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[SLX] SuperLemmix Welcome Pack (35 Levels | Easy - Hard)
« on: November 29, 2023, 02:29:16 PM »
This topic is for discussion and replay sharing of the SuperLemmix Welcome Pack, which is now available when downloading the latest version of SuperLemmix.

The Welcome Pack is currently a single rank of 40 levels of varying difficulty, mostly easy with optional Talismans for a greater challenge. The idea of the pack is to showcase the features of SuperLemmix that are exclusive to the engine, such as the new skills (Ballooner, Ladderer, Freezer, Grenader, Spearer and Timebomber), new objects (Collectibles, different water types, etc), new mechanics (Direct Drop, extended Laserer range, extended Climber-to-Shimmier assignability, L2 Shimmier-Climber ability, forcefield level sides, etc) and various other features which are best experienced by simply playing the game and seeing for yourself how it works!

Feedback is very welcome! I hope to update this pack as we go along with SuperLemmix, making any improvements and fixes as necessary. These will be applied when updating SuperLemmix itself, rather than maintaining a separate copy.

Meanwhile, if you have any ideas for levels which showcase a particular aspect of a feature not shown in the current set of levels, please suggest them here and they can be considered for the next update.
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