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Let me know what you thought of my replay WillLem? Was it a backroute or not?

Haha, a backroute for sure ;P I was wondering if anyone would do that. It's impossible to get the talisman that way, but it does solve the level.

Oh well, at least I solved it. Maybe I can come back to it and try and get 100% with cloners + talisman one day

OMG I solved it! I didn't get the talisman, 100% with cloners and it kinda felt like a backroute but oh well at least I solved it! Let me know what you thought of my replay WillLem? Was it a backroute or not?

@Silken - It's great to see your different approaches to these levels, I like that you're seeing the multiple ways of solving them. Keep going with Elfabet Soup, you're more than capable of beating it.

Thanks WillLem. I am considering accepting hints soon due to that making it more fun and getting it done by Christmas, but I wanna keep on trying without hints for a bit longer first. As I'm writing this I've got there a minute late but with enough lems for the first time. I haven't tired all my solutions yet and I've got there close to the time limit / lem required amount multiple times so I know I am getting close. Did anyone else struggle with Elfabet Soup or just me?

Santa 6 replay is attached in the post.

Santa 6 notes: This level was significantly easier compared to yesterdays level, which I just realized I'm gonna have to complete that to get that bonus level :lem-mindblown: . Other than that just a standard, fun level

Yeah didn't manage to beat level 5 :(

I'm really struggling with this level. I can't even beat it in 3 minutes, let alone in 2 minutes. Dunno if I'll be able to complete it today. Don't want any hints tho

Santa 4 :tal-silver: / Standard replay and Santa 4 :tal-gold: replay are attached in the post.

Santa 4 :tal-silver: / Standard notes: Sending a trailblazer and containing the crowd was a pain.

Santa 4 :tal-gold: notes:
Spoiler (click to show/hide)

Btw, can you let me know if I think I can't save any more lemmings but you know that more are possible because I don't like having to see the lemmings die :(

ah, clever

Finished level 3, simple and sweet level. Also talisman level tomorrow :lem-mindblown:

Np willlem I updated the levels :lemcat: . Did you know that a 100% solution for level 2 was possible when you made it?

OK nvm lmao I just watched simon's replay
Spoiler (click to show/hide)

I wonder if we can combine the starts in my and simon's replay to get a 100% solution

UPDATE: YES YOU CAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You cut the timer extremely close though!

Is it okay if I post one everyday though?

Level 2 replay: I like saving 100% of lemmings but due to the skills and the lemmings amount I don't think I can improve my score. I think I might of used some "alternate strategies" as well because I did a no-climber solution

Happy Holidays WillLem! :lemcat:

Level 1 Replay:

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I've looked around on some websites and haven't found anything

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