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So, you want to convert your old (or new!) pack of .ini levels to new-formats NeoLemmix, namely the .nxlv format, so that they can be played in NeoLemmix as well as (Super)Lemmini(Too).

There are a number of ways this can be achieved, but here's the way I do it. Everything you need for this method is attached to this post:

1. Create a backup of the .ini levels that you want to convert

2. Create a New Folder on your Desktop and name it "Converted Levels" (or something you'll remember later)

3. Open the NeoLemmix 10.13.13 Editor (a copy of this editor is attached here)

4. Go to Tools > Mass Format Converter

5. Click "Add Files" and browse to the levels you want to convert

6. Select all the levels you want to convert (you can select multiple levels at a time) and click "Open". The converter will be populated with all of the levels you want to convert

7. Click the "..." button next to Output Directory, and browse to the "Converted Levels" folder you created on the Desktop earlier. This is a neat way to keep the converted levels separate from the originals, and will make the next few steps of the process much easier
N.B. Make sure that Delete Source File is UNCHECKED - you should NOT delete the source file as this will delete the original level

8. Go ahead and hit "Convert." The conversion process should only take a few seconds! Once done, it's worth opening your "Converted Levels" folder on the desktop to check that the resulting .lvl files are all there :thumbsup:

9. Open the NeoLemmix 12.9.4 folder (attached here)

10. Move your "Converted Levels" folder from the desktop to the "levels" folder in the NeoLemmix 12.9.4 directory

11. Open NeoLemmix 12.9.4

12. Press F2 to navigate to the level select menu and select "Converted Levels" from the list

13. Press OK. This should load the first level, so hit Esc to back out to the NeoLemmix menu (you may get a "Could not find logo.png" error - just ignore this and hit "OK")

14. Once you're at the main NeoLemmix menu with your levels loaded, hit F8. This will run the Cleanse Levels process. You'll know it's happening if the scroller lemmings stop moving. Once the process is complete, a dialog box will pop up to let you know it's completed, and if there were any errors (hopefully there aren't! See troubleshooting if you're having problems).

15. Go to the NeoLemmix 12.9.4 directory - there should new be a folder in there titled "Cleanse". Inside this folder will be a folder containing your levels in both .lvl and .nxlv format! You're done :lemcat:

NeoLemmix Main / [SUG][TOOL] .nxlv to .lvl converter
« on: March 11, 2022, 03:00:55 PM »
Is possible? :lemcat:

Lemmings Main / Touchscreen Lemmings?
« on: March 02, 2022, 09:45:26 PM »
There is a version of Lemmings here which launches in a browser and can be played via touchscreen if viewed on a mobile or tablet.

This makes me wonder...

Could a web-hosted lemmings game essentially become "touchscreen lemmings"? The one I've linked to isn't without its issues; it's difficult to get it to fit into the screen, it's very easy to accidentally make the browser bars and stuff appear mid-game, and it sometimes takes a while to respond to a command.

But still, "website as app" is a concept which exists, so maybe this isn't beyond the realms of possibility, and could maybe done with an existing version of lemmings...?

2nd EDIT: This bug has now been fixed for SuperLemminiToo, but still appears in SuperLemmini.

EDIT: This issue appears to be affecting individual levels rather than whole packs. It can happen with both custom packs and those bundled with SL(Too).

I have tested this with the following custom packs:

Lemmings, But With Lemminas!
Revenge Of The Lemmings - the level "Lem Dunk" (other levels seem to work)

The bug is that when a level is played with "Unlock All Levels" enabled (either via the option in SLToo or via the 0xdeadbeef debug mode in vanilla SL), the completion status and player records are not displayed, despite the level being completed. If  play continues for several more levels, completion status and player records are saved for the subsequent levels, but never the initially loaded level.

For example:

If I load Lemmings, unlock all levels, and complete just Fun 8 by itself, no records will be shown and the level is not marked as (completed).

If I play Fun 8 - Fun 12, records will be shown for levels 9 - 12, and these will also be marked as (completed), but level 8 will remain blank.

NOTE: I'm using Java JDK 17

NeoLemmix Levels / [NeoLemmix] Lemminas II (50 Levels) [Difficulty: Medium]
« on: February 22, 2022, 10:22:04 PM »

Check out the Records Table

The Lemminas are back for their second adventure! And this time, they have 5 different worlds to navigate!

Help them escape the gelato-splodged landscape of Purple Kingdom and enter the lush new lands that await them...

This pack includes several new styles as well as 5 brand new musical tracks created by yours truly :lemcat: As always, there are a mix of original tunes and some themes borrowed from classical music and nursery rhymes, in keeping with the Lemmings tradition.

Feast your eyes on these screenshots to whet your appetite:

Screenshots (click to show/hide)

It's taken more than a year to fully develop this pack. From its inception as an intended expansion pack for the first Lemminas, it has now grown into completely its own project. The likelihood is that this pack itself will get some bonus levels in the future, so watch this space! 8-) ;)

Acknowledgements (click to show/hide)

Music Credits (click to show/hide)

Setting up Lemminas II:

I've put everything into one zip folder called Lemminas II which can be extracted directly to the root folder of your copy of NeoLemmix (the extractor will place everything where it should be). However, if you prefer to do these things manually, ensure that you do the following:

Place the contents of the "levels" folder into NeoLemmix>levels
Place the contents of the "music" folder into NeoLemmix>music
Place the contents of the "Replay" folder into NeoLemmix>Replay
Place the contents of the "sound" folder into NeoLemmix>sound
Place the contents of the "styles" folder into NeoLemmix>styles (all styles will soon be available via the NeoLemmix Manager, but here they are just in case!)

Recommended settings: NeoLemmix 12.12+ / High Resolution / No Smooth Resampling / Normal Quality Minimap

Please feel free to use any of the content (i.e. music, sounds, styles) for your own packs; just remember to credit me if you do.

Enjoy Lemminas II!

Lemmings Main / [INDEX] Official Lemmings resources
« on: January 13, 2022, 03:18:58 PM »
This post is a WIP, links will be added soon.

This post is an index of all the official Lemmings resources (i.e. graphics, music, sound) that we have available. This includes all games, and for as many platforms as possible.


Amiga | Graphics - Music
DOS | Graphics - Music
Mac | Graphics
Windows '95 | Graphics - Music

Oh No! More Lemmings

Amiga | Graphics - Music
DOS | Graphics - Music
Mac | Graphics
Windows '95 | Graphics - Music
Acorn | Music

Lemmings 2: The Tribes


Lemmings 3: All New World of Lemmings


Lemmings Revolution

PC - Full game

Lemmings Tribes (2008)

Unknown Platform - All resources

It's in the title, but just to unpack it a bit...

When configuring Hotkeys, there are 3 options which mention shadows:

Toggle Shadows
Projection Shadow
Skill Projection Shadow

Am I to understand that "Toggle Shadows" turns all types of shadow on and off, or does it just affect regular Skill Shadows (with Projection Shadows and Skill Projection Shadows being still available as "hold" keys)?

Also, what is the difference between a Skill Shadow, a Projection Shadow, and a Skill Projection Shadow?

Closed / [SUG][PLAYER] Nudge minimap left & right using hotkeys
« on: January 10, 2022, 08:53:11 AM »
I'm currently experimenting with mapping NL controls to gamepad. I currently have the right analog stick setup so that a nudge to the left or right accelerates the mouse cursor to the far left or right of the screen, with it then "springing" back to the centre when the stick is released.

The effect this has is to nudge the gameplay screen left and right, as shown here.

Would it be possible to build this functionality into NL so that "nudge minimap L/R" (for example) could be set to hotkeys without disturbing the position of the mouse cursor?

If you're in a level with classic 8 skills, for example:

When you have Digger selected and you press "next skill", could it loop around to Climber, and vice versa?

NeoLemmix Main / Playing NeoLemmix with a Gamepad
« on: January 08, 2022, 09:49:05 AM »
OK, so I've decided I'm going to have a go at mapping the NeoLemmix controls to a Gamepad. I've chosen the Wii Classic Pro Controller, since it can be plugged into my PC using the 8bitDo GBros adapter for basically 0 lag and it has 14 usable buttons and 2 analog sticks.

Here's my thinking, mapwise. Obviously I've had to choose the most essential commands for mapping to buttons:

L-Analog-UpMouse MoveMouse Cursor Up
L-Analog-DownMouse MoveMouse Cursor Down
L-Analog-LeftMouse MoveMouse Cursor Left
L-Analog-RightMouse MoveMouse Cursor Right
R-Analog-UpMouse Wheel UpZoom In
R-Analog-DownMouse Wheel DownZoom Out
R-Analog-LeftMouse MoveSpring Mouse Cursor Left (for level scrolling)
R-Analog-RightMouse MoveSpring Mouse Cursor Right (for level scrolling)
D-Up+Increase Release Rate
D-Down-Decrease Release Rate
D-LeftLeft ArrowDirection Select L
D-RightRight ArrowDirection Select R
SelectWSelect Walking Lemming
HomeN/AN/A (Cannot be assigned)
StartOReplay Insert Mode
ALeft Mouse ButtonLeft Mouse Button Click / Skip Forward 1 Frame
BRight Mouse ButtonRight Mouse Button Click / Skip Backward 1 Frame
XNum0Skip Forward 100 Frames
YBackspaceSkip Backward 25 Frames
L-BumperDown ArrowPrevious Skill
R-BumperUp ArrowNext Skill
ZL-TriggerFFast Forward

Here's a shortlist of my other most-used commands, which I may swap in if I find I'm using them more than any of the above:

Current Hotkey in grey

Show Athlete Info A
Quit Esc
Max RR Num+
Min RR Num-
Nuke N
Cheat Delete
Slow Motion >
Save Replay S
Load Replay L
Highlight Lemming U
Cancel Replay C
Edit Replay E
Toggle Music M
Toggle SoundX
Restart R
Release Mouse Enter
CPM Toggle Caps Lock
CPM Hold V
Toggle Shadows H
Show Used Skill Counts :

Site Discussion / [SUG] Allow video embedding
« on: December 14, 2021, 06:06:48 PM »
It's in the title. A lot of times it's useful to be able to show something in a video, and there are apparently already several BBcode tags which allow video embedding: [video][/video] and even [youtube][/youtube] are both apparently in general use elsewhere.

If a Builder enters a portal, they continue building on the other side (i.e. after exiting the receiving portal).

However, new lems subsequently going through that same pair of portals cannot walk onto the Builder's bridge, as shown:

Engine Bugs / Suggestions / [SUG] Xmas sprite colours/recolourings
« on: December 10, 2021, 12:28:40 PM »
Looking at the xmas sprites again, there are a couple of things I'd suggest regarding the colours. The aim with this suggestion is to strike a balance between the need for in-game clarity and the overall aesthetic of the xmas style.

The floater's umbrella is yellow in-game, which I understand is consistent with the default sprites. However, the intention is rather for it to be green with flashing lights, like a Christmas tree. Whilst this isn't massively important at all, it's a subtle detail which does make a difference when implemented (if for no reason other than that the "flashing lights" detail is more visible on green than yellow).

Attached is the xmas style with green umbrella for both low and hi-res versions (the low-res version now has the flashing lights as well); I have of course chosen a shade of green which is distinct from the athlete clothes (more on that in the next post) and specified it in scheme.nxmi.

Editor Bugs / Suggestions / [SUG][EDITOR] Lock zoom to highlighted object
« on: December 03, 2021, 02:31:22 PM »
I'm sure the editor used to do this, but since a couple of versions ago the zoom no longer locks in to whatever is highlighted (i.e. keeps the highlighted object in the centre of the zoom field).

Might be me misremembering stuff, or maybe there's an option somewhere I haven't seen...?

NeoLemmix Main / [DISC] NeoLemmix sounds
« on: December 03, 2021, 11:28:11 AM »
NeoLemmix Sounds Wish List

With namida's approval, the following changes will be made at some point. Please feel free to make any suggestions in this topic and I'll add them to this list:

Sound nameIn-game useSuggested change
chainPillar chain trap-
changeopPanel selectionTurn volume down
chinkHitting steel-
dieOff-screen lemming deathTurn volume down
doorHatch open-
electricCrystal electricity trap / Various teleporters-
exitopenLocked exit opening-
explodeBomber pop-
failurePostview level fail-
fireFire trap-
glugWater drown-
landmineLandmine trap-
letsgoLevel start-
mousepreSkill assign-
ohnoBomber/nuke pre-pop-
oing2Button being pressed / Pickup being collectedTurn volume down
slurpRock vine/lizard trap (vine/lizard)-
splashSwimmer entering waterTurn volume down
splatSplat fall-
successPostview level pass-
tentonDirt ten-tons trap/Snow icicle trap-
thudDirt rock trap-
thunkVarious traps-
timeupAlarm for time run-outTurn volume down
tingBuilder brick run-out-
vacuusuxBubble sucker trap-
weedgulpRock vine/lizard trap (lemming)-
wrenchDisarmer wrench-
yippeeLemming exit-
zombieLemming becoming a zombieTurn volume down

Other suggestions/new sound ideas

:lemming: The icicle trap needs its own sound as tenton doesn't really suit it.
:lemming: The button press needs more of a "click" sound; one has been suggested here.
:lemming: The pickup collection needs its own sound; one has been suggested here.

Dullstar noted here that some of the existing game sounds are "harsh on the ears".

I agree that, whilst most of the sounds are great, a handful of them could probably be improved to something a bit better/less harsh. Since NL is being moved towards its final version, it might be worth addressing them. If nothing else, a separate "sounds" zip could be made available as an alternative to the default. Although, obviously, it would be great if a consensus could be reached to modify the default sounds themselves.

@Dullstar - Could you elaborate on which ones in particular you find "harsh", just to help open up the discussion?

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