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Re: [SUG] Projectiles should kill Zombies & Pop Balloons
« Reply #15 on: August 04, 2023, 04:03:42 AM »
Don't hate me for suggesting this

Suggestions are always more than welcome, particularly whilst SLX is in its current "transitionary" period where pretty much anything can happen.

At some point, I'll probably call it on big changes, but for now feel free to suggest whatever you like.

how about we give the lemming a gun. Or a crossbow. Or boomerang?

Something like this would have to replace the Spearer rather than be in addition to it - I want to avoid having skills that are too similar. Yes, the trajectory is different, but we can always tinker with the Spearer's trajectory if people are in favour of this idea.

EDIT: Keep in mind that, whilst a straight-line projectile might be useful at close range or along a horizontal plane, it's no good when the level layout requires the parabolic arc, height and distance that the current projectiles afford.

Lemmings 2 has the bazooka which can actually hit other lemmings and send them flying. And killing zombies would be a small leap for that. This would just perform the batter operation from a distance and kill zombies.

Replied to this here.
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