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Multiplayer Map-Making Contest
« on: February 19, 2021, 06:55:27 PM »

Let's build cool multiplayer maps for Lix!

How to participate

Build some maps in the Lix editor and post them here! All multiplayer maps built from January 2021 through April 2021 are eligible.

Schedule spontaneous playtesting sessions (e.g., in #lix, chat in your browser) or post on the multiplayer-planning board here on the forums. The more Lix sessions you schedule/join, the better you can test and improve your maps from the feedback.

Flopsy's Editor tutorial
Flopsy's Guide to Multiplayer


There are no hard rules, any multiplayer map is eligible. Here are some inspirational prompts:
  • An asymmetric map: Instead of copying/mirroring one player's terrain, everybody gets completely different terrain. It's good to playtest such a map several times in our sessions, so you can fix the balance.
  • A map with few skills, maybe at most 3 or 5 of each. Players must carefully decide whether to spend a builder, or whether to bat an attacker.
  • A map where you usually save either close to 100 % of your crowd, or nearly nothing. The player can't merely make a route for his continuous stream of lix, then defend the route.
  • A map that mixes racing (only 1 lix or only a few lixes, lots of jumping/running/turning) and route-building.
  • A map with a 5-player and a 7-player variant. We tend to have the fewest maps for these player counts.
  • Something really novel. 1-lix racing maps were groundbreaking when Rubix made his first one. Arty made a diplomatic map. What else is sleeping in design space?

Everybody will get a nice postcard in Summer 2021. If you're not happy giving me your reallife address, we can think of something else that is nice.

The point is to promote map-making and find unexplored places in design space. This contest is a lot more open-ended than the NeoLemmix level contests. We are not keeping the levels under wraps, there is no separate playing phase. Instead we are encouraging people to participate in our arranged Lix sessions (or arrange your own) and you bring the levels to be tested.

You are allowed to change the level as much as you like based on other players' feedback or your own findings. The deadline is 30th April 2021 at 23:59 UTC.

-- Simon
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Re: Multiplayer Map-Making Contest
« Reply #1 on: February 20, 2021, 08:13:05 AM »
Daimyo and Peasant, a first attempt at an asymmetric 2-player map.

Higher routes are usually stronger. I'm trying to handicap the upper route (A) by making it longer, and by having it pass right over B's exit. B can climb to A's exit to attack, and gets the elevator at the lower left to attack, but I'll have to see if the elevator is fast enough to be meaningful.

-- Simon

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Re: Multiplayer Map-Making Contest
« Reply #2 on: February 20, 2021, 02:44:33 PM »
I have 2 maps which have existed in the last Lix multiplayer session but were not played.

First up, Run the Gauntlet. I'm showing the 4 player version of this map, it has vertical wrap only. I have circled the hatches and their respective exit in the same colour to show the extent of how the map will play out. I have this in 3-8 player versions.
The trapdoor on the left has their exit in the same section as it but they are very big risk of sabotage from the Lixes above the acid pools which cannot get out unless the built bridge exists to free them.
It's like trying to sneak past a bee's nest without disturbing them!
It's optional to try and save all your Lixes from the hatches in the other player's sections, there are ways past the steel borders at the right hand side of the level.

2nd up, Sector 4T Lixes which is something a little less chaotic than the above. This is the 4 player version again and it is also available in 6 player and 8 player, it has horizontal and vertical wrap.
Again I have circled the hatch and exit in the same colour, you are working diagonally down and right past a few frogs to get to your exit. This map is a little more relaxed and it is unlikely you will meet other colour Lixes on this map if you're careful.

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Re: Multiplayer Map-Making Contest
« Reply #3 on: February 25, 2021, 01:10:29 PM »
Ok here is my first map! :)

Staicases Of Sorrow

Available for 2-8 players. Although the 2 player variant is sligthly different as there is also the possibility for a horizontal route.

Main idea:

- I wanted to make a map where you not nessesarily need to go through all players to reach your goal.

- Each player must get down 2 areas to their exit. In the 3p example picture, red A has their exit in the blue zone. This leads to a slightly different 2p version.

- This would leave 1 player coming from the top to attack you and 1 player you must go through who you can attack.

- Not too much monoton digging or long dangerous bridges should be nessesary.

- The steel should make it a bit more difficult to just completely destroy paths

- Higher lix count for a slightly longer game.

Things I am unsure about:

- Is the horizontal wrap with the porqupine area a good idea? Maybe only the main entrance + exit shaft is better (with or without wrap). As there is mostly just 1 attacker the extra path could lead to too much general avoidance, but maybe a bit of a chance for avoidance is good? Also, for your try to avoid confrontation you will have a higher chance of porqupine attacks :lix-evil:

- Maybe having to traverse an additional section is good - potential for a harder version of this map?

- Skill count, SI number, lix number way too high?

Versions attached.

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Re: Multiplayer Map-Making Contest
« Reply #4 on: May 01, 2021, 09:52:48 PM »
I realized I never actually posted the maps I made for this contest here, so better late than never, just in time for the session tomorrow!

Ghetto Party (first pic): Basically a hybrid of Selective Rescue and Ghetto Wars, and it plays reasonably well.
Bat or Plat: Idea was that some players have to go down while others have to cross horizontally. Failed horribly.
Diplomacy (second pic): I made this one today so technically it doesn't qualify for the contest. The idea is that you're in a position to rescue other players' hatches, and you need their help because you don't have enough bombers to get down to your exit. But they might try to get to their own exit along the way.

I feel like I've lost inspiration, a lot of stuff has been done, and I have a hard time to come up with new ideas. A bunch of wacky stuff I've tried didn't work out, maybe there's still some ways to combine existing ideas (like Ghetto Party) or spinoffs (like Diplomacy)... I'm really hoping neutrals (and pre-placed lixes) are coming soon, there's so much potential in there. Have been looking forward to that for ages!