so here goes!

Just wondering if it's possible to add the "button selected" graphic (currently a white rectangle) to gfx/panel and panel-hr to make it a customisable image. This way, all graphical elements of the panel can be edited.

Editor Bugs / Suggestions / [SUG][EDITOR] Customisable hotkeys
« on: January 04, 2021, 11:12:53 PM »
It's in the title; it'd be great if all current editor hotkeys and actions could be user-defined.

I noticed this whilst doing some resizable graphic tests.

This doesn't happen with all nine-sliced objects, and I think it has something to do with the position of the slice. In the following example, the "splat/antisplat glow" objects have a RIGHT_20 and LEFT_6 slice for resizing purposes (ny less than that on each side results in an inconsistent graphic due to shading):

This only affects the graphic in the editor; it appears fine in-game:

I have attached the png and nxmo for the antisplat glow in case the fault is with either of these (the splat glow is identical but recoloured to red).

Calling all SuperLemmini enthusiasts! :lemcat:

This topic will be a place to gather all records for the official DMA Lemmings games played in SuperLemmini, including Maximum number of lemmings saved, Fastest time to complete the level, and Fewest skills used. You are warmly encouraged to get involved and help create some records.

Since this is an engine-specific topic, and the SL player base is relatively small, it seems to make sense to gather all of the records into a single topic rather than split them into separate topics (let me know if you'd prefer otherwise and I'll consider splitting them).

Note that in spite of gathering them into one table, these records will be kept independently of one another; so if you beat a level in 50 seconds with 10 skills, and then beat the same level in 1 minute with 8 skills, the records will show 50 seconds for Fastest Time, and 8 skills for Fewest Skills.

If you wish to submit a record, please provide a .rpl replay file for verification and your name will be added to the table! If you wish to remain anonymous, please PM me with your replay and I will post the record unnamed.

Please use the regular challenge boards/topics for levels played in other engines.


Oh No! More Lemmings
Holiday Levels
Bonus Levels

Help & Guides / How To Run Lemmings Revolution in Windows 10
« on: January 02, 2021, 11:32:09 AM »
I ran into some issues getting Lemmings Revolution to run in Windows 10, so I've decided to document here what I did in order to get it to work. Hopefully, if you're encountering the same problems, this will solve them for you as well! :lemcat:

You will need a working copy of the Lemmings Revolution CD (or a legit Iso image of the CD) in order to get it working; this guide assumes that you have one. You can pick one up from eBay very inexpensively.

Lemmings Revolution Setup Guide for Windows 10

Step 1: Enabling your PC to run 32-bit apps

There are likely several ways to achieve this, but here's the method I used:

1. In Windows Search, type "features." Choose the Control Panel app "Turn Windows features on or off" under 'best match'.
2. Check the box beside "Internet Information Services" and click OK to install. It will take about 30 seconds. Close the dialog when done.
3. In the Windows Search, type "IIS." Choose the app "Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager" under 'best match'.
4. Once open, navigate to the left pane (under "Connections") and you will see your PC listed. Click the arrow to Expand and choose "Application Pools".
5. In the main part of the window, right-click on "DefaultAppPool" and choose Advanced Settings from the context menu.
6. Under 'General', click on "Enable 32-bit Applications", click the arrow and change the value from 'False' to 'True'.
7. Restart your PC.

Step 2: Installing Lemmings Revolution from the CD/Iso

1. Insert the Lemmings Revolution CD into your disk drive and choose "Run Setup.exe" or navigate to your CD drive and run the "SETUP" application.
2. If 32-bit apps are succesfully enabled on your PC, you should see a dialog for choosing your preferred setup language. Go ahead and choose, then click "OK" to begin the installation.
3. Choose a "Typical" installation, which will load all necessary files onto your PC. It may mention several video or audio codecs, more recent versions of which are already installed on your machine and therefore will not be replaced - go ahead and click OK to move past this and complete the installation process.

Step 3: Installing the Full Color v1.0 (Beta 3) patch required to make the game run smoothly on Windows 10

1. Navigate to the OS (C:)/Program Files (x86)/Take 2 Interactive Software Europe/Lemmings Revolution directory.
2. Download the attachment "Full Color v1.0 (Beta 3).exe" and place it into the above directory.
3. Right-click on "Full Color v1.0 (Beta 3).exe" and choose Run as Administrator.
4. In the command window that opens, press any key to begin the patching process (it may run automatically). Once complete, close the command window.

You can now run Lemmings Revolution from the Lemmings Revolution.exe Application!

N.B. Note that, for the game to run, the CD must be in the drive, or the Iso file must be mounted into the relevant virtual drive (usually (E:)).

I'm wondering if it would be possible to display "General Records" in the F2 menu as well as "My/Player Records", so that if someone submits a set of replays, the General Records can be updated by performing a mass replay check on them (whilst preserving the Player Records separately).

It would also be super handy if it could display the username of the person who has generated a particular record, for ease of cross-referencing and updating records on the forums.

I'm thinking an extra rosette icon (different colours) could be used for it, just next to the current one.

SuperLemmini / Physics differences between SuperLemmini and NeoLemmix
« on: December 29, 2020, 03:44:54 PM »
I recently brought up the idea of having records topics for SuperLemmini, and I was asked by Gronkling on Discord whether there are any physics differences which may affect challenge results.

I am aware of some differences already, but I thought it might be worthwhile to investigate further and document as many as I can find. Some of these differences may affect challenge results, but others are unlikely to make any significant difference. Either way, it's interesting to see how the engines differ.

So, here are the differences that I'm aware of. Please comment if you know of any others and I'll add them to this list.

2. Lemmings do not walk through diagonally opposite pixels This has been refuted. They do, in fact, "check" downwards when walking through a checkerboard (consistent with Amiga physics). This item will be removed from this list in due course.

3. Steel oddities (click to show/hide)

Thanks to Turrican and ericderkovits for supplying images, replays and videos.

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