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14 years in lemmings forum
« on: April 19, 2022, 02:10:26 PM »
I just check out. I register 14 years ago and make my first post. Some levels records are going in lemmings WIKI, like Cascade 100% solution (i actually saw that few years ago, that was my 2011 video). That was very hardcore record year 2008. Now we can make this one without using even pause button.

I have to say. Peoples are increase lemmings skills a lot and neolemmix is awesome system. Those Licences lemmings games start go way too easy with masters.

I´ll pick up some my own masterworks and have to thanks to peoples who help me make those strategys

SNES Lemmings Max pointed

NES & SNES Lemmings pause free

I am also make two Neolemmix pack and i am pretty glad with both.
Pack 1

Pack 2

Thanks everyone. Without yours help i never maded all thats.:thumbsup:

I am asberger nerd who like spend time play lemmings. I never bored play lemmings series games. Sometimes i still keep break and play other videogames. My Videogames experience are a lot games. Im not even start go count.
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