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Lix 0.10.1 released
« on: October 22, 2022, 07:24:13 AM »
Get the newest Lix:

Download Lix -- for Windows, pick 64-bit version
:lix-evil: Source code
:8(): Changelog
:8:()[: Issue tracker

Lix 0.10.0 released:

The big new feature: Lix 0.10 offers handicapping in multiplayer games. If you're too strong for your group, consider to click the handicap icon with the unbalanced scales in the game room. You can choose fewer initial lix, fewer skills, a spawn delay, fewer points per lix saved, or any combination of these four handicap types.

It's up to our sessions to fine-tune the options! Let's see what's reasonable and what's less exciting.

  • The server allows 0.9 and 0.10 in separate rooms. Decide with your friends whether and when to update as a group to Lix 0.10.
  • Both 0.9 and 0.10 players can chat with each other in the server's lobby. The 0.10 client will see both 0.9 and 0.10 rooms, and print a console error when you attempt to join a 0.9 room. Since 0.9 has no such functionality, the server will not show 0.10 rooms to 0.9 players at all; instead, the server will write a chat message to those 0.9 players in the lobby if any 0.10 rooms exist, suggesting to update to 0.10.
  • Renamed the server executable from server to lixserv.
The networking fixes are the silent star of the show this year. The server will now continue to support older Lix versions (0.9.x) in separate rooms from Lix 0.10. I won't have to force everybody to adopt a new physics release (this 0.10, or a future 0.11, 0.12, ...)

Let's give the 0.10 physics a good shot. :lix-grin: Besides handicapping, many small physics fixes made it into 0.10:

  • Fix #265: Allow simultaneous exiting. When you're playing a race map and reach the exit at the same time as one or more different teams, all teams will score. Before, only the red team would score.
  • Fix #311: Top and bottom of maps are hollow. Terrain checks beyond those edges will not behave as if the edge row's terrain extended infinitely. Now, only the left and right edges of the level extend terrain in this way, not all four edges. Staircases built to the deadly ceiling will kill the builder as before, but now all following walkers will also leave the level and die.
  • Allow ability assignments (climber, floater, runner) to blockers. For now, these assignments have low priority; we can raise the priority after playtesting as a UI change without changing physics.
  • Fix blocker dancing: Now, walkers (and other non-blockers) don't move when they're both in a left-forcing blocker field and in a (different blocker's) right-forcing blocker field. Before, walkers would move sideways through the fields, turning each phyu. This looked like dancing.
  • Fix #266: Grant batters extra backwards range against blockers. We keep forward batter range vs. blockers as in 0.9, even though it's a lot of forward range so the batter sprite needn't overlap the blocker to still bat the blocker. Nobody has complained so far, and it's nice to bat blockers without awkward precision. We keep the batter range against other activities.
  • Half-fixed #397: The faller's distance in pixels fallen will not overflow the 32-bit int anymore. I didn't fix the overflow for physics updates yet, you can still play longer than what fits into the 32-bit int that counts physics updates (4.5 years at normal speed, or 46 days at turbo-fast-forward).
  • Moved the frogs' trigger areas downward by 1 pixel, so that the coordinates are divisble by 2. No levels broke from this, not even geoo's Las Ranas Hermanas in Hopeless.
  • Fix #410: Removed spike at top of both matt/beach/04 tiles (day and night). Before, both tiles had identical masks; now, both tiles still have identical masks, although the mask is different than before. There is no odd prong at the top right of those tiles anymore.
  • Fix #414: Fixed transparency/air pixels in earth.png from the Oriental set. The top row of pixels was not fully transparent (that would be 0 % alpha); it had an estimated 5 % alpha. Lix treats that as solid. Walkers were walking over solid, nearly invisible pixels. Now, earth.png has full transparency above the earth. No levels broke from this change.
  • Fixed #322: Don't wrap during tile group construction: Now, when you load a tile group on a small torus map, Lix will construct the group without wrongly wrapping the group's elements before grouping. Only when Lix has fully constructed the group tile, Lix will insert the group into the torus level.
  • Adapted the singleplayer levels Cry for Me (from lemforum), Baywatch (by RubiX), and Walking in a Winter Wonderland (also by RubiX) to work well with the always-hollow ceiling.
All levels are proven solvable in 0.10.

-- Simon
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Re: Lix 0.10.1 released
« Reply #1 on: November 27, 2022, 01:06:35 PM »
Lix 0.10.1 released.

:lix-cool: Download for Windows 64-bit -- recommended
:lix: Download for Windows 32-bit -- fallback for ancient machines
:lix: Download for Linux 64-bit
:lix-evil: Source code
:8(): Changelog
:8:()[: Issue tracker

How to update (click to show/hide)
  • Fix #376: The replay browser shows the filename of the currently selected replay in the nameplate below the preview, in addition to the existing fields (level name, player, pointed-to level). If the replay filename is too long, e.g., because you run Lix in a tall (= non-widescreen) resolution, the nameplate shows only the hinder part. This way, you'll see both the frontal part of the filename in the file picker on the left-hand side and the hinder part of the filename in the nameplate on the right-hand side.
  • Fix #115: Added button to flip tiles vertically in the editor, in addition to the existing button that mirrors horizontally. No hotkey is bound by default to the vertical flip. You may assign a hotkey yourself.
  • Hotkey reminders in button corners appear in lighter text than before, but still slightly darker than regular text.
  • In the options menu, moved some menu hotkey options further right on the screen, to not overlap with the menu color pickers' description texts on tall (= non-widescreen) resolutions.
  • In geoo's multiplayer map Ghetto Party, replaced imploders with exploders. This is funnier and stays true to the original two-player Ghetto Wars.
  • Pruned empty space around Segmentation Fault in lemforum/Daunting.
-- Simon
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