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[SLX] Upcoming features | Release schedule
« on: March 03, 2023, 12:57:28 PM »
Upcoming Features - Implemented for next release (2.6.1)

:lemming: Slowfreeze and Radiation now have different coloured countdowns - red countdown for Radiation, blue countdown for Slowfreeze

:lemming: Pickup numbers are no longer displayed after the pickup has been collected (d050c22bb)
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Re: [SLX] Upcoming features | Release schedule
« Reply #1 on: June 10, 2023, 11:01:49 PM »
Wish List for the future

This is the current wish list for SuperLemmix. Whilst the aim is to get all of these ideas implemented sooner or later, some of it might not be possible, and some of it might just not happen, so please don't take any of it as a promise.

I'll aim to keep this list as up to date as possible.

:lemming: Allow style theme to replace in-game sounds

:lemming: Assign hotkeys to panel buttons (in addition to individual skills)

:lemming: Apply recolouring scheme to trap animations

:lemming: Enable file assocation between .nxrp and SuperLemmix Player

:lemming: If I can figure out how to get around all the various issues that came up the first time I tried, I'd like to make Blockers assignable-in-water (but with their own dedicated sprite)

:lemming: Add Horizontal/Vertical Wrap mode as an editor-side design feature

:lemming: Dynamically resize the skill panel along with the game window - progress on this is slow, but I think I've located most of the code that will need tweaking for this to happen

:lemming: Make screens Fade In as well as Fade Out, to make between-screen transitions smoother and more Amiga-esque

:lemming: Give Orig and OhNo styles independent Hi-Res counterpart graphics

:lemming: Add Visual SFX (similar to - or the same as - those seen in WinLemm and SuperLemminiToo)

:lemming: Multiplayer mode. Initially, we'll start with 2-Player and go from there.

:lemming: Customisable hotkeys in Editor

The following are all discussion-pending, so may not happen:

:lemming: New objects:
:lemming: New skills:
:lemming: Show time taken when test-playing a level, even if the level is failed

:lemming: Add the option to recolour Swimmer sprites independently of other athletes.

:lemming: Infinite Skills hotkey.

:lemming: Once we have Multiplayer Lems, I'm thinking "tribe-specific" Exits might be a good idea. Obviously, in actual Multiplayer, all lems need to be able to access all Exits. But, the concept could be adapted for single-player levels to mean that lems of a certain tribe can only access their own Exit.

:lemming: If I ever get time, and a significant amount of help, we might be able to restore .lvl compatibility to the Editor.

:lemming: Updated steel physics, as follows:
Steel Physics (click to show/hide)
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Re: [SLX] Upcoming features | Release schedule
« Reply #2 on: June 18, 2023, 12:59:36 AM »
SuperLemmix Release Schedule

:lemming: SuperLemmix 2.7

The next release is due by end of January 2024, and implements the features listed here as well as a number of other bugfixes and general updates.

:lemming: Editor 2.7

The Editor has also been updated to support the new features added in SuperLemmix 2.6 - the two will be released together as a package, as usual.

:lemming: Styles 2.7

The styles have also been updated, and will be released as a separate optional download at the same time as the Player/Editor package.

Currently, the plan is for the styles to either once again be maintained via an online update manager, or to be managed independently - a topic will be created for this in due course.

Future updates

By the end of June 2024, I hope to release SuperLemmix 3.0, which should be seen as a more-or-less "complete" version in which there are unlikely to be any further big changes such as those that have already been implemented. At that point, SuperLemmix can begin to be viewed as "stable" and unlikely to deviate too far from its current state.

With that said, I plan to continue developing SuperLemmix for the forseeable future, and welcome any suggestions that you might wish to make to help with its development.

Only features listed here are confirmed for inclusion in SuperLemmix - all other features should be considered as either "might happen if it's possible" or "discussion pending".

Please check back regularly to see what's coming in the future, and feel free to make any suggestions by posting a [SUG] topic on the SuperLemmix board if you'd like to see anything that isn't already on the list.
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