Author Topic: Mass Replay Verification for different username fails to report talismans  (Read 452 times)

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NL 12.12.5.

1. Build a level pack including some talisman levels.
2. In NL's options, name yourself X.
3. Cover your levelpack including all talismans with replays played by X.
4. As X, mass-verify your replay collection.
5. In NL's options, name yourself Y.
6. As Y, mass-verify your replay collection.

Expected: Identical output in steps 4 and 6 for each replay.
Observed: Different output in steps 4 and 6 for each talisman-winning replay.

When Y mass-verifies replays from X, then NL will still test for pass/fail correctly. NL will print pass/fail correctly to the screen and to the results file (the text output file in your NL worktree). But NL will refuse to tell Y whether X's replay achieved a talisman. NL will print talisman-winning replays as plain wins.

I understand that Y doesn't want X's talismans recorded in Y's personal statistics, but Y doesn't want X's plain wins written there, either. Then why does NL still print win/loss, but not talisman, during Y's mass-replay verification of X's replays?

Experienced NL designers/level maintainers: When you co-author a pack, or when you inherit a pack with talismans from another maintainer, how do you work with his replay collection? Do you mass-rename the player to yourself in the covering replays before you mass-verify the replays? Especially co-authoring a pack sounds impossible under this NL behavior without constantly renaming the players in all those replays.

-- Simon

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Added this to Known Bugs in SLX. Happy to send a PR if I manage to fix it.