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Re: Lix 0.10.15 released
« Reply #15 on: August 29, 2023, 10:58:11 PM »
Lix 0.10.15 released.

:lix-cool: Download for Windows 64-bit -- recommended
:lix: Download for Windows 32-bit -- fallback for ancient machines
:lix: Download for Linux 64-bit
:lix-evil: Source code
:8(): Changelog
:8:()[: Issue tracker

How to update (click to show/hide)
  • Fix a performance bug: In insert mode (e.g., when, assuming default user options, the tweaker was open), new assignments would always recompute all physics since the beginning, even if nothing needed recomputation. Now, we recompute only as necessary.
  • Fix #448: Prevent tumblers from repeatedly crying "Ouch" when they're trapped in a permanent flinger.
  • Add user option: Allow blurry zoom. It's on by default. If you deactivate this, you force Lix to use only crisp integer zoom factors (1x, 2x, 3x, ...) that won't always fit the level to the screen size.
  • Re-label the tweaker's [◂], [▸] buttons with "−" and "+". Reason: These buttons move assignments to a different tick, not left or right. It was confusing with left-facing walkers.
  • Narrow the tweaker to fit more level on the screen.
  • Allow .mp3 in the music/ directory. This works out of the box on Windows. On Linux or Mac, you must build Allegro 5 with the MiniMP3 library to hear the .mp3 files that you put in music/.

-- Simon
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