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Frenzy (the "pause doesn't work" gimmick) has been under consideration for making a comeback in SuperLemmix, but I think that a better way to implement it would be as an optional talisman. This encourages real-time play whilst not outright enforcing it.

Similarly, rather than allowing levels to toggle Classic Mode on (another idea that was previously under consideration), this also works better as a less intrusive, optional talisman.

Both have now been added to SuperLemmix! Here's how they work:

The talismans check for whether a Replay has been loaded and fail if that's the case (Mass Replay Check also fails these talismans).

Individually, "Play in Classic Mode" checks whether the mode has been activated; since it isn't possible to activate or deactivate it in-game, this must be done via the Config menu prior to playing the level. For that reason, it's more of a "re-play value" talisman for those who prefer not to use Classic Mode as part of their normal play. If the level is completed with Classic Mode active, the talisman is passed.

"Play Without Pressing Pause" checks for both the pause button and hotkey being pressed. If neither are pressed and the level is completed, the talisman is passed.

Both have been implemented in Commits f7d13258d (Player) and ee48fb5 (Editor), and will be ready for release in the next Player update (2.2) and Editor update (2.3).
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