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[SuperLemmix] Level Packs Index
« on: November 29, 2023, 02:45:54 PM »
This topic is to provide quick links to all available SuperLemmix level packs.

Official Welcome Pack:

:lemming: SuperLemmix Welcome Pack - an introduction to the SLX-unique features (new skills, mechanics, etc)

Full packs, made for SLX:

:lemming: Lemmings To The Rescue by jkapp76
:lemming: Tomb Rodents - featuring Lemmina Croft by NieSch
:lemming: Mike's Lemmings SuperLemmix Edition by Turrican

Individual levels:

:lemming: SuperLemmix Level Sharing Topic

Unofficial NeoLemmix > SuperLemmix Conversions:

:lemming: Lemmings World Tour by Strato Incendus, conversion by jkapp76
:lemming: Lemmings Cranium by Crane, conversion by jkapp76

See also:

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