Author Topic: Level Design Contest #23 - Playing Phase (Update Topic)  (Read 1567 times)

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Level Design Contest #23 - Playing Phase (Update Topic)
« on: July 10, 2021, 01:34:44 PM »
Note: This topic is ONLY for posting updates to your levels, or making late submissions. All other posts will be deleted. If you want to discuss the levels, post replays, etc, please do so in the Discussion Topic.

Please follow these rules for updates:
1. When posting a new updated version of a level, remove any old updated versions of that level --> Have all your recent updates stored in 1 post! I will delete such old posts eventually if the author doesn't; so don't store any important information in them.
2. Make a new post for a new update; do not edit your most recent post. You may, however, post updates to multiple entries (if you have more than one) in the same post.
3. Use the same filename as found in the ZIP of the entered levels, with "V2" "V3" etc added at the end. No matter how minor an update is, give it a new number.
4. Do not post in this topic, unless it's to post an update to your levels. Use the discussion topic instead for anything else.

Please use the same naming format as in the zip file:  User1_Levelname_R3V5.lvl ---> Level "Levelname" by User1   for Rule 3   Version 5 of the level 

For late submissions also, please use the same kind of filename as is used in the main levels download - ie: your username, and "R1" "R2" or "R3" to mark which rule the level is for. Please be sure to check the original contest announcement topic for the rules; as the notes in the discussion topic are simply meant as reminders, not full explanations of the rules.

Please use the right naming format when posting updates! That would lead to less confusions and less work for everyone.

Link to discussion topic

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Re: Level Design Contest #23 - Playing Phase (Update Topic)
« Reply #1 on: July 11, 2021, 05:52:55 AM »
Backroute fix thanks to kaywhyn

Rule2 Brakes Failed V1 -> V2

- Replaced the dart with rope.
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Re: Level Design Contest #23 - Playing Phase (Update Topic)
« Reply #2 on: July 23, 2021, 08:15:24 AM »
Update to entries:

---R1 (The Monkey Cave)---
V1 -> V2 - Modified the terrain near the hatch to patch Kaywhyn's backroute.
V2 -> V3 - Added a piece of steel to the level to patch another backroute by Kaywhyn.
V3 -> V4 - Added more Steel to the level.

---R2 (Master of the Minute)---
V1 -> V2 - Added Steel to patch Kaywhyn's backroute
V2 -> V3 - Builders are now pickup skills, The release rate is now locked.
V3 -> V4 - Added an overhang to prevent building at a certain point, split builders between 2 pickup skills and moved the location of the stacker pickup.
V4 -> V5 - Swapped values the two builder pickup skills around as there was yet another backroute.
V5 -> V6 - Added an One Way Arrow for another backroute fix.

---R3 (Straight and Curved)---
V1 -> V2 - Adjusted the position of the balls at the right part of the level to prevent sequence braking. This level is somewhat open. It's possible for a builder to be spared in one of the intended solutions.
V2 -> V3 - Adjusted the position of the balls again.

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Re: Level Design Contest #23 - Playing Phase (Update Topic)
« Reply #3 on: August 01, 2021, 06:00:06 PM »
V11 of my R1 uploaded!

edit: Reuploaded V11, as I've been told that the level didn't have a timer. Turns out I forgot to uncheck the "infinite time" box. It's been fixed now!

Changelog History of R1:

V2 - Pickup skills added to block eric's backroute.

V3 - Slight terrain shift to block Armani's backroute

V4 - Fixed a backroute thanks to Armani by making a stacker a pickup

V5 - Some more shifting of terrain to block Icho's backroute, as well as fix an odd looking acid pool at the bottom and other changes to make some areas of the level look a little more aesthetically pleasing. Thanks Icho for the feedback!

V6 - Relocated a platformer pickup, as well as some more terrain shifting to fix a backroute thanks to Icho

V7 - Added terrain, relocated a pickup, and made a stacker a pickup to fix backroutes thanks to Icho

V8 - Added some more terrain, as well as shifted some terrain some more to fix a backroute thanks to Icho

V9 - Added more terrain, as well as a fire trap, and restored the stacker I took away and made a pickup a few versions ago to fix a backroute thanks to Icho

V10 - Made a stacker a pickup again to fix a backroute thanks to Icho. I knew I shouldn't had taken it away :forehead:

V11 - Added in a 5 minute timer to fix a backroute thanks to Icho

R2 remains V8 and hence doesn't needed to be reuploaded

Changelog History of R2:

V2 - Added some terrain and pickups to fix a slight backroute by Kingshadow
edit: Also changed up the skillset and hence the intended solution slightly by adding 2 climbers. Forgot to mention this too! :-[

V3 - Made the walkers pickups to block Icho's backroute

V4 - Added some terrain to fix a backroute thanks to Icho

V5 - Added up OWAs to fix backroutes thanks to Icho.

V6 - Made the bottom hatches pre-assigned gliders, added an additional exit on each side at the bottom, and adjusted the exit limits of the 4 exits at the bottom accordingly to fix a backroute thanks to Icho. # of lemmings and save requirement remain the same

V7 - Drastic rework: Added updrafts all over the bottom of the level, shifted the water upwards, the tiles at the bottom and the outer bottom exits downwards, the two added exits upwards, shifted the rest of the level upwards, and finally removed the exit limits on the top exits, since you can no longer see them due to being too high, but that is all right, as they're not even needed anymore since I think the top half is now completely fixed, to fix a backroute thanks to Icho that I epicly failed to patch up in the previous version :forehead:

V8 - Restored the exit limits for the top two exits, and added some more terrain at the top to fix a backroute thanks to Icho. Once again, I knew I shouldn't had removed those exit limits. Also put some circus lights to indicate how many lemmings can use the exits at the top, since the numbers are off the top of the screen

R3 remains V5 and hence doesn't need to be re-uploaded

Changelog History of R3:

V2 - Added a steel block to block Kingshadow's backroute

V3 - Fixed a backroute thanks to Armani by adding OWAs. Also, I apparently saved my V2 of R3 incorrectly, by not realizing that I had the theme set to L2 Shadow, but now that I think about it, I think it's better to have it set to this theme, as it kind of makes it difficult to see the Shadow tileset against the complete black background, when it was originally set with the Dirt theme. Even the Beach tileset in the level doesn't look all that bad with a dark blue background theme. So, V3 also has the level saved with the L2 Shadow as the theme

V4 - Added another steel block to stop Icho's backroute. I also noticed in Icho's replay that he had the wrong music track playing for the level, so I have fixed it on my end by removing the subfolder part in the music line in the editor.

V5 - Change the left-facing OWAs to ones that point up to fix a backroute thanks to Icho

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