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SuperLemmix Tools & Tutorials
« on: May 06, 2023, 12:56:32 AM »
SuperLemmix Tools & Tutorials

Feature demonstrations:

:lemming: Video 1 - Classic Mode; play with OG vibes!
:lemming: Video 2 - Navigating Level Select screen with keyboard keys
:lemming: Video 3 - Release Rate sound demo
:lemming: Video 4 - "Looker" demo
:lemming: Video 5 - "Dangler" demo
:lemming: Video 7 - An introduction to the "Freezer" skill
:lemming: Video 8 - Ballooner and Ladderer demo
:lemming: Video 9 - Windows .nxrp file assiciation demo
:lemming: Video 10 - Invincibility demo
:lemming: Video 11 - Playback Mode demo


I realise these have been listing as "COMING SOON" for a long while now - I promise, I will get around to making these eventually! In the meantime, if anyone else fancies making video tutorials for these, I will gratefully include them here!

COMING SOON - Classic Mode
COMING SOON - Playback Mode
COMING SOON - Skill Panel
COMING SOON - Options Menu
COMING SOON - Saving, Loading and Editing Replays
COMING SOON - Creating your own Levels

Useful tools to help with level creation, etc:

:lemming: SuperLemmix QuickMod Tool 1.1 - Edit skillsets, etc for multiple levels
:lemming: OGG Converter - convert multiple audio formats to OGG for reduced file size whilst retaining audio quality
:lemming: Duplicate Deleter - Useful when performing mass .lvl to .nxlv conversions
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